Fire in the Sky

Greetings everyone! I am Set

I have alot to vent here. I was contacted when I was 19 years old I’ve been dealing with these things for about 13 years. I have tolerated them but they are starting to get bothersome in my life. I found enlightnment at the age of 16 I am 31 now having just turned on October 2. I was out in the wilderness when I spotted one of there UFo’s which looked like a star, but you can tell the difference if you really look, I was then implanted with something, more like a mind schematic or scan not exactly sure what it was but it has since been with me. I have worked with them doing things for them as they told me that what I was doing was helping the human race. I have a telepathic link with them. At this time around 1999 to 2004 there was hardly any information on them but from what I could tell when I was contacted it felt partly human, the greys where there but they didnt seem to have any feelings as other creatures then there was another species I sensed but I did not know what it was but I felt back then that the greys where a representative of another type of being that I did not know of but they told me that they would reveal themselves at a later date, they told me if I worked with them that they would share their spirituality and teachings with me.

Before I was contacted I didnt like the grey aliens I had no idea really why I just felt like they were troublesome but when they contacted me, I had never felt such fear ever in my life even since then. I felt that they could kill me at any moment so I agreed to work with them, unwillingly might I add.
The feeling I gfelt from their presense was like I guess if you are a god fearing person like I was at the time
was like God standing right in front of you, I was paralyzed with fear. I also felt some sort of Nazism like the were apart of them and they owned the moon.
I never told anyone and I have kept this in for years they told me not to tell but I really dont care anymore. At first I thought it was kind of neat you know being in contact with these things, but it was only a few years later that reality set in and I realized what I had gotten myself into.
In 1999 I started to learn their spirituality and the only way I can desribe it is that it is very serpant like awarness. The serpent or the snake is psychic energy, the Kundilini is very important to them and they were teaching me how to rais it up out of the wilderness sort of speak and to be able to teach others how to raise it too. What they had to do with snakes though was still far beyond my understanding I didnt know what the serpent had to do with anything.

I knew that these things were bad and I knew my life would have some hardships but I thought that it was for a great benifit. I can only recall an expirience I had in 2002 when I thought I was asleep but I found myself on a UFO, I couldnt see any greys but I could feel them there. I was like on a main bridge and I could see out like a window I was high up in the earths upper atmosphere. I could see the control devices, it looked like a war machine console the computer like control system looked alot like what Iphones look like today except alot bigger. To control the ship there is like this ball thing that you can move like a computer mouse you move it in the direction you want to go, at least this is what I saw.

In anycase Ive delt with them doing things and I tolerated them for a while but I am starting to get annoyed because after all the sweat,blood and tears I’ve given them
I have really gotten nothing in return exept a further understanding Of God or the creator. That wouldnt be so bad but unless you apply what you have learned your not really learning anything. I have had to keep people at a distance from me friends Ive abandoned lovers ive lost life opprotunities ive passed up and all for what? so I can become a hermit? I dont think so. Over the passed two years I have been opening my mind expanding my awarness and have realized that all the drama that has happend to me over the years has been caused by them, they do not deliver on promises, sometimes they do but it never lasts you end up right back at square one.

They are upset with me because when I turned thirty I felt that it was a pretty significant spiritual crossroad for me. I want to live my life the way I imagine it or the way I want it, this is what they have been teaching me, but when I apply it or try to, they are always in the way.
See the only way they can control humans is by violating our free will since that is the only thing that seperates us from the animal kingdom. They try to trick you into acceting a false reality that they pick for you instead of what you pick for yourself.

I had fallen in love and I told myself after I lost the one I loved before that I probably would never fall in love again, sure I have had flings here and there but nothing too serious out of choice. But I felt that it was time for me to truley love again and I felt that what the person I found was the one meant for me. We had fallin in love and was the greatest feeling, but I dont need to tell you the DRAMA that ensued after that, they tore us apart and tricked me and her. She doesnt know about this abductee stuff but from the things she was telling me about her rashes, and her getting sick I knew that they were messing with her as they do all of the women that come into my life. After alot of heart ache and tears and time apart we finally decieded to give it another shot but to take it slow. I cant tell her what really happend between us.
It was after this episode and other things that happend to me this year that I made a choice to further investigat what these grey aliens wouldnt tell me about them. Ive tried to rid of them even tried to be so boring that they wouldnt mess with me. But they insist that I am their property and they can do with me as they wish.
If this is the case and my whole life is prefabricated than they should know that I am rebelious because they made me that way but I dont know. I have found that these things are tricking people more and more because people are waking up and if the humans become telepathic as I am they will see them it wont be that hard to either.
I have gotten good at remote viewing since I turned 30 and I can spy on them on their ships its funny because they can tell when I am trying to view them in my minds eye, they hate that they will start up ther jet engines and fly at light speeds so I cant see what they are doing. lol They eventually come back but then they put me to sleep.
I am not an expert on remote viewing but I am getting better. I accidently discoverd it will medatating after I went through a very emotional ordeal I was going through and I caught them remote viewing me I figured this is how they spy on me. I also have proof that I am in contact with them but I am holding on to it.

Like the rest of humanity I am awakening also and I am even more psychically sensitive than I already was, ive been predicting things before it happens and channeling also. This is aggravating them and they are now really trying to mess up my life even more so than they already have. I want more friends, I want to get married and have children but it seems that it is that interfers with their expirements on me and their monitoring.

I have never really considered my self as an abductee but I geuss it was just self denial. The reason I came on here was because I was am apart of a spiritual community that got signatures to ask the white house to disclose their alien contact issuse. The Government ignotantly said some stupid shit like aliens do not exist. I did not sign the petition because I already knew what the government was going to say but deep down inside I had hopped that they would have said at least maybe. lol So I got upset because the monitoring on me has gone into overdrive and its at the point where I have to sleep with the lights on to get any rest. Years ago there was not a forum like this to be found but I am glad I found it! Ive been reading the posts and stuff and it is really helping me thank you!

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  1. RockJohnAxe says:

    I would like to touch on this. The grey’s do NOT eat humans. They use some of our genetic fluid to create this sort of paste which they apply to their skin. Their skin then absorbs the nutrients from the mixture.

    Reptillian’s on the other hand DO eat humans. They are the ones to fear in the universe right now. They have no regard for human life and view us as nothing more than weeds on the lawn.

  2. giles says:

    Hmmmmm very curious, I have not heard of this specific type of trauma related to the visitors. Your experiences sound very harrowing, it is yet another layer to this onion. I also trance/meditate very easily but I have only seen good in these states. Try practicing vipissana??

  3. illuminee7570 says:

    They eat people? What is your experience/knowledge of that?

  4. Set says:

    I am prob the most medatative person on the planet, lol I trance very easily, thats the problem because once you get in that state there they are right there monitoring you. I am not afraid really but they are on the downward spiral of evolution so when you are in there presence, you feel like something is not right and its just not a very good feeling. They keep their distance most of the time but once in a while they try to get as clos as they can, they can be invisable though. Just the other week I think they were doing something to my bac or spine? and I freaked out and I was paralyzed but I could kind of speak and I just started saying things like “leave me alone its not right” kind of stuff and it was weird because like one of them touched my back, very slightly but I felt it was very gentle, I got out of my hypnotic trance and paralysis, I got up and shut the light on. Maybe this was a way of thanking me because they know the real reason I am angry with them, besides the fact they eat people, is that they dont communicate directly like they got something t hide. They have done some bad stuff to people, to me to my life and I am angry the government let them just have free reign on the plain. I am wondering will they ever make up for the terrorism that they have caused? Not only in my life and the people that they have messed with but everyone aound the world including the united states?

  5. giles says:

    Have you tried deep meditation to control your fears about this? It really helped me, also I find just being honest with people no matter how mad I sound helps. It is surprising how many people don’t judge. Feel free to write to me if you need to talk about this stuff.

  6. Set says:

    Sure thing ask anything you want, I will try and be as honest and straightforward as I can.

  7. arturo says:

    I would really like to talk with you about
    your experiances if I may

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