Right off the bat i want to take the time to let all of you know this is a first for me coming on here and ranting like a crazy person, which sometimes i think i am. So let me begin.

This is not about an abduction or actually seeing an alien. It was something more intellectual. I was stationed at Ft. Hood, TX in the spring of this year. Me and my wife had been going through some things and were separated. I got of work for the day and then decided to take a trip over to this shell station about a mile of post to fill up with gas and get something to drink. Well i filled up with gas and proceeded to leave. Dang, I forgot my drink. So i turned back around and went and parked the car in a parking spot directly under some oak and magnolia’s. This is where everything gets soo weird.

As soon as i put the car in neutral and pull the ebrake, the most fascinating thing that has happened to me occurs. (Im going to try and describe this the best as i can, please bare with me). My eyes close, and from that moment I was “lifted” from my body. I literally looked down and seen the whole area i was in. At this time i was high up in the air. From their it was on. I started traveling at supersonic speeds strait to the pyramids at Giza. From there i went into the cosmos. More specifically orions belt. Once i reached the stars, it was like the ultimate truth about life was revealed to me, and how everything works. Now keep in mind that, i have no idea about the things that were told to me, all i can remember is that the number 3 had a lot to do with everything.

This is the part that really gets me. Towards the end of this encounter, after this stellar trip, there was a really bright light. And i swear on everything i was asked if i wanted to leave this body and go to where life originated. I hesistated for a split second, second guessing myself and said no, i was thinking about all the things left undone here. And just like that the whole thing was over. I couldnt believe that i gave up an opportunity to be with this ultimate truth, and i then closed my eyes back and tried soooo hard to go back to the same state that i was in, but no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t get back to the same state i was in. When i looked in my rearview mirror, I HAD BEEN COMPLETELY BAWLING like a baby, but it was the weirdest feeling through all of this. I really cant explain how or what i had felt. It was like a catharsis, a purging of all emotions. I was happy and sad…Scared, anxious, worried, relieved. It was the most wonderful thing i have ever felt in my life. My eyes were bloodshot red and shirt was nearly soaked with tears.

I sat in my car for nearly 10 minutes wondering and trying to figure out what exactly had happened to me. To this day i cant and never have been able to achieve the state i was in. I’ve tried, Hard.

I personally believe in the Ancient Astronaut Theory, and i somehow believe that i was lead to where our Ancestors, the Gods, are from. Somehow something spiritual happened, with the people that created us.

All i know is that i kick my self in the ass everyday for not accepting the invitation to go and be with them. I know i was almost there. My heart was about to explode is was beating so hard. I shouldnt have second guessed myself and refused the offer.  The whole situation was weird. I guess what im trying to get at by coming on here and reporting my experience with you guys, is to see if anyone, someone, on here has had anything similar happen to them. I feel lost and upset that i let that opportunity go. I was so close, and im telling you, it felt soo good….soo right…so perfect. Way better than being a stuck in physical form here on the rock.

I know all this sounds crazy and like i was on some good LSD…but believe me, i’ve tripped hard in my day..and i mean HARD. Never during any of my profound tripping experiences have i ever come closeto feeling the way i did or seeing the things i seen. I havent even done acid in like 9 years. Im so sketched out about the whole thing. Please dont waste your time posting derogatory statements and judging what i said in a smart-alec way. I know what i felt and i know what i saw. Someone please, please, let me know if you have had something similar happen. Much appreciated, Ryan.

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  1. illuminee7570 says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I’ve had an experience like this too, although in the OOB state. I had the typical “lifted up and transported” thing, with beings around me taking me to a ship of sorts that was stopping in to pick all kinds of travelors up. I was told that I was welcome to go with them, but I chose to stay, feeling that I had unfinished work to do here. They told me that if I chose to stay, I would “suffer”. I stayed anyway, figuring that this physical existance doesn’t really last that long in the big scheme of things. Plus, I’m guessing I’m in this experience and this body for a reason, so I’m going to play that out for a while.
    So far, the evidence of my experiences have led me to believe that these beings are as diverse in their looks and motives as we are in ours. We talk about feeling angry and violated when they tamper with us, yet our human race routinely violates and tampers with those that we feel are here for our purposes. This has awakened a broader perspective for me in how I deal with others here in this world. I’m not so quick to assume someone or something is inferior and I try to treat all living things with respect. I don’t think of the greys as much different than the pharmaceutical researcher who is going through mouse after mouse trying to find answers to questions. He’s not void of a soul. He likely has a purpose, a family, and things that are important to him… he just happens to regard the mouse as disposable.

    It sucks if you happen to be the mouse, as we often are in these abduction cases.

  2. yogisteph says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I have had all kinds of experiences, from aliens, to out of body experiences, downloads, etc. I think it sounds like you died momentarily. You definitely left your body, probably shot right up, love the pyramids and have a strong connection with Egypt and the pyramid era so was immediately drawn to that place. It sounds like you went to “Heaven”, so to speak, and were given a choice to stay or return, which is reported by so many others who have died and returned. Don’t feel bad, they all wanted to stay too, who wouldn’t. You just must have known that you are very valuable to us here on Earth, as it appears to be a real time for change. It is said also from near death or dead and risen, 🙂 that all sorts of information is revealed instantly, any question asked, before it is even asked, it is answered. I have actually had a strange occurrence where I was in bed, had just laid down my book, and all of the sudden my mind went at the speed of light with information that was literally like a download. I had my eyes closed, but I could see, it was so fast though that it was just like ok, ok, ok, it was like driving through trees on a sunny day. I knew that now I had some awakened information in me and that I will need it soon, and that I will use it. At the end, A strong yet gentle voice, call it God, in my head, but plain as day said, “IT IS TIME”!!!
    I thought that the mention of the number 3 was very “AWESOME” in that I have been seeing 333 for about 3 and 1/2 years now 🙂 I know, how ironic. I thought I was going crazy so I started showing my kids and husband every time I saw it and was with them. Still to this day, it follows and finds me. My husband came home about 2 years ago with a big 333 tattoo to symbolize me. I use to see this number over 10 times a day. Now it is less, but never fails to show up several times a week. I think maybe going under hypnotic regression would be something that might interest you. Just know that sooner than later, we will feel like that again, but you stayed to take care of business here, so try not to let this experience take over the matters you are here to manage. Meditate and this will help you to reconnect, ground, and be at peace here as well as experience there/Universal Intelligence/God. Embraced By The Light is a great book you may want to read. My ALL TIME FAVORITE though is a series of 5 books called LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST. You will know truth when you see it. It will answer so many questions, ones you never even dreamed of asking. Take care and feel free to e-mail me at -Stephanie

  3. serpentine13 says:

    That is quite an intense experience. I’m responding because I had a similar experience where I too could have become a beam of light, and joined at its origin. Let me preface with the whole story.
    Last winter, I began smoking DMT. A substance that is linked to shamanic journeys in south american culture. So, I am in Olympia, WA with my 2 buddies on their 50 foot sailboat. They were taking me for a boat ride to my house in the next Puget Sound inlet which was a 2 hour trip. Halfway through the ride I decided to smoke some DMT. I told my friend that I would be sitting on the front of the ship for probably 10-15 minutes as DMT usually lasts for only 5-10 minutes. Well I don’t use drugs to get messed up, I use them to explore my mind and the cosmos. Anyways what happened next was unreal.
    When i awoke from my unconscious dreamworld, I went back to where my friend was driving the boat. I asked him how long I had been up there and he said 40 minutes. I did not believe him but he proved it by saying that we were now very close to my house, which was an hour away when I first smoked the DMT.
    When I blasted off(smoked DMT) I was immediately outside of my usual DMT reality. I have smoked it 20-25 times and this experience was completely different. Basically I went unconscious for a while, when I started to realize what was going on, I realized I was strapped to a hospital bed. There was one alien( i describe it as a grey mantis being) who was standing over me with a light tool. It was working on my brain and my heart with this light tool. I felt as though this being was trying to turn me into a beam of light. I had the choice. I was ascending and it was amazing, however, I then thought of my friends and family back on earth and the surgery/light work started to go awry. The alien fumbled the light tool and I shot through a vortex and regained consciousness here in my earthly body. I felt awful but relieved. I felt like Lot’s wife in the bible who looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah and turned to a pillar of salt. I had eternity offered up to me and I chose otherwise.
    This experience has drastically changed my worldview. Who are these beings and what did they want with me? Was I supposed to become a beam of light so I could come back as an angel of sorts to help humanity or were they working on my brain and heart with the intention of sending me back to earth as I am now. Very interesting, my first alien experience.

  4. Sue says:

    Hey Ryan
    I can relate to your story and I am validation you are not crazy. I too was taken up out of my house and I watched the Earth get small like a small ball beneath me before I passed out. I gained consciousness again and found myself on what must have been a craft. I saw an iron grid beneath my feet and for some odd reason I had ankle boots that did not match. I feel like the boots were on me to keep me from floating around. Who knows??? Next thing I knew the two men who lifted me out of my home was dragging me fighting and clawing toward a woman I hated for some odd reason. She shot something into my eye that made me pass out. I saw two men but I cannot prove they were men. I believe what she shot into my eye was an implant because before I was taken I had been exercising really hard and I felt something in my eye come undone or something in my eye started spinning around. I believe I destroyed an implant and they inserted a new one.

    I too was taken to the end of the Universe and saw where the stars were forming. I recongized the area much, much later when Hubble sent back pictures of the swirling light matters.

    As an Abductee you saw the experience much differently than me. You saw it in a positive mode and I saw it in a very negative mode. I am glad this is why we have this discussion format. We can all compare our stories. You had a very brief glimpse. I have had 15 years of glimpses, study and research. I have come to the conclusion that the ones who yanked me out of home are very, very negative beings. I believe what it all boils down too is we need to know everything possible about who is abducting us implanting and manipulating our bodies us and invading our homes and bedrooms. The big question is if they are positive beings why do they hide themselves? I noticed you did not tell us anything about the ones who abducted you. The ones I saw who took me up had human shapes but they were totally dressed in black I could not see their faces but the woman I saw was a white woman with dark hair.

    I hope you do not mind my advice but I would be very careful about who you trust. What do you know about them? I believe you should know everything about someone who invites you to go with them because you do not know where they will take you or if they are negative or positive beings. ( here comes the plane that has made thousands of flights over my home ) I believe what you said was true since the same thing happened to both of us we have validation we just intrepret it differently.

    Thanks for posting Ryan hope to hear more from you. If you do not like my comments please say so.

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