Flashes of Light in Bedroom at Night

I have to share this with you all and I hope that if any of you have any similar experiences, please share them. Also, if you’ve found some ways to cope, please also share your methods.

Last night I had a new experience and it has scared the heck out of me.

Here’s what happened. I went to bed and went to sleep at about eleven p.m. I woke up (and opened my eyes) at about 1:45 a.m. with the perception of my face being bathed in light, which is different than seeing a bright flash. This woke me up totally and I lay there in the dark with my eyes open for a few seconds and then suddenly a bright spot-type light shined in the corner of my bedroom near the closed door. It was about three feet in diameter, down low, on the floor and part of the wall where I have some books stacked up. There was no visible beam of light, only the part of the room being illuminated by the light. My blinds were completely closed and there is no way the light could have come in from the outside because (1) the blinds are closed and the building next to mine has no windows facing my building and (2) my dresser and a large obstruction would block the path from the window to where the light was hitting.

The light lasted for 1-2 seconds and then was gone. I was utterly stunned because the room is so pitch dark and here’s this bright light out of nowhere and hitting in the obscured corner of my room. It goes without saying that I was flat out scared, terrified in fact.

I immediately switched on my bedside lamp and sat partway up, my mind racing with questions of what I should do. I considered going outside and looking up to see if there was a UFO above my dwelling, but I thought, um, nah, so I can be snatched from my parking lot? I’ll pass on that.

So, I went into my living room, turned on a lamp and laid out there on the couch. After a few minutes I went to sleep and surprisingly, slept like a rock for the next three hours, then woke up, looked at the clock and went back to my bedroom and slept for a few hours in there.

This is new for me for it to happen like this. My previous abductions have happened all while I’ve been asleep to start with. Now I have this possibility of what many others have happened where they’re conscious to start with??! The concept of it happening like that is unfathomable.

Have any of you seen flashes of light in your bedroom at night? What do you do to calm yourself and just go to sleep anyway? Does wearing a sleep mask help? I bought myself one and will wear it tonight. If I’m going to be taken, I’d so much rather not be conscious. I’d rather be asleep when they snatch me and just have the experience come to me as a hazy dreamlike memory. At least with that, there’s still some wiggle room to question oneself, to say “hey, maybe it was just a dream”.

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  1. giles says:

    I have been woken up with flashing white lights, been paralysed from the neck down and been face to face with a tall almost insect like creature with big black eyes and translucent skin. It was the single most amazing thing I have ever seen (freaked me out as it just stood and stared at me for quite some time until it vanished with one of the flashes of light). I find the best way to cope with these events is to accept it might be real and then meditate. I try to practice Vipissana meditation and you can get a free 10 tuition if you look on line. It helps me when things get a bit hmmmmmm strange. X

  2. lillie says:

    hi, i don’t comment very much if at all on this site. if you want to read my story go to april 2010. it’s there.

    first i want you to know that i will always refuse at this point in my life to call my experience an “abduction” and call it “a taken aboard and taught things!”

    i just at this moment to comment on “lights” possibly as you saw in your experience. it may not be alien related. something everyone tends to lose sight of is that “life pervades everything!” “in order for there to be life there has to be no such thing as death!”, “energy can neither be created nor destroyed only changed!” it’s all mathematically proven that the existence of numbers themselves is given by pure abstract thought that if you disbelieve it then all math, engineering and physics falls apart.

    so, what does this have to do with the lights you saw? earth is a living entity and manifests its own lights. they appear out of nowhere as it seems then disappear. they can appear on a regular basis. as a kid i grew up about 7 miles from what is known as the tri-state spook light.

    The Hornet Spooklight, named after a town in Missouri that’s no longer on the map, is perhaps the most well known and frequently visited anomalous light in the United States. About the nature of the light not much is known, but it’s been regularly appearing for visitors since the 19th century. Being in the Tri-State area between Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, the light is actually most frequently seen on Oklahoma land.

    yes, if you have seen shows on the texas “marfa lights” it is not the most well known and visited. why it is not on documentaries you have to ask them.

    i have seen this light many times as a kid going there with my parents, showing relatives from out of town and as a teenager going there to party with friends.

    it appears out of nowhere, is about the size you described, this phenomenon is random and cannot be seen on some nights and is awesome on others.

    so, maybe what you are seeing is electromagnetic energies created by the earth and has nothing to do with aliens.

    and, don’t get me wrong. aliens do exist and they are our relatives and much more advanced. both spiritually and technologically. if you have an abduction experience don’t take for granted that you will understand it. anything they teach may be left for you to prove that such things exist. i guess by the time i actually remembered my experience of being taken aboard and taught things i was fairly well educated and understood it. i had had reoccurring memories of things i didn’t totally remember or know the meaning of what they meant. then, one day i remembered. afterward, i had an insatiable desire to learn about engineering physics and spirituality. they are not benevolent, not understanding can be frightening as it is beyond what we are taught exists. actually, i can’t do it at will but once i had a dog that had health problems and asked them to help. they did for some reason. i guess it was love that they helped at that one time.

    just remember in the absolute of everything “god” is “an infinitely self observing entity of pure conscious intelligence” and pervades everything. including us. that is why we can realize the bliss with mystical spirituality that we can “obtain” the oneness with “god!” and, i am not preaching religion.

  3. RockJohnAxe says:

    I hate to be so forward and harsh but I feel like I must. Aliens exist and have for much longer than the Human Race. There are many recorded races but only a small few actually travel to earth or atleast the milkyway galaxy.

    Aliens should not be feared. Humans fear the unknown and this feeling of uncertainty is the real threat. Aliens have and do abduct people on a regular basis. These people in almost all cases return safely. Most of the mental Anguish people go through is self-inflicted from the unknown experience.

    Aliens are very much like humans, in the fact that there are good ones and bad ones. However, they do have a grand agenda that they must follow which sometimes causes the good ones to do bad things.

    The Greys are actually starting to die off and require Humans because we are the closest biological entity to their reproductive system. They require us.

    Humans are a savage, dangerous and unpredictable race. We are as much a threat to them as they are to us. They may have superior technology, but they are very frail and easily killable. (The Greys atleast)

  4. christinaspirit says:

    since now i finally can understand that you are the one who made this post i will tell you one thing from my own experiences, something that i was let known by “them”.

    Accepting of what is happening is the first step. Awareness of what is going to happen helps you not to be afraid but yet be careful of what you expect, what i mean is that do not construct any perception or beliefs before anything happened coz it may only harm you and may leave you with illusions on your mind ( events that actually did not occur or you perceived them differently from what the actual stimulus was). Just be prepared to whatever happens.

    Before you go to sleep or whenever you feel that the encounter is about to take place make yourself believe that you will remember of what is going to take place. If you have a chance to communicate with whoever is coming to you demand it with no hesitation. You may not control your past but you may control your future by doing right things now. Knowing the truth is your right and it should be cherished and fought for when needed.

    When you accept of what is going on. When you are ready to take up with ease your encounters you shall get to remember more. If you are not afraid than no matter what happened during the encounter in most of the cases ‘they’ will let you remember unless something very specific that ‘they’ do not want you to know occurred .

    In the third step you accept aliens. their presence, their actions, you are able to trust them to such an extent where you feel that you can trust your own life to them ( this is the step applicable to those who want to continue their encounters with aliens further or for those who did not manage to escape form aliens. ) ( one thing i can tell that even among races as grays they are good creatures too).
    As you learn all of this you will be let to remember you will reach a new level of perception and understanding.

    I was told some of this things by you know whom and then i had a very vivid dream which was more like a play where i was shown all of what i have just written down.

    As per my experiences i did not reach 3rd level completely as i was not able to trust my life to them. to trust your life to “them” also means that you will be fine with whatever they do to you, even if it is of experimental or whatever you call it nature.

  5. jooliebean says:

    Christina, thank you so much for commenting and your advice. I really appreciate it. I’m getting ready to go to bed now and the eye mask doesn’t fit so I’ll be able to see after all. Your words of encouragement to believe that I can and will face whatever happens is very helpful. Thank you and hugs to you.

  6. christinaspirit says:


    I never use sleeping mask, no matter what. I just get freaked out if i feel that there is somebody else in the room with me or if i hear strange noises coming out of nowhere i have to see of what is going on.

    You have to convince yourself that you will be ready to face of what is going to happen. You need to make yourself believe that whatever happens is not as scary as it looks but most importantly you need to learn of how to accept things even if you do not like them happening at least while having an encounter.

    Also if you are sure that your experiences are real try talking to that somebody you are seeing and be very careful of what you say. Once i started doubting myself about me seeing balls of light in my room and shadowy figures so i said out to that whatever that if all that was going on was real i needed a proof. I though of “it” cutting a wire or something. To my horror i found that the wire from my speakers was cut neatly. I do not have any siblings and at that time it was just me and mom in the house. I got freaked out, and then my mom was like, “why did you tell me all that and couldn’t you think of anything better than your request !?”. It was my fault of course and i do not blame that creature who did it after all i asked for it.

    hope it helps

    I am not sure if it may help you but it did help me except that i tried it on a different type of experience ( alien related of course)

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