Weird experiences years apart

I had a strange experience in 2006, in which I thought I saw a couple of greys in my room. My diary entry of the time says:

I woke up just before 2am and couldnt get back to sleep. I wanted to, I was trying my hardest to go to sleep…and I was worn out, but no sleep was going to happen… around 4am, I heard a weird and very loud CLICK in my room – but I only heard it with one ear, not the other. WTF…. Then it got REALLY freaky… I rolled up in a ball under my duvet and carried on trying to get to sleep…. suddenly I heard a really deep, loud, sonic thrumming, and my whole body started to vibrate, it was like every atom was vibrating at high speed. Then I realised that my pillow was several inches below my head – and opened my eyes… only to see the face of a Grey looking at me with an air of utter curiosity…. as soon as the Grey realised I had seen him/her, the face faded, to be replaced with the image of a huge white bunny. ARRRGGGHHH? Well with that, i started to be yanked, out of body, towards the ceiling. At which I kicked up one hell of a fuss, with the result that I ended up back in my body, in bed…. with a lovely case of sleep paralasys, and it took a good half an hour for the thrumming and vibrating to fade…. I have to state that I was awake all through this – it certainly wasnt a dream.
In the morning, I noticed something else. I have had a hacking cough for weeks, and all of a sudden, it had gone…
Off I went to work, and all day I felt sick, and majorly lightheaded….

I wonder what this really was. Was it alien abduction? Was it me in some utterly freaky state of altered conciousness? something happened, cos of my cough having vanished and the being sick all day after.

I really hadnt thought much of it since, until last night. When I had another strange and a great deal less pleasant experience:

I had another weird experience that was very similar only a lot freakier, last night. I sort of half woke up, and found myself without bedcovers, and having a major case of sleep paralysis. I got my eyes open and found myself staring at a metal ceiling. I had a strong worried feeling that someone had been hurting me, (which considering I dont really generally take much notice of getting hurt, is weird for me). Then I managed to turn my head and saw some guy being used for some icky vivisection experiment. Then a grey came and looked at me, and the ceiling turned into some weird hypnotic melding of black and white squares and I blacked out again. I came to again a bit feeling that I was being floated into my bed. The sleep paralysis had returned but wore off quicker, and as I rolled over and sat up as fast as I could move, I saw two greys back away, turn into two distinct clouds and vanish, but this last was all while I was awake, because I shot out of bed and turned on the light and checked the back door was locked (it was) and didnt go back to bed and then had a call into work.
I told Mum about it when she got up and she said that was weird, she had sensed something funny in the night but thought it was “just her”.
I felt really ill until about midday.

Now I am not at all sure what to think of alien abduction ideas, I dont even know if this is, I really an inexpert on the matter, but curious enough to want to know what more knowledgable people think, and  I have to say I am certainly not someone who “gets off” on the idea of being an abductee, both experiences being rather unpleasant. However, I would be very interested to know what those who know more on the subject have to say about these occurrances

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  1. jooliebean says:

    I always feel extra good after an event rather than sick but I’ve read about many others who feel sick afterwards. Sometimes I am very thirsty and I used to feel tired but now I feel very good afterwards, really good, like I do after exercising and spending time in the pool, invigorated.

  2. giles says:

    Well for what it’s worth I don’t think anyone knows the truth although we try to understand what we can from the fragments of information we glean. I find it fascinating that so many “abduction” events have similarities and yet everyone is different. Some will say this is a memory manipulation aspect of the abduction. I have had these “dreams” for years but never remember anything sinister, actually quite the opposite I think it’s really cool (although at times I become terrified, but that’s the paralysis). I am gutted when I read people have awful experiences, makes me a bit mad. My personal belief is you probably have experienced something, and do more often than you remember. I am often sick for days/weeks after a “dream/visit”.


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