Recollections from the past few years. Am I mad?

Hi folks I have read as much of your site as I can but I am still not sure if I am totally insane or not? I would like to explain to you what is happening to me and if you have the time you can read it and then perhaps just drop me a quick line just to tell me if you have heard of anything like this before as I am starting to feel a little out of my depth…
A brief background about me, had a pretty unstable childhood, parents were a nightmare. Had reoccurring dreams as a child all were centered around an unpleasant figure in my room (I never paid any attention to this). Teenage years were also a bit turbulent but don’t remember anything weird in the way of dreams or seeing anything.
I put myself though university, have a degree in Zoology and a masters in genetics. I currently work in Developmental Genetics for the Australian Government.
Now about 8 years ago I started having dreams that there were hooded figures in my room at night, these dreams were not common, I recall only 1 or 2 each year. At first they were very hazy fragmentedmemories then as the years past they became a little clearer each time I had the dream. About 5 years ago I recall being laid in my bed unable to move anything but my eyes, I sort of recall a strange light but not clearly, I could see maybe 4-6 small beings around the bed but could not see their faces. I recall being taken to a vessel of some sort, there were no sharp edges on anything in the ship (I don’t know why I recall this but it stood out) and it had an almost mother of pearl colour to it, blue and purple. I remember climbing off a table, not really afraid, but trying to get off the ship, the small beings followed me around and sort of ushered me to a room. Then I woke up in my bed, exhausted and a little nervous, I woke my partner up to explain the odd dream I had and before I even said anything she said “I just had the most bizarre dream that there were 6 small creatures in the room, and I couldn’t move, it was ok I wasn’t scared because they told me they were here for you!” This did not bother me as much as it should have but it certainly made me think that perhaps my dreams were not just dreams.
I had these dreams on and off for the next few years but noting quite as eerie as that one. Then I started hearing voices in my head, not weird voices just a voice that could be described as my consiousioness telling me things that would occur and when (and they always did!). Then I had dreams about major world events and it all got too much. One day I was at home and the voice in my head started telling me things and I had enough and screamed for it to stop, it stopped immediately and I have never heard it since (I must say now it is gone I rather miss it). I saw a doctor about my dreams and voices and they said I had bipolar disorder and prescribed me lithium, after 6 months I stopped taking it as it made me feel dead to the world and I have always felt very connected to it, I hated that feeling. Now in October last year I was at work at about 6pm and all of a sudden I felt I had to go home to bed, this is most unlike me. I grabbed my stuff, got in my car and went straight home to bed, and fell asleep immediately. Guys this is the coolest “dream” I have had to date, I woke up and my room was just as I left it, I hadn’t even pulled the curtains, the room was filled with this amazing blue light which itself seemed to be full of bright blue orbs dancing around, I cannot describe this light it was just something totally different and so utterly fantastic, I knew what was happening and I even managed to calm my breathing and my heart rate. There were a few small beings near me but again I could not see their faces its like they are masked from me, I felt myself being moved and then I remember nothing until I am back in my bed, the light is fading and I am desperately trying to see the faces. I remember thinking “I want to see you”, and at that moment I saw what seemed to be a creature outside my window (I sleep upstairs so this seemed very odd). I got the fright of my life! It had what appeared to be quite big black eyes but its face was not smooth it was wrinklyand it stared at me for a short while (ugly fella this one!). I lost my calm and started to panic, something I am still angry with myself for. I wanted to smile at it but I was too scared (this is frustrating for me as I am not generally scared of this stuff). This dream was very very real. Since this dream I have found myself becoming more and more detached from my life and people around me. Its almost like my mind is straddling 2 different realities or dimensions, its very odd. People are becoming a bore and frustrate me and I crave the company of like individuals (I have met none!). I have been told that people can feel me vibrating when they touch me. And sometimes its like I can feel the earth herself breathing (that’s not exactly what I feel but I cant really explain it any other way). Since this night I have had many sightings of strange lights in the sky (witnessed by me and my friends so I am not imagining these at least).
This sort of stuff would be fine if I was a hippy sort of bloke, but I am a scientist and its sort of hard to get my head around. I was really hoping that perhaps there are other people that have experienced something like what I have explained, I am concerned I am going round the bend, perhaps even totally nuts?
Thank you for your time, I am sorry to be such a time vampire.


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  1. giles says:

    Thanks for all your input guys, its fascinating to read everyones experiences and glean a little knowledge from your experiences and understanding of this subject matter. I get a little confused at times because I read so often that most people wake with scars and bleeding noses. I have never had anything like this, I only see them in my room, have a sense of being moved and then wake up later, and the greys are not common visitors. I am becoming more involved in groups of people who have had these experiences and I find “our” company completely relaxing and at times enlightening. These experiences have changed me in a vast and unimaginable way in such a short time. I am a better person for these experiences but only after acceptance. I do not think I would have become so accepting if it wasnt for people like you. illuminee7570 and RockJohnAxe I would love to hear more if you are willing?


  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    It is interesting to hear well educated individuals try to understand their happenings.

    I feel enlightened because I have learned so much lately about the hows and the whys.

    Aliens exist, a very many races infact. There are dozens upon dozens of races that travel through the Milky way Galaxy and atleast a dozen that frequent Terra.

    The majority of abductions that occur are by the greys. The Greys race, although extremely advanced technologically, are caught in a bad way. They are a worker race, stuck in an unbreakable agreement to aid the reptillians. Through thousands and thousands of years of genetic cloning the Grey race is has almost crippled itself. The Clones are unable to reproduce naturally and the remaining natural Greys are very few and far between.

    The Greys rely on Humans and their genetic fluids and tissue to continue creating clones and hybrid mixtures to keep their race from dieing off. In the majority of abductions, a Reptillian oversees the procedure and is often noted as a cloaked individual who’s face cannot be seen.

    Most current abductees are descendants of the original abduction targets and these experiences continue through the blood line.

    The Grey’s consider themselves and very often refer to themselves as the “Gods” of the human race. According to what I have been told, we are actually a genetic creation that was then seeded on this planet. Who ever it was that created Humans also claims to have created the Greys as well, as some of our genetic make-up is fairly similar.

    The Grey’s themselves are not a race of evil. They vary like humans, some are good while some are bad. The greys are a very logical race and don’t understand emotions, like love. They are fascinated by Humans and their emotional complex and often watch us in amazement and confusion. They lack creativity due to their highly logical method of thinking, so things like Art and Music also greatly fascinate them. But the greys also have a sort of “Hive-mind”. The lesser greys are unable to make decisions without consulting his superiors and often decisions are extremely slow to come forth.

    I assure you, any pain or negativity you got from an experience with the greys was not malicious. The Greys are just doing their job and would not be there for any other reason.

    I will close for now, but i know more. You only need ask.

  3. illuminee7570 says:

    I would like to say that I am right there with you in questioning my own sanity, but I have had experiences that are starting to culminate into the ultra-weird myself. Just so you feel better, I am well-educated with an advanced degree in physiology, so I’m not exactly in the hippy-dippy category either. I have a corporate job, and live in a nice, ultra conservative community. And, I seem to experience alien tampering on a regular basis. I don’t know if it’s me…i.e., I am somehow sensitive enough to be aware of them, or if my particular location is a hotbed of some sort…but my encounters have ranged from very pleasant and informative, to really irritating and invasive. Although I have not yet been convinced that there is a god or jesus, I have been well aware that we exist in multiple layers, and that out of body experiences are quite real.
    Upon recollection, I have had an unexplainable UFO sighting when I was 20. About 7 people, including myself, were standing on a beach and looked up to see a very low hanging cloud and a large, metal ship hanging just below it. It was completely silent, and hung still in the air a mere 100 feet or so off the water and about twice that distance from us. All of us stood silent and staring. In a moment, it receded, and was completely gone with absolutely no noise.
    Since then, I have had all kinds of interesting experiences…many like the one you described. If you have ever seen “The Fourth Kind”, I was struck by the victims description of having a sense of something in the room with them…of something “about to come through the door” and the anxiety of that knowledge. I have had OOBE’s where I am trying to get to the front door to lock it because I am convinced something is about to enter my home. Then, I’ll be in my bed with little people surrounding me holding my ankles down and always seeming to want to tamper with my spine. I have felt fluids being injected into me, and have felt searing pain that burns like fire. I have read where some people suggest that you invoke Jesus and they will leave you alone. This has only worked a couple of times, and I’m not sure it had anything to do with Jesus (I’m an athiest so far), but more to do with them simply being done with me.
    Other experiences have been enchanting-I’ve seen several different kinds of beings vividly, only to search the net and find someone else has drawn a replica of what I’d seen too. Either these things are real, or we all have collective brain damage. My sense is that we’re not crazy, but that we need to be careful not to jump to conclusions. We are like blind men feeling around the elephant and trying to relate to each other our individually bizarre part. I try very hard- like you described- to control my fear response, but most of the time I’m not good at it and I miss out on opportunities to learn. I’m working with meditation to try to discipline myself in this area.

    In any case, I know what you mean and I dont’ think you are crazy. I too, feel a little separated from the rest of the world. I mean, try bringing THIS conversation up at Starbucks and see how far you get before you’re being committed to the funny farm. I have, of course, wondered if I may simply have an overactive frontal lobe, or if it’s possible I may have some sort of undiagnosed mental illness…but I have had too many cases of serendipity to feel like these things can be chalked up to mere coincidence or brain malfunction. As a scientist, I have to keep an open mind, of course, but I haven’t seen or read anything yet that has satisfied my quest for an explaination from a medical end.

  4. giles says:

    Hey sue

    Thank you so much for writing. I have recently had experiences with insect like beings as well, although this description is A poor likeness. It arrived in my room with white flashing lights I watched it standing next to me for some time. I was calm and did not fall back to sleep when it left. I am not sure what it was doing but it was not sinister. Being a scientist made it very difficult at first until I accepted it and then it became clear. I study genetics and any animal manipulations we undertake are done under anaesthetic and we try not to affect the animals. I tried to think of how you would manipulate an organism with a high level of consciousness and I guess it would be similar to many of the experiences I have read. My experiences have not been as negative as some and it makes me so sad to hear of people who have had terrifying experiences. Stay positive sue if you can.

  5. Sue says:

    Giles I can relate to you in that once you are an abductee or can see into the Paranormal Realm you will be changed forever because you come to know life is not what you think it has been laid out. I too wanted to seek other people who could see into the Paranormal World but the Beings seem intent on keeping me away from Validation. My only Validation is research and finding others who have seen what I saw. You are not nuts if others have seen what you have seen. When Whitley Streiber wrote the book ” Communion ” he saved my life because I saw the same ones he saw and many more.

    We can only speculate on who or what they are because they are Masters at keeping their secrets. Keeper of Secrets in itself tells me a lot about who the Beings are. If they were good they would not have to hide what they do.

    I have a tremendous amount of books in my library that I had every intention of reading. My abduction changed every thing in my life and I have become like you. People bore me because they shut out the real reality of life as if they are totally controlled and programmed. I seek open-minded people and they are very hard to find. It must be really hard for you to accept this reality because you are a scientist. I am having a hard time accepting any religious belief since my abduction. Everything indicates these Beings think they are God because of their superior technology which I believe they steal from us. I just refuse to honor and respect them because they have invaded my home and my very personal space which is my body and my bedroom. Thanks for speaking out. I believe the more people who share their stories will weaken them.

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