I’m not sure

I have always had dreams of alien contact. Mainly UFO sightings outside my grandma’s house from when i was little. We lived near an airforce base and for whatever reason. I kept having these same dreams of me being outside at night. Which seemed highly unlikely since i was about 6 or 7 at the time. I would be outside in the front yard of her house and be observing a star which got closer and closer until i could clearly tell it was a ship of some sort. I would always get that paralyzing panic mode of fear and would be unable to scream for help to my family inside the house. As these ships would descend down from the sky. I would eventually be able to run back inside and “hide” as these ships did low passes over the house lighting up everything as my family mulls about oblivious to the fact that these things are trying to take me. The dreams never have an ending and i seem to just wake up as if i forget about the fact of being terrified and hiding from UFO’s but now im awake and cant remember the rest of the dream.

I do have one scar that is unexplainable and looks exactly like if i received 2 stitches above the corner of my eyebrow. My mom swears i have never erecieved stitches and just brushes it off that i even have this eerie scar like that. These dreams stopped when i turned about 21 an sort of fell into life with moving out a girlfriend etc. But recently i had a dream where i woke up in the middle of the night in my own current room. Felt really real too. I woke up in the middle of the night to for whatever reason get up and walk over to the blinds of my living room window to see a little grey alien with big black eyes staring dead at me through the window as if he hypnotized me to wake up and come see that he was there watching me. I get really damn scared even thinking about this as im typing but. The instant i saw him or it i immediately had a deafning and paralysis come over my body. I jumped back only to fall and find my legs not cooperating as well as my voice not being able to resonate any words as im trying to yell at my sleeping roomate for help. Somehow as quick as that came over i woke up rapidly to my heart going a million miles out of my chest and the comfort of it being just a dream but it still was the middle of the night an i was sleeping on the couch facing that very window. So i dont know if any of this means i myself have been abducted or am i just being a bit too paranoid?

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    i dun know during my experiences grays never liked me getting scared. they always tried to do things that would make me get over with that negative emotion and it was only at those times when i did not fear them that i remembered of what was going on

  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    The grey’s are empaths with very powerful telepathic abilities. They are able to read minds as well as implant emotions. Often time they output emotions to the human host unintentionally. The only problem is the greys have very little understanding of emotion due to their logical method of thought. This will often leave an abductee with a range of emotional states following an abduction and these emotions are further compacted by the targets experiences and memory recollection.

    One must first understand the ways of energy and the impact of emotions in the flows of energy. Fear Based emotions are the lowest step on this ladder and are the ones the Greys are the most attuned too. When abducting a target they will often force fear based emotions onto the individual. It’s this state of fear that really allows them control and basically gives them the power. Love is the opposite of fear and is the top of the emotion energy ladder. This type of energy is “thick” and the greys have an extremely hard time operating through this energy.

    One of the best things you can do if you feel an abduction coming, witness a grey/UFO or awake during an encounter, is you need to control your emotional state. Thoughts of loved ones and happy things are your best way to resist or break the paralysis that they force upon you through fear based emotions. This is much easier said than done and is made infinitely more difficult while in the presence of an unknown being who is forcing emotions upon you.

    The grey’s will bring you home safe and sound when they are finished, this I can guarantee. Human’s who go missing through abductions are NOT taken by Greys. The real threat in the universe is the Reptillian races.

    Thanks for sharing. Please ask if you need to know more.

  3. jooliebean says:

    You’ve been abducted. The scenario you describe is right in line with what many others describe.

    I agree with Giles, keep a diary of these events. I have a very small Olympus recorder which I keep by my bed. When something happens, the next day I record it. It’s much easier than writing it down. And also, like Giles says, view it as a gift if you can. I mean, think about it, here we are in this mundane existence and out of the blue, pow, we get something totally unique and amazing happening to us.

  4. giles says:

    Sounds too familiar…. I try to keep a diary of these events so I don’t forget, even just noting when I have trouble sleeping and when I wake up with a sense something has happened. It seems to occur 2 or 3 times a year for me, but the effects are long lasting. Try and view it as a gift rather than a curse (if you can).

  5. cossack357 says:

    Yes it was approximately 3ft tall, small or non existent lips, snake like nostrils and dark black eyes that reflected the the sky off of it. It never moved it just sort of stared and took or affected my nervous system to where i could not control or force my panic response.

  6. giles says:

    The real problem I think all of us face (well certainly me) is that we just don’t know…. I really struggled with the phenomena that occurs in my life which seems to come in fits and starts. Thought I was going nuts until I just accepted that its possibly real. There is always that nagging doubt though, but I think it is healthy to be a little sceptical. Can you remember the grey being in detail? I can remember everything about 2 types I have seen but the greys are always just dark shadows.

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