A little freaked out

So things have been relatively quiet here since I got back from california in November. Yesterday I went out to visit my mom and dad and had dinner with them, they live west of Port Angeles WA out in Joyce. When I left their house my boyfriend was driving, our son was in the back of the car and we were about to go over the Elwha bridge when I noticed something in the sky. The moon had just come out and there was  a very bright star next to it which was obviously a start but there was another “star” right above the mountain which I was drawn to. I went to look at it further and then it got really really bright white/blue and it looked almost as though a whole opened up behind it which ingulfed this object then the it was gone and there were just clouds in its place. It all happened too quickly for me to allert my boyfriend to the phenominon so I just kept it to myself.

I went to bed last night at around 8pm. Sometime between 8pm and 2am I had a very strange experience which has shaken me – it’s almost 3am now so this happened quite recently, I don’t have anyone to call and talk about it with at this hour and I thought it may make me feel better if I can atleast get it out here. At some point while I was asleep something happened. I am not sure what it was exactly. I remember laying in bed and there was an extreamly bright flash of light – the bright light engulfed me and my boyfriend in our bed, it made me feel as though I was getting ripped apart from my body I was trying to scream and wake my boyfriend up but he was just laying there as though he did not notice what was happening. Then I don’t remember anything else just the white light and pain.

My boyfriend leaves for work at 2am so I actually got out of bed when his allarm went off at 1:45 am. I got up and went to the bathroom and I noticed as I walked passed the mirror that I had blood around my left nostral. I grabed a tissue and wiped my nose and the inside of my left nostral was very bloody. At this time I also noticed that the left side of my head hurt on the outside right above my temple, I have a small wound there over a small bump under the skin.

I’m a little freaked out right now and I don’t know what to do, I know there’s not much I can do but at this point I need a little comfort. I feel very violated but I can’t remember what happened.

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    Hi jooliebean,

    You might be right.
    I am not sure about some of the things i have experienced. Just a while ago i had something rly strange going on. I am not sure as to what nature it had, though i am pretty sure of what caused it but i kept on having dreams one after another in which i was taken over and over again. Those dreams would not stop for a long time and although i knew that whatever i experienced was sort of a message ( at least i think it was) i was a little bit bewildered. Right before i went to sleep i tried to make sure that i can make myself remember and after couple of weeks it did work out and in my dream i woke up and right near me stood Gray. I tried not to be scared but i myself was shaking. I tried to make myself at peace although it seemed that Gray was gonna do something. I focused on thought where i was told that there was nothing to be afraid and that i had to trust and when the creature stood right near me i thought, ” that’s it! You are doomed! How stupid of you! Not? Is it?”
    Gray stood there for a while and i was sort of told at one point that it was a test and that i was shown to me that my trust had to extend that far.
    why i told you about this is coz in some way the message was conveyed to me and it had a powerful effect.

    I do not mind you theorizing me at all. I am quite sure of reliability of what i was told about the brainwaves but as i know its not always that reliable.

    I will let you know in case i’ll change my mind about hypnotherapist but as for now i am not let go. As i said one thing or the other happens.
    Yesterday while i was studying Economics i stared in my eyes for a while. I thought of all the things i’ve been trough i tired to feel that something which was forgotten. I thought of my childhood and of the time when i understood that whatever i was experiencing were not fantasies. I thought that i may read my own mind? I o not hink that i am too good at in nor i can go deep but i felt the presence of the same creature i met with when i was 12. And i felt something that can be told as – YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING IT.

  2. jooliebean says:

    Christina, I think it’s safe to say you probably have an implant and that’s how they find you, just my theory and I hope you don’t mind me theorizing about you.

    If you decide to go to a hypnotherapist, please let us know what you find out. I always toy with the idea of being regressed, but I continuously reject it because I think–and who knows why, that most of my events are too deeply buried.

    There are some things I’ve recalled consciously and I’m going to probably leave it at that.

    People who’ve been regressed commonly say that the Grays tell them they’ll remember everything when the time is right, whatever that means, right?

  3. christinaspirit says:

    still it is kind of really confusing.

    I wanted to go to a hypnotherapist abt 3 month ago and this idea lasted for the next 2 month i guess, so every time when i would plan going there one thing or the other would happen until my mother got paranoid and said that ‘somebody’ told her not to let me go for hypnosis coz it may harm me and that i may start having blackouts i normal life if blocked memories are to be disturbed . i got similar message to her’s but only when we talked on the topic, did we realize of what happened.
    If that is the case that means that one of those beings involved with me knew of what i was planning to do all along.

    Also it is quite interesting t know that no matter where i am either it is India or on a trip to Ukraine or wherever i continue having experiences some of which are physical and some of which are not but the point is that i keep on having them and ”they” can do all of it and more just by finding my brainwaves? hmm

  4. jooliebean says:

    I agree with RockJohn about the implants being used for tracking and for monitoring. I’ve read about some abductees who’ve been regressed and they’ve said the Beings told them they had several implants in their bodies at any given time. Apparently some folks have had as many as five or six active implants at any given time.

    I also agree and theorize that for some individuals with implants in their heads, there may be additional abilities to track thoughts. One thing I know is that whenever I’ve had a medical procedure of any consequence done (minor outpatient surgery), I’ve always had a visitation on that very evening upon returning home and going to bed. So it seems the implants do track something, whether it is quantities of anesthesia, body chemical responses, etc, something is being tracked.

    I’ve often wondered about the tracking. I’ll post something on the main board and I hope folks will reply because I’m curious to see what we all say.

  5. RockJohnAxe says:

    I have some theories but no real answer.

    Supposedly they can track our brainwaves and certain individuals have a much stronger signal due to something in their brain that sets them apart from others. But how accurate can this truly be, especially if a being is in space. I feel that’s why they need to hover in the sky around an area before an abduction so they can find their target.

    I feel implants could be a form of tracking device, for either easier finding or a marker that other races or groups can use. Something to show ownership maybe or to show others that you are with them and not just “some human”.

    My other theory is more about mind control. Maybe at some point in the future this device will allow them a deeper control of our bodies and mind and truly get us todo what they want.

    Most of the implants studied by Dr. Lier have emitted a very low radio frequency, so maybe thats what transmits our thoughts and feelings to an alien device of some sort that allows them to monitor us constantly.

  6. christinaspirit says:

    I have a question to you guys,

    As per my experiences Gray told me that i was found by sort of brainwaves emitted from my brain . He sort of meant that i was visible to them like we would recognize a polar star in the sky coz its brighter among all the others.

    I never heard anything abt implants from Grays, probably coz it was never had to face anything like that nor i had an interest in all of that so the question never arose until now. If that’s the case than wt are these things used for. some people say that those r like tracking devises but it rly does nt fit with what i have been told coz i know that it can be done without any of those things or maybe its just me.

  7. RockJohnAxe says:

    Maybe it’s because as individuals we are fairly insignificant. But just because it’s true on a galactic scale, doesn’t mean you should lesser your current enjoyment of the life you currently live.

    Don’t drown in waters your not meant to swim in.

  8. giles says:

    From my experiences I would agree with Jooliebean, I no longer feel violated but the shift in consciousness from denial to acceptance was pretty tough. Once that transition was made things became much easier for me. I try to meet with other abductees/experiencers every few weeks and we now have a regular group meeting. This really helps, also if things get a bit more intense which they often do try meditation it helps focus the mind and keeps you calm. You may find day to day life becomes hmmmmmmm, lets just say a little insignificant.


  9. RockJohnAxe says:

    The greys especially have alot of Light based technologies. These devices are very advanced and do things that you would expect to only see in the movies.

    Your experiences are with the Greys, you have nothing to fear. They are not malicious, just doing their job.

    If you feel you have been implanted, you may request to have an X-ray taken. Just please do not inform the doctors the real reason why you want the X-ray. Doctors and the para-normal do not go hand in hand.

  10. Sue says:

    You have a right to feel violated. As an Abductee I feel very violated and jooliebean probably has the best advice. I have fought them for 15 years now and I cannot break the contact. The only hope I see is the Internet is changing our lives in that the Abductees are sharing their stories which has to make weaker the ones who Abduct. Keeping their horrible secrets cannot be a good thing. Thanks for sharing.

    Jooliebean since you mentioned religion I want to share this with you. On TV last night on the celebrity Wife Swap Gary Busey explained the difference between being a Christian and Spirituality. Gary said the ones of us who are Spiritual have already been through Hell. I thought that made a lot of sense.

  11. jooliebean says:

    When the light is on you, don’t move, just completely relax all your muscles. Then it won’t hurt.

    To integrate this into your life, you will have to do a paradigm shift but you can. I used to be very afraid, especially as the experiences became more conscious, but after doing a lot of reading about the abduction phenomena and coming to understand what is being asked of us, I can honestly say I’m no longer afraid. And this is a long way I’ve come, as you will see from my previous posts on this site, even just recently I was very afraid. But like I say, I no longer am. In fact, and I never thought I’d say this, I’m eager. Of course, I am a long-time abductee and they very much know how to handle me. I used to come back with bruises but now I come back totally unscathed. I used to fight them but now I don’t.

    Regarding the fact that you don’t know when you will be abducted is something you do come to live with. For me, it’s been helpful to call on the older philosophies and religions to be more accepting and less controlling. Strictly speaking, sometimes you must be like the shore and let the wave wash over you. You cannot control the wave and you don’t need to. It comes and it goes but you remain. And even now, today, look down at your body. You are okay, right? They took you and they brought you back. And they took you at night in hopes that you would remain asleep. You woke up but they obviously put you back ‘under’ because you remember nothing except the beginning part with the light.

    How old are you?

  12. lillie says:

    and, FYI, they won’t hurt you>>>

    you’ll learn something now you’ve be chosen to be contacted.

  13. lillie says:

    i’ve been to port angeles, wa….you know if everyone else doesn’t the so close to the only rain forest in the US. the 1st UFO sighting in the US before roswell….so, why be scared?

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