Ok so I just recently started reading stuff about alien abductions and ufos ever since I first watched the movie ‘the fourth kind’. What happened was that at the end of the movie I didnt think anything of it and I suddenly got an urge to go outside and look at the stars. That was when I saw my first ufo. It took the form of a triangle and moved slowly over my house and then dissappeared. I was a little creeped out.That was about two months ago.

For the past two weeks I got really interested in the subject. I started reading things on the internet and books and stuff which freaked me out. Then I started waking up with scars on my body. One of the scars looks like an outline of a semi-cirle with a dot next to it. I did the survey and scored a 20. I am now too terrified to sleep in my room with my curtains open at night, but for some reason I feel as if I have to have them open. I am terrified of my closet, and I know there is nothing in there, it just scares me….

I have had dreams of ufos and abductions before. In one a ufo landed on our front lawn during daylight, a grey came through the front door and held its hand out to me. Trust me I didnt want to go with it but something forced me to take its hand. As soon as I took its hand I woke up.

Now whenever I close my eyes a face of a grey appears in front of me but when I open my eyes to see if it is there, there is nothing. Yesterday I woke up with a 3cm long cut right where the tip of my tailbone is.

I keep thinking I am going crazy because I dont have any memory of being abducted or being taken from my bed at night.. I just wake up with strange scars. I am 15. What should I do? Should I go and see someone to help me remember? Has anyone had similar experiences?

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  1. lillie says:

    first, hope you don’t think there is anything true about the movie “the 4th kind!” it’s bs if you know anything. also, learn to distinguish the bs stories from the real ones. an actual experience will be subreal, maybe scary but, you won’t be harmed otherwise….and for any cuts or whatever…day to day life can give you unknowns…..

  2. Sue says:

    Thank Rock for answering my question. Which really opens up a lot more questions for my experience. I wonder if I am out of my body when I see the Paranormal glimpses that trigger me to remember them. Maybe all of us can leave our bodies but we are not far enough ahead in our development like you to know we were out of our bodies?

    You are just another example of my saying we all experience life differently and all abduction experiences are not the same but we have validation when we see the same characters even though the characters may be dressed up in suits to fool us in what we see.

  3. RockJohnAxe says:

    I have tried to interact with people while projecting as well as I have passed through people’s bodies. I do not see anything spiritual around people, like energy waves or anything like that. I personally don’t feel it is possible given my experiences, but that doesn’t mean it cannot happen.

    I have never felt any powers beyond flight and passing through objects. In fact while projecting I feel extremely ghost-like which actually feels very limiting. I have never been able to lift objects or move something. I do not appear in reflections. I have tried yelling at people too see if they would turn or notice something, without any luck.

    Aside from the Freedom of movement you feel very disconnected.

  4. Sue says:

    Wow what an amazing story which brings me to a question. I have read many accounts of ones who can leave their body and fly around. My question is do you think it is possible for one out of body able to enter a body of another person?

  5. RockJohnAxe says:

    It’s weird. When I first realize I am projecting, it feels like waking up from a dream. I suddenly am aware of my surroundings but I am not at home or in my bed. At that point I have full control of my actions and can move freely. I see other people moving about but can not interact with them. I have tried, but it’s a very ghost-like feeling, as if you just don’t exist. Flying and being able to move through solid objects is my favourite part about it. It is really quite exhilerating. The sky is always dark while it’s happening. I can tell it’s daytime but the sky seems extremely dark. I always sleep during the day so most of the time I project is during day light hours. It’s always interesting too watch people without them knowing.

    But it isn’t always fun. Like I said above, there is something that comes after me eventually. I find the further I travel from my body the faster it comes for me. This is why I often stay close to my body and around my area so I can enjoy the freedom for as long as possible. I have tried to travel far but when that creature starts coming I start to lose my ability to fly. I slowly float to the ground. This is a big warning sign for me that it’s coming. The creature has a different form most of the time but I have seen the same form many times too. I don’t know if there are different creatures or if its the same one. The creature looks like a shadow and has no real features except it’s evil Red eyes. His hands have 3 fingers and a thumb and look very long and edged, like long claws. Once it finds me it won’t stop trying to kill me until I awake, which happens randomly. I can never make myself wake up, it just happens when it happens. Which sometimes feels like hours I have to run from it. Although I can’t fly anymore, I can still jump very high and pass through objects which really helps in my escaping. The first times it happened I didn’t know what was happening and he almost got me, he grabbed hold of me and the pain was very intense. I never mess around with this thing because I don’t know what will happen if he gets me. The few times he has clawed me I awoke with throbbing pain that lasted for hours sometimes days, but there were no visible marks.

    When I do awake from projecting reality feels very weird. Like when I’m projecting is reality and what I am waking into is the dream. I can not fly, pass through objects or jump high. It is often very draining and I usually have an unusally low energy level afterwards.

  6. jooliebean says:

    Hi RockJohn. What is it like when you have astral projection events? I’ve always wondered about that kind of thing. Is it like a dream or more like an altered state of consciousness. I once had a dream where I flew. It was a really neat feeling. I just lifted up and glided, then came back down. That was a dream where there were some unusual guys handing out slips of paper with lat/long coordinates on them. People were instructed to be at that place (coordinates) on a certain day and time for “pick up”. Go figure, strange dream, huh.

    Anyway, what’s it like to astral project? Do you go to physical locations and see things, like remote viewing?

  7. RockJohnAxe says:

    I guess I’ll expand a bit further. It is difficult todo and requires the right conditions. There cannot be any background noises and the light level needs to be fairly low. I need to be next to the person and holding their hand or making physical contact helps alot. Normally I get the person to start talking about what they remember and to think about the event. I have had people where I couldn’t see anything, which I’m not sure what that means. The images I see aren’t from the eyes, but it’s what the brains conscious and subconscious gather. I have heard what beings have said when they spoke to the target with telepathy before, but rarely do the beings communicate with the abductee (from the experiences I’ve seen).

    Sometimes during everyday life I get images that pop into my head. I call them Mind Flashes. They are often premonitions of something that is about to happen around my location. This saved my life once as a kid and once a teenager.

    I also am able to travel in my dreams outside my body. Astral projection. Even today I find it difficult to control and often it just happens without me trying and when I do try, I often can’t do it. The one thing that is consistant when I project is there is something Evil that tends to start chasing me after awhile. It always takes a different form but It tries to kill me and I often spend what feels like hours running from it and trying to stay alive. Projecting has been fun because I can fly, although once the thing finds me and starts hunting me down I start to lose my ability to fly. Thankfully this has become a warning sign for me to know when it’s coming.

    When I was in High school one of my best friends claimed he was abducted and ended up taking his life over it. This is what really started my interest in Aliens and drove me to find and share the truth.

    I don’t publically share knowledge of what I can do because it causes alot of negative attention and has caused me real issues in the past. Normally I will only do it for closer people I know, or abductees from local support groups who I have come to know.

  8. RockJohnAxe says:

    Well for me it’s weird. I have never been abducted (that I know of). I have an ability to view peoples memories and thoughts. I have spent time with many abductees and gone over their experiences. The things I have seen really chilled me at first, so I fully understand how the person feels before, during and after an experience. This is probably one of the hardest things, because it’s like watching a Blurry movie. I sit on the sidelines bombarded with emotions and visions but I cannot do anything about what is happening. I can see things but they often lack detail, almost as if it was covered in a cloud or smoke. It varies from person to person the clarity of my images. It’s taken me over 20 years to get to this point in my abilities. I always feel crazy sharing this information but most people find it as hard to believe as abductions themselves. But it as something I have dealt with my entire life and something I constantly try to practice and improve upon.

  9. jooliebean says:

    Good discussion between Sue and Rockjohn, I’m enjoying it.

    I’ll be honest that I don’t think very many of us are really telling our whole entire stories of how we know we are abductees. We know we fit the criteria and we tell a few things but not everything. It’s scary to tell everything because of the fear that it sounds crazy. For instance, check this out.

    Recently I was taking a Saturday mid-afternoon nap in my darkened, shade-drawn living room. At some point point, I woke up and raised up partially and twisted around to see someone very dark in my living room. The being was short, about three feet tall, and as I looked at its eyes, it morphed sort of and I thought it was my cat sitting on a chair. I was bewildered and trying to focus as the being seemed like it became black and I said “kitty?”. Then I don’t know what happened next and right after that, what I saw was gone and I layed back down. I was now awake and confused but calm. I went back to sleep immediately and woke up a short time later to the sound of my bedroom door closing (it had been fully closed before I lay down). There also was no chair where I had thought it was my Siamese cat sitting on a chair.

    To me this sounds like a visitation and because I saw it and the emphasis was on the big black eyes as I looked at and the whole face and everything went black. It sounds like the Mindscan thing they do on you was done to me.

    If someone wants to debunk it I’m sure you can say I was having a waking dream of some type. I know I wasn’t.

    I would like for us on this website to be able to tell everything and have it be a safe place to do so without having to deal with debunkers. Maybe that is wishful thinking.

    Despite the fact that we’re all abductees, we do have different points of view. I tend to believe that the alien agenda is all about the hybrid breeding and population assimilation program with a timeline fitting around a possible earthly cataclysm (which may or may not happen). I believe the aliens are related to us physically and are from the way-off future. What they are doing is for them but will also aid us. This is why I choose to cooperate with the program. I used to be afraid but am no longer afraid. Ever since I’ve chosen to understand and cooperate, things have gotten much more interesting.

    RockJohn, since you decided to be cooperative–which I assume you are because of what you say, have you found things to be more interesting? Like, do you have more recall of your experiences?

  10. Sue says:

    RockJohnAxe I don’t believe I have anything more malicious over me than the other abductees. I have never seen another abductee share openly all the information I have with a story and photos to support my story. Common sense will tell you the Aliens do not want their existence known. The more you reveal about them the more they attack. I am pretty sure if I kept my mouth shut, deleted my website the attacks would be less severe.

    I am not a person that sees a wrong and sweeps it under the rug and pretends the wrong does not exist. I believe all wrongs can be solved and they cannot be solved if everyone keeps the secrets of the ones doing the wrong.

    I believe whoever created us created us perfect with free will and choice. I do not believe whoever created us made robots out of us. With this belief I feel like as a responsible adult who has not harmed anyone on earth I have a right to my own individuality, and my own personal space and all my life I have highly resented anyone who tried to take away my rights. I have had my body implanted more than once and there are entities who come through the walls of my house and invade my body so I will not stop revealing what I know until the problem has been solved.

    You stated above the Greys are just doing their job. No one has the right to come through the walls of my hose and put an Implant in my body that tracks my every move. I know the Greys do the Implants. With the first implant I was clearly shown a Grey implanted me. In the second implant I saw both the Greys and the small Black ones implanting me. In the third Implant I saw regular looking humans implanting me.

    I know my story is hard to believe because I can see more of the Paranormal than anyone I have ever researched. You cannot dismiss my story because I have seen the same paranormal ones as the other abductees. I documented everything I saw and to really make your story unbelievable all you have to do is throw in some religious figures like God and Jesus which I did. I decided when I started sharing my story I was not going to hide anything. Either you believe the story or you don’t. I have been ridiculed big time. My photographs have been highly critized because societal programming and control has been programmed to not believe.

    I do not believe God wrote the Bible. I believe the Bible was written to control. I don’t believe God wrote the Bible to control. The biggest and most powerful controllers are the Aliens. I believe they hate God and they have manipulated humans to think they are God when in fact they are missing something that they need in the human body. I do not know who this God is but I absolutely know something keeps saving me.

    If you have any questions RockJohn I would be glad to answer them, right here in this format.

  11. RockJohnAxe says:

    Sue I always feel so bad for you. You clearly have something malicious over you. Most of what I have experienced with the greys has been fairly positive. Have they taken genetic samples or caused some pain here and there, sure, but normally they are just doing a job and that’s that.

    In all the people I have worked with, I have never seen so many forces try to prevent something from happening. I wish I could talk to you at length sometime, I have many questions.

  12. Sue says:

    If you are an abductee you also are a paranormal viewer if you were able to see the ones who abducted you. Once this happens to you through societal programming you will think you are going crazy and a lot of abductees take their lives because they think they have gone crazy. I believe I can speak for the abductees in that we all seek validation. We want to meet and talk to other abductees to prove our sanity.

    After I was abducted I tried to go to a UFO group that held a meeting on the other side of town every month. The Aliens can read your mind they know what you are going to do before you do it. Every time I tried to go to that meeting I had something go wrong with my car. The first time I went out to get in my car I had a flat tire, the second time my battery was dead.

    I called a lady who I learned met with UFO abductees. I told her my story and she told me I was a Paranormal Viewer. I asked her what did the Abductees do at the Group. She said we all discussed our stories and decided what are how we relay our stories to the media. When she said this the telephone went dead as if the line had been cut. I tried to call her back and I could not get hold of her or she would not take my call.

    I called the UFO reporting center in Seattle and Peter Davenport took my story but I could tell he did not believe me and he was very anxious for me to get off the phone.

    I wrote a book and no editor would accept the book.

    As an Abductee you are all alone and your every thought is monitored if the abductors feel you are a threat to them. They do not want the Abductee to have validation, they do want the abductee to feel secure or even be happy.

    An Abductee has no one to turn to for support because the Aliens make sure there is no support. There are exceptions who have found support like the ones who were lucky enough to see Budd Hospkins or John Mack.

    As an Abductee the Aliens has programmed the world to think of us as mentally ill if we have a breakthrough and happen to see them. If an Abductee goes to see a medical doctor right away he will want to put you on mentally ill pills because that is what he or she has been trained to do. I know they are a lot of people who are seeing the paranormal because the ones taking pills for mental issues right now is at an all time high. This is why our health care is so high.

    They get away with abduction because of their control and programming of Earth. We have to change that. I like this site because we can all share our stories. All of us have different experiences but if we all see the same ones we have validation. This is why we should not judge others experiences because they are different from ours.

    I know there are ones who already have come here are will come here who spread disinformation. Pointing them out are disagreeing with them is of no use.

    I used to belong to MSN groups where I shared my abduction story and I had to deal with some really bad disinformation agents who did every thing in their power to try and discredit me. There were so many UFO Groups starting up the Aliens had to do something to shut us down so they set up all kinds of porno groups which made MSN shut down all the groups.

    I used to belong to Yahoo Chat groups in which there was a UFO Group and some really good religious chat groups. The UFO and religious chat groups were the most popular and were becoming huge. The Aliens did not like all that information sharing so you no longer can visit any of the Yahoo chat groups because they have all been taken over by Muslims speaking in a foreign language.

    What Abductees do not have is a forum in which we can all sit down and share our stories with enough validation that would prove the Aliens are doing the horrible things they do to us. Since we do not have that forum the Internet is the best thing we have. I think it is very important that we all share our stories and not be judgemental of others stories. Sharing should be encouraged. I know it is a good thing because I know it is exactly what the Aliens hate.

  13. christinaspirit says:

    to unknown
    If something did happen to you then you’ll get to remember more and more of it as the time passes.

    I have another idea of what might of have happened to you but in the end you are the one to judge it, so judge it wisely and with the heart. If something did happen and if your memories were blocked it does not mean you may not know of what has happened. I am not sure as to others but some of my encounters were blocked out of my conscious memory but yet i know of what happened during those lost hours. i feel it while images and dialogs are not being remembered. this feeling can give quite a lot of useful information.

    Now i am coming closer to what i wanted to say. It is also quite possible that you were or love in a close proximity with another abductee or maybe some or any of ur family member/s were involved in it and you just happened to be in the right place in the right time.

    sometimes experiences vary among family members. as per my family my mom and her sister saw a ” ship” in their garden when they were kids and they had witnessed many other sightings but their experiences did not go further than that, while in my case i am an abductee ( or whatever you like to call it. (there is just one thing to note abt me. i do nt think that i am a victim)

    i also had instances where i had a very strong emotional bond with some of the people i knew/know who were also abductees. because of that emotional bond i was able to see some of their experiences through their own eyes. I always knew to who those experiences belonged but to an untrained or unexperienced person i might be very difficult to differentiate btw above points

    I hope it’ll help you

  14. Unknown says:

    I dont remember much from when I was younger except that I always wanted to be alone and when I would go outside I would go to places where noone could see me. And yes my grandfather has had experiences with ufos and abductions. Also from as far back in my childhood as I remember, every time I would be alone or right before I would go to bed I would hear a strange ringing/humming sound. Not so sure if the childhood things have anything to do with aliens though.

  15. christinaspirit says:

    as to scars i do not know. i do not remember ever getting any of those. once i got a scar like a harry potter sign with 2 dots on one side and 1 on the other. it appeared on my hand out of nowhere in a matter of hours but i guess that was just allergy or some infection or whatever.

    u cn try going to hypnotherapist bt be careful coz if something did happen it may not be pleasant and it might make things difficult for you at school. even if you experiences something there is a high possibility that hypnotherapist may not be accepting towards existence of aliens and if nothing happend than it will take lots of weight from ur shoulders

  16. christinaspirit says:


    I am not saying that you haven’t any experiences anything but i am saying that you need to be a little bit more careful about movies you watch and books you read.

    When i started having my experiences i did not have a clue abt aliens. I was so blind that i did not see of what was happening and i kept on ignoring all of my memories just because aliens were not supposed to exist.

    I too did see grays while closing my eyes but it wasn’t them but my own self being paranoid and thinking too much about my experiences.

    Movies were known to make many impacts on us. Some have triggered memories forgotten, some made us paranoid when there was no reason to worry abt anything as such and some were know to blur our own experiences or to make our imagination very active.

    Sometimes our mind creates pictures in our head. pictures of things that bother you. those things maybe real us well as not. In terms of psychology this is known as flooding therapy in which the subject has to face fear stimuli in order to get over it. our brain does it to ourselves at times.

    why i am saying that you need to be careful abt information you are being exposed to is because if you really did see something you may call a trouble on yourself when nothing really happened.

    try not to watch any movies on topic nor to read books and then ask yourself abt your childhood. Did anything strange happen to you as a child or to ur family members at any point in their lives.

    on ur place i would not talk abt wt u have experiences as ppl can be very judgmental and it will only ruin you.

    Christina K.

  17. Sue says:

    After my abduction my dreams changed. I started seeing ones I did not know. I started getting glimpses of them and every time I would try to remember every thing they would make me forget. If all of us abductees are seeing the same ones in our dreams than you can’t dismiss the dreams as not being real. I saw a world in which the people floated and in my research others have seen the same ones.

    Every night when I lay my head down on the pillow I hear them coming into my bedroom. I hear their energy that clicks when they enter the room. I can smell them and the smells are always horrid. If you read the abduction experiences here almost all the abductees see the Aliens in their bedrooms, almost everyone has experienced sleep paralaysis since every thing seems to be happening in our bedrooms I would not be so quick to dismiss dreams as Rem sleep or whatever the professionals who have a lot to learn call our sleep.

    I document all my dreams and before I saw family or friends in my dreams or I dreamed of something that the television or radio triggered before I went to bed. After I was abducted everything changed. I started seeing strange places that do not exist on Earth and I started seeing strange people. I started having scenarios in which men were trying to trick me into having sex with them. I started having a lot of experiences in my dreams of water in which I drowned and was revived. I was thrown into a flooded muddy river, I was pushed down into the water until I drowned. I was made to crawl through a mountain hole that was not big enough for me to turn around and when I got to the other end a man who I instantly did not like told me I was not wanted there .

    All my life before I was abducted I was terrified of water and I could not swim. One day at the pool I just automatically started swimming and I was not afraid of the deep end.

    I was taken to Tucson, Arizona by ones who looked human and there I met a really small woman who looked like she was ancient and I was told she had my DNA.

    Whitley Strieber wrote in one of his books he had been to Mars. I read about it after I had an experience of being on Mars. A man was showing me a huge canal of water on Mars before the probes knew there was water there.

    The Aliens took me to outer space to a place where the stars were forming or the beginning or the end. I saw the stars before Hubble sent back the pictures of them.

    I am a big Nascar fan and I loved Dale Earnhardt. Two weeks before he was killed I saw 3 small white crosses in my dream and his uniform was laying across the crosses. Dale’s number was number 3.

    I was born by a huge mountain range and the same tall man that showed me Mars was with me standing before the mountain range and it was a few days before Christmas. I said to the man ” look there is a UFO circling the ridge.” He said nothing. Within a few minutes every tree in the huge mountain range lit up with Christmas lights on them.

    Before 911 I kept getting bad dreams about New York and I remember one dream told me an big earthquake was going to hit New York. I also had another dream in which I saw tall men with long hair and long coats hiding a huge jet airliner in a National Forest that looked just like the one that hit the World Trade Center. I also got a lot of dreams about the Tsunami that hit Indonesia.

    I have had all kinds of dreams which indicate to me the Aliens live right here on Earth in some of them live in our National Forests and the only way you can get to their houses is by aircraft.

    This is just a small example of my dreams. My point is I never had dreams of this magnitude until after I was abducted.

    No one should judge another’s abduction experience because all of us have different experiences and no one knows the dreams of others only the ones having the dreams knows just like the abduction experience. I believe everyone should keep an open mind without being judgemental of others experiences or others dreams. I hate to come off sounding mean and hateful but I have had my experiences with professionals and they ended up making me angry and they have a whole lot to learn.

  18. giles says:

    I agree with John here, I often have odd dreams that seem very real and since my experiences they often take the form of Extra-terrestrial events. I had dreams of this nature for a few years but dismissed them, and it wasn’t until my partner (whom I had never discussed this with) woke up one night after I had an experience and told me she had seen a being in the room and it told her not to worry it was there for me not her. Now like john says, many dreams are just that, they have no grounding in reality other than they are a carry over of the subconscious when in REM sleep. This does not mean you havent experienced anything it just means you must be cautious about getting carried away with flights of fancy. Its really important to stay grounded and view everything objectively.


  19. Unknown says:

    besides that strange dream, just about every other dream I have had since then which involved abductions and ufos, I wasnt the abductee most of the time. I just woke up and the dream I had last night involved the world being overtaken by aliens and ufos were everywhere . One of my cousins were there with me and we just stared at the ufos in shock. Then one came above us and a greenish beam shot down on her and pulled her up. That ufo took off with her. It didnt bring her back for another 2 hours. When she returned I woke up. I dont remember what happened during the time she was gone.

  20. RockJohnAxe says:

    Dreams can be very powerful and sometimes extremely realistic. Dreams need to be looked at objectively. Often times your mind will dream things it was recently thinking about, which in this case could cause aliens to appear in your dreams.

    I just awoke from my sleep a few minutes ago and I had a dream. I was in some earthly place, I have no idea where. There were dozens of humans around. It was some kind of camp, they were training us to fight with swords. At one point I was lieing in bed with 2 others and I was trying to read a comic book (i don’t know which comic), but I got in an arguement with one of them because she got mad I kept trying to use her Pillow to lean against so she and the other stormed off. I remember other beds in the room. Afterwards I went into a sort of kitchen and talked with one of the teachers for awhile. eventually I left to go back to bed, but just as I was getting into Bed the teacher came into my room and told me a few more things. Then I went to bed in my dream and woke up in reality.

    What does a dream like this mean? Probably nothing, but we have to look at it objectively. Not all dreams are a reality even if they can feel so real.

  21. giles says:

    Keep a diary, it will clear a lot of stuff up for you, if you are being visited you will begin to see some sort of pattern in either your dreams or the periods of “strangeness”

  22. Unknown says:

    Ugh I mean ufos

  23. Unknown says:

    The triangle ships*?

  24. Unknown says:

    The dream was actually a dream and weird enough, the ufo that landed in the dream wasnt a triangle, I just saw that one in the sky. (i have a sister that saw the ufo with me) Yeah I know the fourth kind isnt true. I didnt think anything of it but I randomly got an urge to look at the stars. I still dont think anything of the movie. Yeah I know I have an overactive imagination. I used to believe that greys were the only type of alien. I didnt know of any others and what they looked like. Also im not the rough type. I did go to bed and wake up the next day with a weird cut on me.
    The only thing that I never mentioned was when I woke up with my nose bleeding and blood all over my pillow.
    Im happy that you believe I wasnt abducted but my dreams will always haunt me. That was the only dream that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Oh and which type of aliens fly

  25. RockJohnAxe says:

    Firstly, the movie the Fourth kind is not real. They’re supposed “Archival footage” is all fake. Abigail tyler does not exist and the story is fiction loosely based on claims for around the world.

    Secondly, none of what you have described really fits with the standard abduction experience. UFO’s don’t land, especially for abductions and in the day light hours. The Triangle UFO you saw is curious, but the fact it happened while watching the “Fourth kind” makes me skeptical. Also the triangle UFOs are not flown by the Greys which is what you claim to have experienced.

    You sound alot like me at that age. I have a very strong imagination, so much that i can visually see many things which aren’t actually there. I often see Greys inside my mind but it is nothing more than an imagine I created. The darkness at night is a world of mystery which can often cause our mind to go wild with every corner turned, but after turning the corners for years and years and knowing nothing is there, i still feel like maybe next, will be different.

    As for the scars, you are 15. Often playing rough, outside, with toys and friends and with little thought of such trivial things as a small cut. These things happen and often aren’t noticed until something triggers you to frantically examine every inch of your body.

    I assure you, marks left by the greys are quite different in appearance than your average cut or scrape. If you have more information to share feel free, but as of now, I feel you are in the clear.

    One final note, you have no reason to fear. Aliens do exist, they do abduct people on a daily basis and return them home relatively unharmed. There is no reason torturing yourself daily for something you probably will never witness first hand.

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