Hello All,

I’m so pleased I’ve found this forum; My name is Mia and I’m a casting producer for a documentary TV series (filming soon) about alien abductions. In my research I’ve yet to stumble upon a group that seems as devoted as this, so I’ll try to be brief, and I deeply appreciate your time.

Essentially my team is working on a project, a series that will air on a reputable, major cable network (not legally allowed to disclose which, yet) — wherein we explore alien abductions, and allow individuals an avenue to tell their stories or explain their experiences. We’ve found that the majority of abduction portrayals in mass media today are more … sensationalized, and we want to create an objective show that basically attempts to unpack things we can’t otherwise explain.

If you’ve experienced contact, an abduction, have witnessed UFOs or other extra terrestrial beings, and you’re interested, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. We would have a brief phone discussion and could move on from there. If you participate in the show you would be compensated for your contribution.

You might be able to contact me via this forum, but a more direct route would be email:

Thank you, thank you, for reading this, and I eagerly await hearing from you!



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  1. jooliebean says:

    Is it possible to participate yet remain anonymous?

  2. christinaspirit says:


    I guess i sent you en e-mail with a detailed timeline of some of my encounters and I wondered if you have received it.

    Anyways that’s not what i wanted to write about . If your documentary is to be successful or if you did any useful work before on the subject i would love to volunteer to translate it to Russian language. I guess that’s its not such a bad idea after all, since very less useful information on the subject was translated to Russian speaking people who are being very misinformed from whatever i have seen in past 5 years.

    my mail is:

  3. RockJohnAxe says:

    I agree giles, I think you might of mistook what I meant. Sharing our experiences, knowledge, discoveries or theories is the best possible thing we can do, so we as a race can move forward.

    I myself doubt I have been directly abducted. But I have a weird ability to visualize peoples experiences in my mind. Through discussions with abtuctees I am able to relive some of their experiences which makes me feel almost as if I have been abducted.

    I feel that is almost as hard for people to believe as abductions themselves.

  4. castpro says:

    Thank you both for posting back to me!

    RockJohnAxe, I completely understand what you’re saying and where you’re coming from. To clarify, the show itself has no agenda in terms of … anything, other than getting people’s stories out there. Still, every individual I’ve spoken with so far certainly has one opinion or another, and the stances differ, as they’ve all had unique encounters, etc. If you think you might want to be involved, but aren’t sure, I’d be happy to talk to you on the phone, and we could go from there? Entirely up to you. Another thing you might consider is whether you know someone that might be interested in doing a project like this? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts, which we could also discuss in confidence on the phone. I appreciate your well wishes regardless!

    giles: I”ll be in touch with you soon, and I thank you for your prompt and generous reply!

  5. giles says:

    I would be happy to discuss my experiences and I have no interest in compensation, the most important thing is to get this information out there. RockJohnAxe, I really think its time to share everything that people have experienced, from simple observations of craft to close encounters etc. My story is not as complex as yours or many others, I have seen lights in the sky and witnessed beings in my room. I have no physical evidence nor have I been given information, it has changed me profoundly though. The flow of information is vital for all of us, I think we are capable of taking what we want from these discussions and wont get carried away? If anyone wishes to contact me please use my email address:

    Much respect

  6. RockJohnAxe says:

    Your the second one to come on here about a documentary.

    I’ve learned so much through my experiences. The only questions I have now are far beyond the scope of mankind.

    I am interested but fear I know too much which takes out most of the objectiveness of your approach.

    Good luck on your project.

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