What do you all think regarding implants?  What’ve been your experiences and how many implants do you think you have and why?  Have you ever noticed any type of sensation or heard any tones which you’ve attributed to your implant?  Please be open and say what you really think here.  This is a safe environment.

I’ve done a lot of reading about this topic and I’ve read where people say they have one in their head which causes either a tone, ringing or buzzing sound just before an abduction.  Others have a small hard lump under a scoop-shaped scar and still others don’t notice their implants but have found that when they move from one residence to another, it doesn’t take long before the Beings find their new location.

I also wonder if the Beings come to take someone from their home for an abduction but that person isn’t home, so then what do they do to fill that time?  Do they troll around looking for other implanted people out and about or do they go and see someone else on their list?

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  1. vannilla says:

    i have an iimplant in my right arm the size of a bb

  2. hyundisonata says:

    I have yet to see a so called implant that is not a piece of glass or a splinter, I removed my implant well it was actually my dentist , it was built into my tooth with carbon fiber wires going down into my jaw, the wires were of different colors just as we would use but microscopic. I asked the dentist at the time what it was but he had not a clue. Anyway I took the tooth home and put it under a microscope and it had circuits. I tried to photograph it but any time I zoomed in the picture would blur so I took it to a professional photographer and after trying for days he had the same problem. The only reason I found this implant was due to my filming a UFO landing site, at the time of filming both cameras that were new stopped working and never worked again. It was after that my teeth started to go black overnight and I lost most of my teeth hence why I found the implant. I have a suspicion I have one in my arm that has traveled from my wrist and is now lodged in my elbow causing pain. I might also have the possibility of one in my brain as I have a half inch hole cut into my fore head with what seems like a small horn about quarter of an inch high. When I ask my GP about this he just looked and said it is nothing to worry about. I am a long term abductee although I cannot recall being abducted in my sleep as my abductions have always been while working, driving or outdoor activities normally well witnessed. Alas this was removed from my home along with photos and all my evidence relating to ET. It is not just ET that is the problem but the government agencies that are intent on keeping ET from the general public.
    this is the only photo they missed although it has nothing of real interest apart from it gives you an idea of the wires, I should have the whole thing on video tape hidden away some were.

  3. christinaspirit says:

    guys found something interesting by mistake on net under heading warning 08.wonder wt u think abt it

    You can now scan for implants with a homemade implant detector, a Sony Walkman. If you think you have an active implant in your body, just set a Walkman to AM band between stations and pass it over your body. When it gets close to an implant the static it generates on the headphones will almost blow out your eardrums. It is just like using a Geiger counter to detect radioactivity. Another interesting piece of information I found out is that some implantees will burn out a digital watch in two weeks or less. Their implants put out so much power it fries the electronics in the watch.

    Three abductees I know can burn out a street light if they get too close, so what chance does a puny digital watch have? Also we found that some implantees get cold hands and feet, mostly at night when the implants seem to be more active. The implants are draining energy right out of the abductee’s bodies to power themselves. An abductee who wanted to be called Windi has a body temperature that runs at 97.7 degrees. When she is sick it drops to 96.

    The implant’s locator signal and telemetry has to be able to reach out far enough so that the Grays can monitor the abductee’s condition and location. The signal they transmit has to carry a long way. So the abductee’s body acts as an electrochemical battery to power the implant. Windi told me when she used an electric blanket overnight to try to bring her body temperature up, she felt sick and drained of energy in the morning. I suggested she stop using the electric blanket and get a heat reflective Space Blanket. I told her electric blankets were known to create an electromagnetic field that could cause health problems.

    Windi bought five Space Blankets, one for each bed in her home. Windi noticed that if she put her hands under the Space Blanket they started to tingle painfully. As soon as she took her hands out from under the blanket, the tingling ceased. She asked me why that was happening. I looked up the technical specifications on the Space Blanket and found it was not only heat reflective but it was radar reflective, like aluminum chaff.

    According to the manufacturer it is made from Kelvatherm, a supersoft insulating material, it comprises a unique sandwich. It is a four-ply laminate of clear polyethylene film, a precise vacuum deposition of pure aluminum, a special reinforcing fabric and a layer of colored polyethylene film.

    Constructed with heat reflecting surfaces on both sides, it is 100% radar reflective. It was apparently reflecting her implant’s signal right back into the implant, causing feedback from the signal’s energy to overflow back into Windi’s nervous system. How’s that for some basic research? We may have hit on a way to mask out the implant signal from reaching out to the Gray’s receivers. Maybe those wackos who wear aluminum foil hats to prevent abduction had something after all. If you are an abductee, you may also want to experiment with some Nylostat sheets. They absorb “static” electricity like a sponge.

    I would like to find out if they will absorb the “static” the implants put out without reflecting it back into the implantee. In case you did not know, there is a website selling caps made out of Nylostat and it claims they will stop abductions. If the implant signal won’t get through the Nylostat, they may have a cure there. Nylostat floor mats are used to absorb static electricity in computer rooms. The mat must have a wire run from it to a ground to dispose of the accumulated charge.

    For clothing, maybe it can feed the charge into a capacitor, or else you would need a very long ground wire for that drive to work. If we get a chance in the near future, I’d like to try having abductees sleep sandwiched between Nylostat sheets, which are covered by Space Blankets on top and bottom. It might make them invisible to the alien’s locator equipment.

    From talking to abductees like Windi, I have found that their implants will become active during the day if they are frightened, very sick, or under a lot of stress at home or work. If the abductee then touches you, even on a warm humid day, they will give you a strong static electrical shock.

    They can burn out computer keyboards, and in Windi’s case, the electronics of a gas pump at a filling station. Windi put out such a strong implant signal one time that her computer monitor built up a huge static charge. In a flash, from the monitor came a large electric charge, hitting her in the face and going through her arm and out her hand. From that moment on, she began getting shocks from anything grounded, and in turn giving shocks to everyone around her.

    Following this event, she had many days when she experienced “missing time.” The only good thing about implants is that the military can monitor their transmission frequencies, and if the locator transponder part comes on, (to help the Grays locate an abductee for another abduction), the military can send out a few black helicopters to monitor the situation, if you are close to a black helicopter base. They make sure it is just a routine abduction and not the start of a major harvest.

    Windi and another abductee have come in contact with another type of implant that is cause for much concern.

    Both she and her friend have been attacked by moths and mosquitoes that were actually little flying implants that penetrated their bodies. One flew up Windi’s nose. She said she felt the thing came looking for the other implants. It called to them two times before it was answered. After it made contact with the implant in her sinus cavity, the implant shook like a car motor off its motor mounts.

    She said we are in the middle of a massive unseen and unnoticed invasion. The other abductee I know came into contact with the insect-like implants long ago when she was a child and was afraid when they swarmed around her, then finally accepted the fact that they weren’t real insects attacking her but were something else.

    Here is the really scary part. The insect-like implants can go through solid walls, just like the aliens do when they abduct someone. Windi has had the flying implants show up and swarm around her inside her locked up house in the dead of winter.

    Where she lives in Arizona, they don’t even have mosquitoes in the summer. She has grabbed some of them out of the air and they turn to liquid in her hand. If they land on her they are absorbed through her skin. A friend of hers was visiting at her house one day and grabbed a large moth out of the air. When he opened his hand it was gone without a trace. It probably penetrated his body and coalesced into a functioning implant.

    Windi said he has recently had vivid dreams of waking up on a spacecraft and being examined and prodded. He is a Native American of the Apache tribe and is not frightened by this, as his tribe and all other North American tribes have old legends that say they were brought here from another world, and will all be collected some day and taken elsewhere. The bottom line here is that some means must be found to neutralize these flying insect-like implants.

    The problem in finding a way to neutralize them is that even multiple abductees only encountered them on a sporadic basis. Windi was able to stop all visits from the aliens themselves for six months by keeping an ultrasonic insect repellent plugged into the wall in her kitchen. Then the Grays started up their routine abductions again. There are two possibilities for why it worked to keep them away.

    They may have detected the ultrasonic emission before entering her house and thought there was some electronic trap or weapon functioning, and then stayed away till they could modify it, disable it, or screen against it. The sound emitted by the device may have repelled the Grays as they are insect-like and the device is designed to repel insects.

    The second possibility is they may not have been using a time dilation machine in the past when they abducted Windi and it took them six months to get a portable unit to neutralize the effects of the ultrasonic repeller by slowing down time when they entered her house. I suspect this may be the case, as Windi cannot remember any of her recent abductions.

    That is a sign they are slowing time, which would automatically neutralize her nervous system. She knows she has been abducted though, as she will wake up sore and tired, as if she went through an ordeal instead of sleeping. So sound waves may have an effect on the flying implants. If they were used more often we could experiment with different ways to neutralize them. I think certain radio frequencies might disrupt them.

    Maybe someone in the military or government will be nice enough to leak the information on how to disable them. Otherwise if the aliens flooded the country with the flying attack implants, they could gain control of all of us (including the military). HAARP might protect against incursion from above, but the attacking implants could come from below (like underground bases).

    I had Windi the abductee do several experiments with her Space Blankets to see if we could muffle the output signals of her implants. We discovered something very interesting. She slept on the bottom bed of a bunk bed she had in her house and draped the space blankets all around the lower bed like curtains. She had one Space Blanket under and another one over her. She was fully encased.

    It must have kept the implant from being in contact with its home base receiver. She said the implant tried to call it every fifteen minutes. After a few hours it gave up and shut itself down. Windi said she was elated the next day because her headache was gone and her body temperature was returning to normal. Her body temperature was 96.6 after a hot shower.

    By evening it had risen to 98.3 degrees. By the following day it was up to 98.9. I told her it seemed like her immune system was coming back on-line. The third day her temperature was at 98.4 and she said she was feeling all of her strength returning. She said for two years her temperature never went above 97.7. She always felt drained and in pain, but now it had stopped.

    The implants drain energy from the body to operate. That was the reason for the low body temperature. It was draining energy directly from her nerves. That’s probably why she hurt so badly. Your nervous system is an electrochemical wiring system. Nervous energy travels at 400 feet per second, not at the speed of light like electric wiring, but electrical energy is released.

  4. RockJohnAxe says:

    From what I have seen, they seem to have a form of database that stores the abductee information. I don’t know any details of what information they store, but I know it is stored.

    When an abduction takes place, they know the person is there and they know when the time to “strike” is. There is no guess work in it, it is very calculated.

    My theory is there is a list of potential candidates per night and they view which will be available under a certain criteria. Keep in mind the world operates in different time zones, so they are able to commit several abductions in the usual 2-4 am window, but several times throughout the night due to the change in time zones.

    As for implants, they are found with a tissue like coating surrounding the implant and average the size of a grain of rice. There has been alot of research done regarding implants by Dr. Roger Leir, who has found some very interesting things.

    His research can be viewed on his website,

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