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I have always believed in the paranormal-ghosts/spirits etc and i have always suspected that aliens do exist and even visit earth but for some reason i have always taken alien abduction “stories” with a pinch of salt so to speak. However there have been some odd incidences lately that i had until now attributed to a spirit of some kind. ( I have experienced paranormal things from a very young age such as items moving etc).  Lately there has been a lot of this but what is alarming me is that i do not think its spirits after all after a couple of incidents regarding my young daughter who has only just turned 7 years old. For the last few months she has become very scared of the dark. Even though she now sleeps in our bedroom it has not stopped her being scared. She  is very anxious about everything, household security, me being late to pick her up from school etc. I was worried she was depressed about something. The other night she showed me and her dad a drawing. It was a star and very inticrately drawn. Around it she had drawn two other planets. I asked her what it was and she told me that at the top of the star were the aliens, to the right was the bad planet and at the bottom was earth. “The bad aliens are going to the bad planet and then they are coming for us.” I asked her if they had been talking about aliens at school and she said ” no i was looking at the sky and the voice in my head told me”. We were a bit taken aback and i put the drawing in my top drawer. We didnt think too much more of it but Last night she again kept calling out to me saying she was scared. I kept telling her there was nothing to be frightened of but she insisted that there was someone standing in front of the bedroom door and that the “dust was lit up red”. this morning i asked her all about it and she told me there had been a loud noise like the sort of thing a road sweeper lorry makes. and a woman she described as a witch. she was old with a green face and black hair. I asked her how she had a green face as it was so dark at night and she said it was because she was lit up with the small red lights that were also over her. Normally i would of assumed this was a nightmare but after seeing that drawing  a  lot of my daughters fears now seem to make sense. Is 7 too young for this. Could it be an over active imagination. I just dont think it is. After reading some of these posts im astounded by some similarities to her experience. This is 100% geniune and i would really appreciate some advice. Sorry for rambling on a bit.

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  1. RockJohnAxe says:

    Alot of good advice above. I agree with them. All you can do at this point is play everything by ear. I used to think Spirits and aliens were a very separate thing, but I have slowly been seeing the spiritual connection extra-terrestrial beings also share.

    Abductions follow family blood lines. Abductions often happen on an in-frequent basis, but this varies for some.

    Something is supposedly going to happen in the near future that will dramatically affect the human race. The approximated time line is 1-20 years.

  2. nickys says:

    Thank you so much to everyone who replied to my post. Jooliebean, thank you for your advice and kind words. I assume that your son was not harmed in anyway? I looked up the eerie strange noises from the sky videos that Sue mentioned. How strange that there has been no media coverage of this here in the UK even though one of the video locations was in England. I do agree that it feels like something big is about to happen. My daughter has been fine over the last couple of days and slept well. (in our room still). There have been no more loud bangs in the house during the night either. It’s a case of wait and see what happens i guess. Thank you once again and best wishes to you all.

  3. Sue says:

    I can’t help but think there is something big going on right now and the little girl is picking up on it. People are posting videos of really strange sounds coming from the sky right now. My glimpses are showing me that I am involved with some really bad characters right now. They do not look Alien at all. They look like really mean and hateful humans. I suspect this is the year we are going to see some really big changes regarding the Alien issue. Just remember children and animals can see more of the paranormal than humans .

    Thanks for sharing with us Nicky and just keep reminding your daughter there is nothing to be afraid of. You seem like you have a good open relationship with her.

  4. jooliebean says:

    I should add to the above, I don’t recommend you tell your daughter aliens are abducting her, obviously. You’ll probably want to tell her she’s having bad dreams. But you will know the truth and that will help you help her better.

  5. jooliebean says:

    You are to be commended for believing your daughter is truly experiencing something out of the ordinary. I believe we do our children a disservice when we automatically disbelieve their stories, only to find out years or decades later that this is when the abductions started for that child.

    Example: My 35-year old son told me he woke up once when he was about 6 years old with Grays surrounding his bed. They stood there quietly and his terror soon turned to a feeling of total peace and bliss. Later, much later, when he became an adult and had more events and we learned more, we found out that he was an “experiencer”, as abductees are now commonly called. But when he initially told me about it as a child, do you think I believed him? No, really, I didn’t, I thought he was having a bad dream. I was wrong.

    Now one of my granddaughters is terrified because a ghost with scary eyes comes out of her closet at night sometimes. I told my daughter (the mother) she is probably an experiencer too, since we know it runs through bloodlines in families, the children and grandchildren of experiencers are usually taken themselves.

    I recommend you read “Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions” by David Jacobs. This is an extremely credible book loaded with facts which will describe how adults and children can be impacted by abductions.

    As a parent, you will want to know as much as possible. For now, continue parenting your child with love and understanding, as you have been and find out as much as you can about the abduction phenomena. Then take it from there. You can order the book I referenced above over Amazon and read it straight from your computer if you want to start reading it right away.

    Hugs to you and don’t lose hope. What we have found is that the Grays (aliens) are trying to keep their activities a secret, so eventually, as they learn more about your child, they’ll be able to abduct her without her knowing it. She will soon forget the fears she’s having now. She’ll have the occasional experience that comes to consciousness in bits and pieces but mostly not. What’s happening now won’t last forever.

    From what you tell of your daughter and what I’ve read of children’s stories of abductions, your daughter strongly appears to be an experiencer.

  6. christinaspirit says:

    To Nicole,

    I would agree with Giles that nobody here can tell you of what is really going on. It all looks 50/50 to us from this point of view.

    Whatever it is that is going on with your daughter just try to be understanding. If something is happening later on she will appreciate all of the support.

    Without giving any suggestions try to ask her if any of her friends had experienced the same or similar. It might be that she’s gotten idea from an outside source but be very careful on that one.

    When you ask her questions about whatever she is hearing, seeing or whatever it is do not lead her into any suggestions coz kids are very fantasy prone at such a young age. they tend to believe at things that are not necessary real only because somebody led them to it an then whatever it is ur looking at maybe mixed with the new spam information which will make ur search for truth more complicated.

    christina k.

  7. nickys says:

    Thank you for replying. Since writing before i have been looking up the experience she had. Apparently seeing a witch figure is a symptom of sleep paralysis so it is possible the recent events are just a very strange coincidence although it doesnt explain the other “bumps in the night ” we have all been experiencing or the weird lights she saw. As you have mentioned, i have not prompted her on anything more in regards to this subject although on looking at another picture of the star she has drawn (bigger but not so detailed) which i found in her now unslept in room i did ask her what the drawings were around the star/craft? and if that was the colour of the star. (She had coloured it in black.) She said that the star was actually blue and white but she didnt have a blue pencil to hand.The shapes around it were flags. I said oh thats unusual for a star to have flags on it. She replied that the flags were not on the star but were where the star landed. Ive been giving some thought to that and the only place that i can think of with flags (apart from here obviously) is the moon. Anyway i am going to try and switch off from it now. I know it doesnt seem much but i know my daughter and know the way she is lately is out of character for her. I dont think she has ever seen an alien film. I will wait to see if there are any other unusual episodes.
    Many thanks once again for replying. It means a lot as i cant really talk to my family/friends, they would think i was completely mad.
    Kind regards,

  8. giles says:


    I would just monitor the situation and gather as much information you can without prompting your daughter. It is very difficult to understand how a childs mind processes such information, also it is often difficult for the child to communicate that information back to us. I mean I find it difficult enough to process my own experiences, I can only imagine how difficult it could be for a child. I don’t think anyone here will tell you your daughter doesnt have experiences but they wont tell you she is either. There is just the possibility, and that is all any of have, that and our own beliefs. Don’t worry about your daughter at the moment, keep her close and keep her safe and make sure she is comfortable to discuss these things as they arise, dont make her feel uncomfortable about it. Perhaps someone else here will have better advice? My belief is we are not to be afraid, what will be will be. We are all essentially children and perhaps one day our eyes will be opened? I wonder what the bad planet is, people talk about Nibiru/planet x but these discussions are even more subjective than our experiences here, so I wouldnt put to much emphasis on it.

    Not much help I know, sorry.


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