Abductee support webinar Sun Jan 29

Dear all,

I wrote a book on the subject and authored few videos on related subjects. Join me for a free alien abductee support webinar Jan 29, 6 pm New York time. (click for your time zone).  Both abductees and supporters from any continent are welcome. This will be an open discussion, I will share my understanding why aliens are abducting humans and we will discuss your stories. The idea is to have a discussion in a friendly environment. I will be broadcasting my webcam and computer screen and talking to you via a conference call. If needed, I will show relevant web pages via the webinar web page. You can participate under a nickname or real name by a phone or Skype. You have to be able to talk, just listening is not enough.

The webinar will be recorded and published, so others could learn. You don’t have to tell everything, just chatting in sufficient. Let me know if you need technical help for setting up Skype. If you like to appear with your webcam, that would be great too.

If you email me your story in advance, I will prepare and this way might serve you better.

Please register for the webinar here.

Find my info, videos and email at http://maxsteinberg.com.

I am not affiliated yet with any organization, but am a member of relevant public groups. I am running a small support group in my town and my main motivation is to be of service and to facilitate public education about the abductions and the aliens.

Kindest regadrds,


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I wrote a book and authored few videos on the subject and related subjects
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