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It was in the afternoon when I was around 4 maybe 5…I was taking a nap with my mom. I awoke to this long necked elderly looking wrinklely greyish green beedie eyed head staring…not just any stare but a cold no emotion stare…I was scared to death! I remember the room being extra bright like no other sun I seen before! I shook my mother to wake her,and she was in a position flat on her back arms to her side and she wouldn’t even flinch an eye. It was like she was in a coma state. When I couldn’t wake her I crawled under my covers hoping it would go away. Thats it….I have missing time as well, I believe from that time on. Later as the years past I had pain in my right ankle that eventually swelled that no regular doctor could explain so my mother and step dad took me to a specialist. They took x-rays…they said if I hadn’t come withing another 6 months I would have lost my leg! I had what they called a staff Aurois in my bone with brodies abcsess. I remember my parents calling it a worm in my bone .The doctors loaded me up with heavy antibiotics had tubes running through my ankle to flush the infection out.Two buckets of poison came out of my body. I was in the hospital at 14 yrs. old with this for 3 weeks! Looking over what I could save of the doctors notes which I stll have as I recently went through the wringer getting them because it was so long ago, it states how this 14 yr. old came into the office with leg pain and swelling from no prior injury and other stuff….My doctors say it is rare and I may never know if it was from aliens or something else. I also remember the Dr. asking my parents if I’ve ever left the country? Which well to our knowledge I hadn’t maybe the universe but not the country! Anyway thats part of what I’m working on to get more answers…Today at time I feel like I have this sick sense when someone or should I say something other than human comes through my line as I work in retail….It’s like they know I know and we sense each other Weird I know! It is weird at time beyond my human intellect but it is there and I need feedback I need to be heard and not looked at like some nut case. Thanks for your time ,Sincerely Robin

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Hello , my name is Robin and I am a recovering person of alot of things really....On a journey quest to find ME. Hope you can join me in my journey. All experiances will be revealed in time. Thank You and happy New Year! end of 2009!
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  1. Robbygirl2009 says:

    Alien types? UFO casebook Files
    Okay people, Aliens ,Pledians ,Hybrids alike Tell me what you think on this particular studie from the above address as my past councelor gave me…
    Alien Type 1 The Greys
    On this type ther are several sub-types. All tend to appear greyish in color and for this reason are referred to as greys.
    Gey Type A
    This is the type most commomly referrred to as greys.Also known as Zeta Reiculi from the Zeta reticulan star system( the Berard star) neighboring the Orian area. They function in a mode that is military in nature with rigidlly defined social structure that holds science and “conquering worlds” to be the prime movers.They are normally 4.5FT tall with large heads and black “wrap around eyes. Limited facial features, slit mouth and no nose to speak of. They have evolved beyond the need for reproductive systems or digestive systems and reproduce by cloning.Their genetics are partly based on insectoidal genetics.They are carnivorous in regaurds for humans. they are trying to create a mixed breed Orange class of Greys. Emotionless.They extract fluidfrom some part of the human brain during intense emotional fear and are able to use it as get this a recreational drug! The greys are servants to a master race of reptilian-type alienswho are trying to prepare the earth for there arrival by gaining CONTROL over the earth through ANY means.There best known bases are New mexico and Nevada but are also known to have bases in MANY countries of OUR World. let me know what you think of this before I go on to the rest I wish I had a scanner! lol Peace B with us all…

  2. the enlighted one says:

    The greys may appear to be without emotion, because they convey much of their emotion telepathically rather than through facial expressions. There is information that all who are abducted have agreed to participate in the experiments prior to reincarnation. As part of their experiments, the greys may induce tumors, worms or other things to the body, not to cause harm, but to seek knowledge. Every tumor or other object is removed before it can cause serious harm to the body. These experiments are needed to complete the different tasks and operations that the greys are working on. They are planning to give us a new, enhanced body as a result of the spiritual enhancement due to New Age. They are also preparing a new Earth to which select individuals will be given opportunity to relocate, either physically in a space-ship or through reincarnation. To do this they must, among other things study the microorganisms present on this planet. Under normal conditions, higher and lower lifeforms such as mammals and bacteria/viruses would be able to live in harmony. So is not always the case on Earth, and that is because Earth was given incompatible DNA through a meteorite during a sensitive phase of it’s evolution.

  3. elf says:

    Hello Robbygirl:
    I can definitely relate to what you are saying. No, you are not a footloop, you are good. I re-read your experience, and it allows me to see that you are a Contactee/Abductee. You are one of the chosen ones who has been given a task to complete, what that task is I do not know. Just know this you are not alone for there are many humans like you and I and my husband, who have had contact with other life forms not of this planet, and perhaps not of this dimension. Have you been able to remember any other abductions? I understand this one was frightening as the first few truly are, but can you remember any pleasant experiences with them?


  4. elf says:

    What an experience. I can relate when you say you feel others who share a commoness with you.

    It is a different feeling.

    Welcome Robbygirl


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