I just wanted to add that I know for a fact that I don’t belong here, I have always had this feeling inside of me. I do believe that I am an old soul sort a speak. I have a feeling or a hypothesis as to where these feelings and revelations come from, but I have no definitive proof……yet.

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I am thirty-six, I don't have any memories of being abducted, but I do have physic abilities, I do have feelings of being "special" and I do have knowledge that I don't know where it comes from, I also have a very deep seeded feeling of no fear from them. I have had a few experiences that others in my life would consider......crazy. I have seen things and are not afraid, I know that I am being watched. I feel that my actions pertaining to my reactions and how I treat people are being monitored. I do believe that we are not alone and that we are being tested.
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