Share your premonitions.

Some people who report ET or spiritual encounters are also shown possible future events and I am curious if there are similarities, I thought it may be a good idea if we share what we feel may happen.  It could be that you were shown or told something by a being, have visions, recurring or powerful dreams, how it manifests may be different for each or us.  I think we should avoid retelling something we heard in the media and religious beliefs, just what we personally experienced.

I have been thinking the best way to describe my experiences, in the end I decided not to go into detail, but instead just convey the meaning behind it.

Over 12 years ago a Grey was in front of me and to my left was a screen, it showed a asteroid travelling in space, entering the Earth’s atmosphere and impacting of the coast of Africa, near the Canary Islands. Then I was shown waves moving around the world and tsunamis, the city were I live was gone and only the occasional bits of buildings remained, everything was covered in grey silt and the sky was dark. It may sound strange, but I was then asked were I would like to be afterwards, meaning that people do survive. Even before that encounter I used to have the occasional dreams about tsunamis, occasionally I still do, more recently a few weeks ago.

Around 5 years ago while relaxing I could sense a spirit being by my side, then I started to get quick images of events, mainly earthquakes and volcanos, I was shown one location after another. In hindsight I should have wrote it down straight away, but I remember the last few because they were near the end, a nasty war in the Middle East, then a large earthquake on the west coast of USA. The images were like indications on a time line, like markers on the road and the last event was the asteroid impact. Although the asteroid impact seems to be a recurring aspect for me, I don’t see it as a entirely negative way, if it happens then it is a catalyst for change and I believe the future is bright.   Maybe the purpose of being shown a possible future is to encourage change.

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  1. queengreylian says:

    Men wrote the bible. Mere average ordinary men. My opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s correct.

  2. filmie007 says:

    As far as Premonitions go I have had many over the years visions and dreams that have come true. none of which I can attribute to alien abduction. the most bizarre one came in the form of waking alternate reality. I woke up one morning got out of bed. opened my door from my bedroom to go into my living room and instead it was a barren field of dirt and dirt clumps, I closed my door and opened again and it was my apartment again. another time that same month I was sitting on my couch and all of a sudden I saw the barren field in front of me again. I was beginning to think this was the future of our planet. all our cities would be goon and all that would be left is a barren planet like mars.

  3. christinaspirit says:

    I can totally agree with Sue. Grays do lie a lot. People say that grays cannot lie coz they are telepathic which is B.S.* .

    I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability.

    As per future events grays told me lots of staff which was mostly related to my future and it always became true. It seems that they always knew as to what i would become although there are some confusions with that one.
    When i was a kid i was told by one of them that i was a failure and that i was not supposed to be the way i am. They could not figure out as to why i turned the way i was. Everything was done to make me different from what i had become at that point of time but i was not up to the expectations. I was also told of what i shall become in future. I guess there were two different groups. Everything is really confusing and a bit messed up so i won’t tell of things i am not sure about in order not to mislead anyone.

    As per future i was told that something would happen. I am not sure what but it would change humanity. Maybe the future is now and we are already changing?

    In one of the comments months ago i wrote that i had a dream which was more of a vision in which an odd kid told me ” We learned from our mistakes and that now was our turn to learn from ours’ ” When the girls relayed the message to me i felt that she talked about humanity as a whole.

    I feel of what is going to come but i am totally blank on visual and textual memories. Last time i tried to go to a hypnotherapist it did not work out. I felt that somebody was in my house. That something was talking to me about my decision on wanting to recover memories. My mother although i did not tell her a single word about my experience said that she was warned that i should no go to a hypnotherapist. She just said that that somebody told her that something big did happen to me and that i was not supposed to get near those memories for a while. She said that if i am to go and recover those memories it will be done in a wrong way and that i will have severe memory losses afterwards. What do you think about this guys? How possible is that? I mean how can a hypnosis session harm anybody
    You should have seen my mother that day. she got extremely paranoid and she was like; ” You go if you want but take your cat with you coz i know that you won’t come back home ever again!”

  4. Sue says:

    The problem with sharing premonitions is the Greys lie. The Greys are really good at mixing a few Truths in with a lot of lies. Whoever wrote the Bible did the same thing.

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