Am I Crazy?

I feel like my world is crashing down around me,  I thought I was just plain insane but I know im not.

It all started when i was a child, i have these markings on my right shin they have been there for as long as I remember, 2 of my children also have these same scars but i never recall them having accidents to get them, my mother also has the same scars.I have also lost a baby, in Feb of 2000 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl I was awake for the C-section and when the doctors cut me open they were looking for a second baby, everything was there that should have been for the twin but the baby was gone, no trace left behind. I knew i was having twins, there was no medical explaination for it, they simply said the practioner who done the ultrasound must have been wrong.

Ive always, as far back as a little girl been a precog dreamer,seen future event years ahead,I can control my dreams im them i can make things appear to suit my needs, im an Empath and have been able to do things that scare myself and others who have witnessed it, when i say “do things” i mean throwing a 3 seater sofa across a room in a fit of anger with only the touch of my hand, and it wasnt only the sofa, ive slammed doors shut and moved other things with just a touch, it hasnt happened alot because I dont allow myself to get to the brink of pure rage, well atleast i try to remain pacified.

The reason I have popped up now out of nowhere was because of a calling, i felt urged and very drawn to start looking up people who have had similar experiences to my own. Last night I was talking to my partner, who may  I add has the same leg scars as me also, he bought up a time when we apparently lived in a van park for 2 weeks while we waited for our home to be ready, I have completely lost 2 whole weeks of memory, I remember everything before and after but not those 2 weeks, they are completely erased from memory. I have quite a lot of memory blocks or erasures, especially from when I was a child.

Every couple of years for a month or more my sleep pattern changes and I sleep to the point where not even a cyclone could wake me, yes I slept through a rather bad one, when I get like this i am never refreshed, I get up in the morning and my whole body aches and i am so tired and withdrawn, so groggy, and its started again.

I have seen future events, an earthquake on the eastern seaboard of Australia, a volcanic erruption on a scale the likes we have never seen, I had the information implanted in 2001 and i registered that dream, a serial killer, a bad tornado season for the US worse than ever before, mass flooding, EMPs and a large solar flare coming from the sun this year. I have talked to the dead in my sleep, I feel them around me everywhere and sometimes I hear them as clear as any conversation.

What drew me here today was the search i conducted on alien abductions, you see last night it happened again except this time I remember it vividly, i havent forgotten the most important parts of it, and I dont know who or what gave me my abilities but i assure you if i didnt have them i dont know what would have happened because this was different, i wasnt supposed to remember and these aliens, or shall I say one alien in particular knew me very well, what I remember most about him is that he was reptilian under a human skin, he was hunting me, others were too, but he was so close on my tail,  somehow i managed to get away and he came after me, i was in a field with nowhere to go so i just concentrated hard and made a full carnival fair appear with people so i could hide behind objects and rides, he did catch up with me at the end. When he got to me he was trying to force me to take these pills but i refused and i attacked him and injured him, he wasnt expecting it, then a dragged him into a small chicken coop with me, it was then I realised I knew him and I had a strong bond with him, like we were one entity and even though I knew what he was I wanted to help him and I held him in my arms until the others arrived. They wanted me to do something I cant remember what and they were going to leave my chaser there to die because he had been compromised and had feelings for me, I refused to move unless they took him and saved him, they agreed and we were both taken, my chaser cried I screamed and that was all I remember. I seen the true form I know this was real and not some made up dream, ive had too many like it before but never have been able to remember it like this.

When I was 11, we lived on a farm in the outback, my mother gave birth to twins and i was caring for them and my brothers as she had to stay in hospital due to complications but the babies came home. I had a reptilian chasing me though the same forest area as the above dream but he caught me when I awoke i was sitting up in bed with my eyes wide open like I had the fright of my life, damn right I did and I will never forget that night.

Sometimes i am with different beings but they are kind and gentle, i barely remember them but i do remember alot of the information they give me. I wonder all the time if this is happening to my children, im unsure.

Now I am freaked, who is this reptilian that I seen, I know there is a connection and I dont fear him and he isnt horrible to me, he genuinely cares for me as I do him and I was not afraid or turned off by his true form, but the others of his kind, they do not care, they are ruthless.

Well I will sign off here, i have had this headache for 2 weeks now and unexplained bleeding from just my right ear, i dont have a tumor the doctor check it, theres nothing there that any man made machine can see. I just wonder what tonight will bring. Wish me luck and I will try to remember everything that happens.

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    i have not told this to anybody but i got interested in psychology for 2 reasons:-

    1. to figure out if there is anything wrong with me ( nothing was found) &
    2. investigate some of the cases as i would move to become a professional in what i study

  2. christinaspirit says:

    Hi Giles,

    I can agree with everything that you say. As a student of psychology i can tell you for a fact that human beings vary in different aspects. Be it biological or psychological. It all depends on nurture, culture, the kind of society you live in, infrastructure available, information to which you are exposed to, the type of people with whom you interact etc.All of the factors mentioned influences the way we perceive the world.
    What always fascinated me is that people abducted by the same group of aliens ( for example grays) generally experience similar things despite all of the odds and excluding the minor differences.
    It may also be possible that there are inter specie variation within grays as well.
    To be frank i was never at such a state of mind where i could freely look at these beings without hesitation. I did but there are fragments within same frames of memory where some of the things were viewed clearly while others seemed to be blurry.
    The way in which i viewed my experiences is slightly viewed to my own psyche. e.g. When i had to go to school in India for the first time i happened to be in a culture totally different from European + I did not know English and at those moments some of the things in my vision also appeared blurry due to excess of new information and confused state of mind.. It might be that at times we are given enough freedom but are not able to recognize the stimulus or misinterpret it.
    I have seen many grays but the one i remember most was the one who wa in charge of me. He was taller than me. that is over 160 cm and he did have huge black eyes. I also remembered that he had tree fingers but his eyes is what i was concerned about.

    I am not that negative about my experiences. I may say that sometimes that is really exciting. You know that you may get frightened but then you want to know so much.

    Last week i was really irritated that i had been seeing balls of light in my room every single night. Sometimes i have to study whole night and can take a nap for about only an hour but even then one thing or the other happens. I wanted to know as to what is going on and i got an answer. I was told that it is because of me that these things happen. I let them happen and i do not try to resist. My own interest is the cause itself and my interest had risen because of the experiences i had as a child. e.g. i let things happen. i- I guess it is true. I really do not mind then as long as wt happened to me in childhood does not happen.

  3. giles says:

    please excuse poor editing I did not proof read…. sorry.

  4. giles says:

    Hey Christina

    Isn’t it fascinating how we all have different experiences and respond differently to them? This is one of the aspects of this whole enigma that really confuses me. There is no uniform aspect to these events. I hear people see greys often and reptiles and others but the descriptions are always slightly different. There is no homogeneity to this at all. I dont know if this is done to confuse us or if in fact we are somewhat responsible for the memories ourselves? I have clearly seen 2 different types and my partner has seen the grey type. However she was quite adamant that its skin was more like and elephants, not smooth as often reported. I have seen tall mantid like greys with huge eyes and almost completely transluecent skin, also I have seen short tan, wrinkled skin beings with large black eyes but nowhere near as large as the greys.

    When I meditate I also have more psychic things occuring and I only wish I would see the beings more often to give me time to analyse them a bit more and some idea what they are about. I get that uneasy feeling too but I put it down to fear of the unknown and think how irrational it is. I guess from my perspective I am actually quite happy to be a part of this as it fascinates me.

    I have read that that we have all given permission for these events to occur, but that it is complicated. Perhaps genetically we are part of something, perhaps that inherited trait means something more than we realise?? who knows. I just focus on the fact that I am always safe after the events and in someways I feel more at home with their prescence than I do without it.

    I hope I have not been giving bad advice, its just that the reality is I only have my experiences to draw on.

    Love always


  5. christinaspirit says:

    Hmm. Meditation does help to come down but in my case i always seem to get in trouble doing it especially during the ‘odd’ times. It seems that as for me i just start getting more alien encounters. Sometimes when i meditate and i get to remember bits and pieces of my experiences which i forgot and i get this rly unpleasant feeling. A feeling which is related to the being with whom most of my experiences are concerned.
    When i meditate i get more psychic and beings generally tnd to know when it happens. ( i wonder how….) anyways, just be careful, krissy

  6. giles says:

    Hey Krissy

    John has much more experience than me when talking about reptilians as I have no experience with them at all. All my experiences are with grey types both short and tall and I am only just coming to terms with it. The most important thing for all of us to remember is that the majority of encounters that we have, regardless of how emotionally disturbing end with us being placed back in our beds or at least close and in relative safety. I have learnt to detach all emotion from my encounters (not necessarily when they happen, but shortly after) and this really helps me cope with it, actually I have become fascinated with it but thats another story.

    The most important thing for you to do is write everything down in a calm and peaceful way, try not to let your emotion lead you down illogical avenues. It is very important for your own well being and that of your family that you maintain a calm and objective approach. I know its really easy for me to write this but it will pay dividends. Try employing relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation and see how you feel. I do not doubt this is happening to you but the most important thing is to take care of yourself.


  7. krissy says:

    The scars are small and round about 2 inches apart going down the shin, my partner & the kids only have the one marking though.

    I had the worst night last night, was shown another horrible earthquake.

  8. RockJohnAxe says:

    Be careful when dealing with reptilians. They are dangerous and have no regard for human life.

    Can you describe the scars you and your family have? It could be a reptilian branding. A Mark of ownership or some connection to a certain group. This is extremely rare though, because Reptilians don’t care for humans.

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