I would like to meet anyone who is willing to share.

Hi Guys

I have recently resigned from my Job and I am planning a trip to the states. I currently live in Australia and I am wanting to meet people who have had these strange and confusing encounters. If anyone here is interested I would dearly love the opportunity to meet you as this subject has become a fascination to me since my experiences.

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  1. lesaryce says:

    Still looking ?

  2. lesaryce says:

    Still looking?

  3. jooliebean says:

    Hi, Giles! Count me in. I’d love to hook up. You can reach me at jooliebean@comcast.net. Please email me and we’ll work out the details.

  4. giles says:

    No you are not too late, I am finish up at work in April and plan to travel in July. I have a few people who are willing to meet with me, most of them in the states. I will email you shortly.



  5. jc50 says:

    Well if i am not to late, you could come and vist me. I can tell you some stories. I can even take you to some of the places where it happend to me. Feel free to contact me by email. And i will give you my home number. So you can call me when you get here.

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