I may have been abducted

This is my first time ever sharing this story on a forum before but i would like to share it now so I can get some input from some people that have more experience in this subject. I am 27 years old at the moment but this story starts when i was still in high school. I am not sure if it was real or a dream i really think it was real but i try and tell myself it could have been a dream but here is the story. I was laying in bed one night and looked to my left and seen a white cloud coming in my room with angels and in the center was who i thought was Jesus. As soon as i seen him its like my mind knew it was Jesus without a question because i jumped out of my bed and dropped to the floor by his feet. The person who i believed was Jesus talked to me and i remember him showing me glimpses of my future but the memory of what all i saw in the future is blurred, i cant really remember much. Since then i have served in the Marines and was in combat in Iraq back in 2004. I have seen ghosts and demons without a doubt, i have a few stories for that but i will talk about that another time. What has been going through my mind lately is that i think i may have been abducted by Aliens that night and they tricked my mind to think it was Jesus and his angels. I started thinking that way after recently learning how aliens can control your perception and make you see things that are not as they seem. I would like some feedback please cause i really cant talk to any of my friends about this type of stuff.

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  1. tommygirl says:

    I am searching for answers and amazingly came to this website, all of your accounts have really open up my eyes. Recently I had what i believe to be a willing abduction experience. i know it sounds crazy, but iv always been a ufo nut so to speak, and after this experience i consulted my guides and found that i have been contacted many times before. First you should know i am not a religious person, but i am a spiritual person and believe that our God/Goddess loves us all and we will all return home one day. I do not believe in hell/although it was shoved down my throat as a child. my experience came after a smudging, this was done with sage to cleanse my self and my third eye. later that night i could not sleep, tossing and turning, i felt i finally dozed off only to have an astral experience. i had had these before but this one was assisted by beings. at first i was rising up off the bed but being helped by four hands, i was afraid to open my eyes, but i knew this was meant to happen, so i asked God to give me strength and i opened my eyes, i could see but it was a little blurry. i saw for what look to be small alien figures assisting me off the bed it seemed i was in the astral but they were not, this makes sense as they are on a higher frequency so they wouldn’t need to be but i would to float. the problem is i don’t remember anything after that. after the incident it seemed time had passed because i had woken up in a jolt knowing something had happened because my bedroom door was wide open. i believe that my experience was positive and i want to remember. does anybody know of anyway to do this. i also wanted to say to Giles your outlook on this situation is amazing. i wish their were more humans like you. before i came across this site i ran into one called the Delusion Resistance that scared me for a bit. then i read what you had to say and you are right we have no right to judge. I do not believe aliens are evil, just like people some might have ulterior motives. thank you all for listing, all comments that would help are welcome.

  2. Mikai says:

    I often read these posts but rarely comment… Like most people here I don’t share this part of my life with my friends and family. I know they would never understand. Giles, I liked your last post too. Thanks.

    I find your post on out of body experiences very interesting. I have heard a few people here talk about floating out, walking around etc. My experience has been very different… I had to think about where I wanted to go ( a person), and I got there very quickly (tunnel like). I guess it’s what people refer to as a “walk in” Entering someone else’s body (hearing and seeing what they do). Has anyone else ever done this?

    I found this a while back (don’t remember where), it gave me a bit of comfort … maybe it will do the same for you. Your not alone.

    Part 14: The Abductees’ World

    Abductees live in a strange world. They have a series of bizarre experiences which, if they are unaware of the connection to the abduction phenomenon, can constitute a world that others do not recognize. They see ghosts routinely, their relatives come back from the dead to give them a message. They travel on the astral plane, they have unwanted and unexpected out of body experiences, they have guardian angels, devils plague them, balls of light terrorize them. They see religious figures. They might be in one place and then seemingly a few seconds later they are in another place and they have no idea how they got there. They seem to be in touch with an “alternate reality.”

    For many abductees, sleep can be filled with vivid dreams so life-like that they remain frightened of certain nightmares even years after they happened. They continually have what they interpret as “waking” or “lucid” dreams. They have bizarre paralysis at night that they interpret as hypnagogic or hypnopompic experiences. They have missing time sequences. They see UFOs.

  3. christinaspirit says:


    To bad that there is no like button, Coz last one of yours is amazing. I am 100% with you in your opinion. Keep it up!

  4. giles says:

    Hey guys

    Like I said it is a matter of perspective. I have tagged and tracked animals for years and also undertook genetic studies and created transgenic individuals all for what we perceive as progress and understanding. For me to then reject that a similar process is done with me would make me a hypocrite of the worst kind. I understand how it seems to us, it’s invasive and uncomfortable but I guess I process it differently. Just because they have been coming here for eons does not mean they are not intelligent it just means they are observing and even perhaps responsible for where we are now??

    I dare say we would probably behave in a similar way. Look how we are content to war with those of our own race. I am not at all a negative person I try to see positives in everything in life (war and murder is not an easy subject for me!…). One reason I joined these forums is to understand how it has affected others. So do not worry about offending me, I only want to learn.

    I spoke to someone recently who had very negative encounters, they told me that when they insisted they would not be used for such negative purposes the visitations changed?? I am sure you have all done this but I thought I would mention it.

    Remember we all experience this phenomena in different ways. No two stories are the same. They have similar aspects but vary in many respects. This I believe is due to our individual interpretation. I don’t like waking up in a light filled room at 2-30 am and being surrounded by pug ugly dwarf like creatures doing god knows what to me but I do find it fascinating and it has changed my world view. For me this is a good thing, for others it won’t be, that is the nature of our divergent views.

    I can’t stop these things happening I would just like to give a different perspective and try to help in anyway I can.



  5. christinaspirit says:

    To Sue,

    hmm. I was never told to be mentally ill. I wanted to go to a clinical psychologist once for hypnosis which was actually prevented by beings but i was not declared mentally ill.

    Also due, to some circumstances i had to tell school counselor about my alien encounters ( she is my psychology teacher as well ) and she was shocked. Her first words were, ” You are too smart and talented and… There can’t be anything wrong with you! You are just… Just, Way too normal”. She wanted to talk about my experiences but i got very emotional I also made her sign some paper telling that she won’t tell anything to principal who is a psychologist as well. Since i went back to normal after one of my experiences which i had at that time, she just left me. She said it ok as long as i can cope with it. For the first time in my life I understood as to how difficult it is to be a contactee or whatever you may call it.
    She just could not get it. No history of abuse, mental illness, drugs or even boyfriends. She actually believed me and still does but i prefer not to talk about it.

  6. christinaspirit says:

    To Sue,

    I have also seen something that you called dark energy. I did not feel dark or evil. To be frank i was first confused and then scared because i could not understand its’ intention. I could see it but felt nothing from it. It never spoke to me when i was awake but i had dreams coz of it and i always woke up instantly after i received message from it and the ” shadow” was there.
    Somehow it seems to be more physical than balls of light and other things that i see most often

  7. Sue says:

    If the Aliens have been coming here for eons to study us how can they be intelligent? How long does it take to study humans? I have lived with negative beings for 15 years now and I have studied them. They are judgmental, cold-bloodied, very religious, very controlling, very jealous and very demanding that they get their way.

    I am not religious either when I referred to God and Jesus it was because my subconscious told me it was them. I documented everything in my case even though it may have made me look ridiculous. I am a very spiritual person and I knew this before I even heard of Ernest Holmes. Evil to me means someone who demands I live my life how they want me to live it. Evil to me is someone who takes away my personal rights and personal space. Evil to me is something that tortures me without telling me why I am being tortured. Evil is someone who demands I like who they want me to like or in other words they want to take away my personal choice I was born with.

    Giles I too saw a dark energy in my bedroom or in my most personal space on Earth. It looked like a big male Being and as I looked at it, it disappeared. I jumped out of bed to see where it went too. As I walked down the hall my upper thigh started burning and itching intensely. When I scratched the spot a round piece of skin came off in my fingernail. I know they take our blood because I have found these sealed holes with round pieces of skin all over my body located near a vein.

    In responding to your post I hope you don’t get offended I just look at the entire Alien issue as being negative. If they have been here for eons you have to think logically and that is why have they not revealed who they are unless they have something to hide. My beliefs are they have something to hide because they use us, they need us we do not need them.

    If they are intelligent organisms how come they have not figured out how to live on their own without interfering in our lives. I suggest you visit Linda Moulton Howe’s website and read her articles on cattle mulitations.

    The evil in this world is the denial of Beings who are affecting billions of lives negatively. I know they cause Depression Trips, Indigestion, and Tinnitus and I could go on and on with other symptoms. No one should be visiting us in our bedrooms.

    In referrring to the Aliens I am not saying all of them are bloodsuckers. I do not know what the Agenda of the Greys is but I do know they Implant us and I highly reject the idea of being tracked like an animal. John Mack an Alien researcher says the Greys were in the business of creating Alien Hybrids and concerning my experience with the Greys I believe he was right on.

    I had a lot of experiences with the small black ones and in my research they remind me of the Jinn. They are really mean and mischievous.

    Aliens who experiment on Abductees who cut open the Abductees and install implants into our bodies without numbing us are not good benevolent Beings. I have passed out way to many times from pain.

    On my second abduction I was taken to a ship moulded to a table and had something electrified placed on my head that felt like it was biting chunks out of my head that was so painful I passed out from the pain. The Beings I saw in this abduction were short or about 4 to 5 feet tall and they wore dark robes with hoods to hide their identity.

    None of my experiences with these Beings was positive. I have been tortured by them everyday of my life for 15 years. I know if I became a Sheep like the rest of the world they would probably stop torturing me but that is not who I am.

    Well that is part of my story and I just get very upset when someone tries to justify an evil existence. I get upset that there is no help and compassion for all the Abductees in this world and there are millions of us. I tried to find help. I went to a Doctor and within 15 minutes he declared me Mentally Ill simply because I told him I was abducted. The Evil in this world is the unbelief.

    I have more evidence of an Abduction than anyone on the Net by way of photos. Do a search on Paranormal Viewer and I am not selling anything but the truth.

  8. giles says:

    Hmmmm I had similar dreams when I was young but not including Deities as such. I will share something with you guys, I dont really talk about this because I try very hard to stay focused on what I see as more reality based stuff for example when I am awake and I see the beings in my room looking at me and I can move parts of my body and control my thoughts. However around the time when I was having lots of activity (about 2 years ago now) I woke one night to a very strange sensation and I could see what appeared to be a very black and negative feeling shape moving around my bed. At first I was terrified, something about this black shape which was moving around my bed felt like pure evil. Then I managed to get a grip of myself and I thought “hang on mate, evil is really subjective, I cannot claim that something that may be lost or on the wrong path is inherently evil. I do not know the motivation or the history of this thing, if it is even real” Suddenly I found myself viewing this thing not with contempt but with a little compassion and honestly a bit of love. I reached out to touch it and it vanished.

    Now a few weeks later I am woken in bed by some of the short wrinkled skin type beings and I immediately started to panic. Then I kind of remembered what had happened before and I calmed myself down and just totally relaxed. Now I am not saying that this is the right way to approach this subject but we do seem to jump to negative conclusions about this stuff and it just as easilly be a positive thing. We do not really know the “agenda” some people will tell you they know but they do not. I can assure you they do not know because we do not know the agenda of our own kind, people we work with everyday and sometimes we dont even know our own reason for doing things. How many times have you reacted to something or done something and then hours later thought, gosh that was awful or goodness me that was selfish?? It may not be regular but sometimes even our own behaviours surprise us, but this does not make us evil or shallow or bad people it just means we are living.

    No apply a bit of this to our visitors, the chance is they have survived thousands of years longer than the human race already. It is unlikely that they would get to that point if they were really “evil” as they would likely destroy themselves. It is likely that they are emotionless and view us with the same intrigue that we view apes, but no doubt have a deeper understanding of life/spirit than we do.

    I know we hear about Lizards eating people and all that stuff but to be honest I think this is where paranoia takes over. I know too well how difficult it is to get on with life after these encounters and mine are relatively benign compared to many. The thing is (and this is the trick as far as I can see) its how you deal with it post experience that counts. I have accepted what has happened to me and I tell all my friends and my family, and also my work colleagues. They think I am a bit weird but I am very clear about my experiences and do not discuss the more imaginative aspects of it. This helps me live a normal life and helps those around me to question their particular reality. I was really surprised at how they took it. Mind you, I do not come from a religious area, I wont associate with those blinded by religion any more than I will those blinded by science. An open mind is what we need to understand these experiences. They are not demons and they are not Angels, they are intelligent organisms coming here to study and learn from us as we study and learn from the organisms around us.

    This said, I want to make it quite clear that these are my interpretations of my encounters, they do not span other peoples experiences and how could they?? To experience is to understand, do label things good and bad they truly are just what they are.

    Bored yet???

    Love you guys


  9. christinaspirit says:

    hmm. Interesting. Somehow it all reminds me of desensitization therapy. I wonder if what i experienced was physical.

  10. Sue says:

    Hey Christina

    Your post reminded me of being tricked to jump off a huge mountain where we were playing games near the edge. I jumped off by accident but I don’t know what happened after that. I also remember riding on the back of one of the Hippie type Aliens (or the ones with the long hair that look human ) we were riding a sleigh off a mountain peak like the Alps. I was scared to death. I must have had a lot of trust issues and fears. I always feared water so they kept throwing me into the ocean, into flooded rivers and other waters. In real life I no longer fear water over my head.

  11. christinaspirit says:

    To Sue and those who may give some advise,

    About two years ago i had a strange experience. I guess it started by me walking out of my room and seeing that there was somebody else. I guess i saw 2 grays and my stepfather sitting by the side of dining table. I got freaked out and thought for myself this can’t be happening again. ( i freaked out coz when i was a kid aliens used to pretend they were my parents where one of them always made me to believe that he was my grandpa who comforted me by saying that it was ok to go with ”men” as they would not hurt me”)

    I am not sure about the part which i wrote about . In the sense i am not sure if it actually happened or i was made to believe like it actually did.

    Then comes what i really concerned about.
    I remember myself floating through 5 floor of my apartment . The odd thing is that i actually felt an unpleasant sensation by moving through the walls. I may say that my head hurt when i was passing though it all. ( I did not see any light beams by the way) After that i happened to be on the rooftop and some being stood by the right hand side of me. I could not see the being but i was told that i had to jump and then i saw a mental image where i was shown a beam of light catching me in the midst of air. I did not jump as i was like, ” Don’t be ridiculous!” After that i was pushed of the roof and i was actually caught in the midst of air.

    Do not remember anything else except that i was told that i had ” Trust Issues and that it had to be improved”

  12. Sue says:

    Thank you for your serving in Iraq. My son served there also. I would like for you to describe what the demons looked like. A lot of people have out of body experiences. I had one myself but it was different from yours. I was floating up through a tube or tunnel or whatever I don’t know but I saw every color of purple imaginable. Being out of my body was the best feeling I ever had in my life. When I stopped floating I saw two white doves fluttering back and forth. I did not want to go back to my body.

    I am glad you no longer fear them. If you fear them it will get you into trouble. Don’t let them put a Depression trip on you either or make you feel guilty.

  13. sugdawg27 says:

    i havent had any physical evidence of and abduction such as scars, bleeding nose or anything else. When i first came back from Iraq in 2005 i used to see demons almost every night. some nights it would be so bad that i would go outside and sleep in my car. After this went on for about a month i finally went and visited my chaplin and told him about it. he prayed for me and that seemed to have stopped it for awhile. Every now and then i still feel an evil presence sometimes when im laying down. When this happens i can feel it coming near so i already know whats about to happen. i guess i have become a little used to it because i dont get as scared any more but its still a really bad feeling.

    I also remember having an out of body experience one day while laying in bed during the day. i felt my body vibrating then i just floated up from my body and i looked down and could see my body still laying on the bed. After that i walked out of my door and down the street. Everything looked very weird outside. the people looked very funny but i could tell who they were. Other than that everything else around me looked mostly the same. After awhile i started getting a lil freaked out so i walked back to my room and just layed back inside my body. Till this day i cant really honestly say was that a dream or an actual experience i know it felt real.

  14. Sue says:

    Good reply Giles. I agree with your comment. I was abducted and I have been in negative contact with the Aliens who I think of as pure evil for 15 years. I can say this because I do not fear them and I know something protects me. They are the Masters of deceit which makes it very difficult to prove their existence. They have kept their existence a secret because they need us, they appear to us in our bedrooms which makes them evil because our bedrooms is our most personal space and no one belongs there but us.

    I am speculating here but my personal belief is if you see God, Jesus, or Angels in your bedroom you are being made to see these apparitions. Why would they show up in your bedroom? I saw both God and Jesus that my subconscious told me was them and neither of them appeared in my bedroom. They appeared in the flesh. I did not feel the need to get down on my knees and worship them. I did not know it was them until later my intuition or knowing told me it was them.
    Jesus told me ” Green is a good Color.” He did not tell me this telepathically he said it verbally. When I aw God the second time he told me ” he gave his Daughter all the tools she would need or he implied he taught her all the things she would need.

    I had numerous experiences with the Greys and they always communicated telepathically. I could be wrong but I believe they are human and they wear tight fitting suits and the big head is probably technical tools to allow the communication telepathically. When I saw the small black ones they also looked like they had some kind of helmet on beneath their suits. In one of my glimpses I walked into a room and I saw the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen in my life. She was a perfect being. She was also putting a folded black suit upon a shelf.

    Keep posting everyone if we get enough information we might be able to figure them out.

  15. giles says:

    Hi there

    In all honesty your experience could have been many things, like many of us here we are never 100% sure of anything. It is possible you are just really intuitive and connected. Of course it is possible you experienced an abduction event but also possible you had a spiritual encounter. Do you see strange lights in the sky? any strange scars, nose bleeds etc? People often report psychic events after abductions (I experience this) but I also see the visitors as they are or not at all. Please give us any more information you have.


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