Does anyone share these feelings like me

I’m only 14,yet I feel I think differen,I’m not socially awkward but I feel that I can’t share the way I feel.
Since I was 12 I started to take a interest in aliens and space,so I always looked for info an stuff to learn more and each time I read something new,it kinda opened my eyes and stuff that happend to me happend to people before.
The other night I was In my bed watching a NBA game and I get alley so I go to sleep(I had some congestion that night)and suddenly I feel like I’m gagging on my on spit and I’m seeing kinda foggy and I’m sweaty,I hear a ball dribble and buzzers like it I was watching the game but the TV was off so I got nervous and started swallowing and fell asleep.
And a few days later I woke Up with tiny cuts like papercuts on my forehead with no memory of it.
And I always have this weird feeling when I’m at my grandparents house that I’m being followed,it feels like somebody is hiding and watching me,I’m afraid that suddenly a pair of eyes are going to pop out
I’m not very religious but I feel we mean something,I’m always getting frustrated at my friends cause I try to explain how tiny and beautiful our life is(but being teenagers you get the idea)
And when I dream of aliens I’m always in a group when it happens and they ALWAYS come falling from the sky and we try to escape
I feel like I’m being led up to something important
If anyone can share a tough it would really help

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    ( just pressed button ”submit comment by mistake” anyways…

    I consider books written by Karla Turner reliable if you talk about books. I’ve got plenty of e-books so if you would like to have them you would be most welcome. Just write to

    As per movies I did not see any of them being too helpful although ” Taken 2002” does seem to have some interesting philosophy from the side of abductees in it.

    In case you decide to go through all of it- be careful. Memories of other people do seem to interfere with your own which was scientifically proven.

  2. christinaspirit says:


    I was wondering as to what has triggered these feelings and interest withing you? Anything in specific?

    Having experience or remembering it at such a young age must be really confusing. At the age of 12 I had to open my eyes as I was led to understand that there were real living beings beyond me seeing ”odd people” and ”Simpsons” in my house.

    As for my experiences at that age I had lots of strange staff going on but I was not able to relate it to anything and especially aliens in most of the cases. I did not have net in my house + there were absolutely no movies or programs about aliens that were similar to what i have experienced, if any at all. Of course there were X files but I thought of it as being B.S.*. as i did nt believe in ET and me having experiences with them in particular. But as for now and after all of those years of experiences that i went through i finally stopped questioning if all of it was real.It most certainly was although some of it seemed to have human factor which makes me to wonder if i started having experiences coz of humans who had something to do with aliens or humans got interested in me coz of me being contacted.

    If you are indeed an abductee/contactee or whatever it is being called now-a-days there are thousands of people on this planet who share same feeling and i am not exception.

    I would be very critical about much of the books, movie and much of the literature offered on the topic on net or wherever

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