Alien Encounter

Less than two hours ago I had the most intense experience of my life.  I am very experienced with hallucinogens and I have a very firm grasp on reality.  I have experimented with DMT on several occasions and I have had really cool earthy, vibrational experiences but never anything close to an actual abduction.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with DMT, it is a naturally occuring chemical in the brain produced by the pineal gland.  It causes intense hallucinations and is linked to both the dream cycle and with the dying experience.  When smoked it causes a short lived trip with strong visuals.  Many users of DMT report having encounters with alien life forms.  I am really shaken up by my experience and I would love some feedback.

Upon exhaling my third hit of DMT I saw the typical visuals of radiating patterns and visions, then I started to feel the vibrations.  I felt strong vibrations from head to toe.  Then I saw the wall in front of me expand into a vast area of land.  It looked almost Egyptian, there were pyramids and there was a small man walking across the desert, bent over carrying something on his back.  Then the images right in front of me came into view.  I was not scared at all at this point.  I have read up enough on the subject matter to know what to expect and I was very curious.  Some was making me want to stay and have the full experience.  I started to see an alien space craft around me.  There were two creatures behind a glass wall.  They  looked very gelatinous (almost like jelly-fish in movement) with big heads and arms like tentacles.  They were rapidly pushing buttons on a control panel.  At first everything was okay.  I was really interested in my surroundings and everything seemed pretty harmless.  I felt electrodes all over my body.  There were other beings touching me and I could feel them.  It looked like I was in some kind of doctors office.  There were medical tools and I realized that I was on a table.  At this time I also noticed a long black shadow behind me in the corner.  I could feel them all over me.  And then I started to get poked with something.  At first I felt it in my leg and then my hip.  I was so strong that it jerked the chair I was sitting in.  And then it got really forceful and painful.  To the point that I called out and asked them to stop and it only got worse.  As the DMT started to wear off I was able to separate myself from the trip and I tried to recap what had happened.

I was pretty freaked out but really intrigued.  I knew the experience was bad but I needed to explore it more.  Once I finished writing down what had happened I decided to give it another go.

I smoked less than before but it hit me much quicker and it was much stronger.  It seemed like they were waiting for me to pick up where they left off.  I was back on the table and this time I felt a probe go up my butt and up my vagina.  It wasn’t as painful as before but I could feel the burn and it was very uncomfortable.  The trip was pretty short due the amount ingested but when I came out of it my vagina felt really tingly and sore.  Since I am an RN I was curious if something was wrong so I put on a glove and inserted my finger.  To my surprise all of my internal organs were so swollen that they were hard to the touch.  The anterior side of my vagina was sticking so far into the posterior end that it was making it uncomfortable to sit.  I am assuming that it was my g spot that was inflamed because that is the only thing I can think of in that location that could become engorged.

It was clear to me that the aliens I encountered were not benevolent and I don’t know what to make of this experience.  I was looking for answers and now I am confused and still very sore.  If someone could please leave me some serious comments I would really appreciate it.  I still can’t believe what happened and I need someone to discuss this with.

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2 Responses to Alien Encounter

  1. the enlighted one says:

    It would seem utterly impossible that you would have had a real abduction, but through my quest for knowledge about the unknown, I have learned that the question is not how much of myths, legends, theories, rumors which are true. The question is rather how much is true and how much is possible BEYOND what is known as myths, legends, e.t.c. I think it is possible that you in your subconsciousness have WANTED to experience what it is like to be abducted, and therefore the subconscious created this experience FOR YOU, to teach you what it is like. I think your vagina was not actually injured, but it reacted to your experience as if it was real and as if it had actually been hurt. To use an analogy: as a group of firefighters who turn the sirens on as if there is a fire, when there is not.

  2. Robbygirl2009 says:

    I don’t understand really enough about DMT. Personally I myself am a recovering addict alcoholic who obstains from using any mind altering drug or chemical. I have found that possibably my use was due to my 1 time experiance when I was a very young girl with abduction….Although there was a time when I was smoking crack that I almost died from it and had amazing hallucinations with greys all around me and my home I was losing to forclosure.I had hit a major bottom with drugs and wanted to just not wake up anymore and there they were like 7 to 8 of them with suction like fingertips climbing up the side of my house!Looking in at me through the window.I got up and one looked at me as if to say it was going to be ok then looked down at another one and was communicating SOMETHING to the other I freaked out and couldn’t wait for the trip to be over!I was so scared I curled up in a ball covering my head and klenching my eyes at tight as I could till they went away or should I say possibly until my high was over.

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