I’m fairly certain that I’ve never been abducted but I’m suspecting that I may be a hybrid. I LOOK physically normal but I have some reasons to feel that inwardly things are very different. I think a close exam during a physical might dispell some disbelief about the subject and to that end I’ve been sort of paranoid about discussing it. I “don’t relate” generally but I still feel the need for some kind of connection to others even if finding it may be difficult. I’ve never been abducted or seen or heard anything unusual in the recent sense but I do have memories of seeing someone or thing. This “emotionless gaze” might be a misinterpretation. I think there’s an intense curiosity involved, and a look that shows no judgement, that is unilaterally neutral. I’m more concerned that I could be “disappeared” and not by aliens. It’s a long story and I want to record my own thoughts before reading a book on the subject, I think that’s important. I’d state what I think these traits are in others but that would be presupposition. But I see it, I know this about myself.

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  1. ta says:

    i don’t get why you think that way, maybe you’re just lost.
    i know i’m lost, i’m into ufo. i was draw to it when i first learn of them, i don’t why. i was sure i was never abducted, no missing time. i don’t know y i’m so into these weird stuffs, about other beings.
    there may be reason, i did feel depression when i was a child, a feeling like i don’t belong there, shouldn’t be there. sometimes even when i was having fun, the feeling kick in, mental problem is what i label it. But i know it’s not that, i’m not crazy.
    i think you ain’t either, we just have to find the answer ourselves sometimes.

  2. Robbygirl2009 says:

    I would love to get to kow you better….I have many questions you can e-mail me at yahoo at hope to hear from you
    peace, Robin

  3. analias says:

    I don’t feel I’m disappearing, I was more paranoid about the military and all the conspiracy crap, maybe not an issue…I remember being around greys as a child and missed them and I wasn’t scared at all. I have 3 implants that have really freaked out a couple of doctors. I had some x-rays when I was 10 and there was huge discussion about what to do. At which point I pitched a fit and started screaming that they couldn’t take them out because I would never get back home. I don’t have a navel. My parents got into some hot water some years back because I don’t have a birth certificate. My mother has vanished. Supposedly she told the authorities that she “didn’t wish to be found” and wanted to be left alone. My father is another race and clearly not my biological parent. Etc. It’s not a spiritual issue. If I had any faith at all I think it would be to see the world as endless strands of numbers. Which implies intelligence I suppose. What do YOU believe? I always laugh at people who get very bright and say, “I believe in reincarnation.” Believing doesn’t make it so. Not believing doesn’t either.

  4. almostalien says:

    Just curious as why you think you are disappearing. And why you feel you might be a hybrid. Is this in a spiritual sense or some other feeling you have.And at what age did this feeling come to you.I know I probably should not ask how old you are.But it is just for my information.I am sure I am older then you.You do not have to feel paranoid either.The only one who really knows you is you.So if someone says something you do not like do not let it bother you.Not everyone is out to insult everyone.:)

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