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In the beginning of this year I had woke up to a silhouette of a Grey at the side of the bed. That night I took a sleeping pill because I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. This is what I remember of that night. I sleep on the side of the wall and my boyfriend sleeps on the outside. That night since I took a sleeping aid I was brave enough to turn off the TV. I’m very paranoid and always feel as if someone’s watching me. Anyways, I wake up and all that I remember is propping myself up on my elbow and see a big head and skinny body with a very long arm hovering close to my boyfriend’s head. In my mind I’m thinking to myself … “wait what”… although I was wake it did not click what was happening or what I was even seeing. I was pretty confused at this point and I looked at its hand and its long fingers and I could only see some detail of like its knuckles that almost looked to have had a white-ish tint to it but as my eyes traveled down its long forearm to its pointy elbow my gaze were fixated to its huge head that was definitely not proportionate to its body. Let’s just say I had time to exam it to know that what I was seeing…. But there was one thing that I don’t get it didn’t move. I mean maybe it did move a bit but nothing that I was able to notice. It was as if I caught it at an “Oh shit” moment or something. When I was examining it still had its arm out. When I started to realized what I was seeing was or an alien I felt a rush a fear go through my body, and all I remember was saying inside my head “it’s all in my head”, and I hit the pillow knowing that this being was standing there… That day when I woke up I didn’t tell my boyfriend because I didn’t want to freak him out. I waited till the next day to tell him… I felt like I had to tell him… The second day I wrote down what I had saw. That night I tried to debunk it because I didn’t believe what I saw and I could not debunk it. I think that it manipulated the light for it to behind it so that I wouldn’t be able to see its face…. but I don’t know why I woke up I was pretty out of it…….. I tried to put theories of what it was doing and or if it had taken me and my boyfriend…. I know that this was not a dream because I was awake drowsy and all… I remember looking down seeing my boyfriend sound asleep…. Lately I’ve been getting no sleep at night feeling the feeling I always get… as if someone is watching me… I’m really glad I found this blog… but after reading all the stories I’m trying not to let my fear get the better of me…….I’m going to be honest… I’m afraid to see it again… but I’m trying really hard to conquer my fear of it. I think on a positive note, that it came to my boyfriend and I, to heal us or something good of that nature… if I think negative I will never be able to sleep again…. I know that people have horror stories and some take it as it is and think on a positive note. If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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  1. AshesAnn322 says:

    Hi Rose,

    Boy has it been a while since that day, but since that day I have learned so much about myself. Although that experience did scare me; I have learned that it was not there to harm me, nor will I allow that to happen now that I have control of my life. Since that day I have researched, and in researching I have found myself, I have found who I am.

    Stay strong Rose, there are many people battling there demons right now, but just know you are NEVER alone in this. You have your guides, guardian angels, and other beautiful light beings that are there for your greater good that are willing to assist you in your path to enlightenment, also they are there to assist you in building the confidence you need to surpass any fears, trust issues etc. 😉
    Here’s a website that might help you if you are willing to give it a shot. It’s an approval type website but trust me you will get in.

    This website has a ton of resources and people that are opened minded that will make you feel at home. There are also many people giving free past life clearings, healings, etc.

    Love and light to you, with all my heart I wish you the best— don’t give up on yourself and keep fighting. 🙂 follow your intuition, your gut feeling, that is your best guide, it is your higher self talking to you along with your loving guides that have and will always continue to guide you and be by your side.

    <3 Ashley

    ill send this to your email just in case you dont get it here… sorry i dont know how wordpress works.

  2. vannilla says:

    i also had a experience like this ,i awakened and seen an alien standig by my bed,, im not sure what this thing did to me , but now after 12 years i have an implant in my arm in the shape size of a bb, i have no scare no entry wound never been shot with a bb gun,and now i feel as though my thoughts sometimes run together,cant think straight,feel controled cant sleep i know , feel where you are comming from this is very scary, to have to deal with,, the only way i deal with this daily is to tell myself i will not let them take over me,even though i feel they already have,

  3. AshesAnn322 says:

    Thank you Giles for taking the time to read my experience and comment back. I know when I read others experiences it created huge anxiety for me, but I know I shouldn’t let other people’s experiences escalate my fear because my experience wasn’t a bad one…I have a question for you, you said that you sent me an email, what did you mean by that? I’m asking because I didn’t receive an email from you. I’m new to this blog and I’m not sure how WordPress works.

  4. giles says:

    Hey there

    I sent you an email, do not let the negative emotions control you. Your experience sounds like it was not so negative. I have sent you an email.



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