Isn’t it strange, that the older generation, will condem you if you are even alittle artistic and creative. The term schizophrenic is the most bastedized term in the government propaganda. God help you, if you if you don’t fit into the daily grind. The fact that I don’t walk around talking to myself, write eloquently with deep logical thought, goes unheeded by the conservative fetishmen. There is nothing worse in this society then cornflake box psychologists…save me from the control freaks, Oh Lord!

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  1. chris barton 424 says:

    When you wrote about the sunrise but it being black that bit freaked me out a bit in one of my story’s I am writing I won’t mention alot but it has alot to do with the sun .

  2. ray jones says:

    Hi my name is Ray I was born in 1953, okay not that big a deal except for the fact that when I was four years old I saw my first nuclear explosion on TV of course, still so what, old news reel big deal. Problem is I smirked when I saw it, glanced away to make sure my mother didn’t see and thought to myself ‘they think that’s a bomb’. It struck as cute even quaint. I wasn’t scared merely bemused they ‘they’ could be so easily impressed, remember I was only four years.
    A few months later I awoke before sunrise ran to the living and saw that the windows were black. It was morning but there no sunlight, no sun. I was elated. I thought “finally it over we’re going home”. For few brief wonderful moments I thought we were in a space craft, going home. Again I was four years old. Okay that’s not abduction, in fact its pretty much the opposite, but I can’t understand how a four year child in the late fifties could know so much about space and be so nonchalant about the A bomb. That’s just two early childhood strange experiences, my first was an out body experience I had when I was an infant, I remember not having words in my head, but I also remember being bored and tired of looking at the ceiling so I relaxed, opened my little mind and suddenly found myself looking down at my bedroom from high above. I only wished I had seen my infant body laying in a crib, but no-I saw snake like ribbons of living black mist sliding into my room from every crack and crevice, terror plunged me back into my body and everything went white. I’ve been doubting my sanity and humanity ever since. There is more, much more but I don’t want hog the sight. Has anyone else out there had similar experiences?

  3. christinaspirit says:

    hi everyone,

    Finally this discussion group started working after all of that Portuguese advertisement nonsense which lasted for a couple of months.
    I read 2 posts and I do not seem to get it. Especially the first one Is second post is a reply to the first one?

    Anyways, you are indeed right about psychologist but I want to note that not all of the professionals are that bad. Currently I am a student of psychology and last year I happened to get in a situation which was a bit uncomfortable because of my classmate who taught that I was raped when I was a kid. I explained to her that I lived in a very nice family and that my parents never hurt me but now there was another issue because a school counselor ( let’s name her Julian) who happened to be my psychology teacher who is a clinical psychologist by her educational degree took my classmate ( let’s name her Lara) seriously due to my severe reaction of running away from her room when she asked me as to what happened with me
    Julian ( who is almost as good as Dr Lightman from Lie to Me) started using her skills to try to help me but yet she could find anything wrong about me other than my severe mood swings which did not affect my school performance nor extracurriculars in any way. After a couple of weeks I got really annoyed and so I have written her an explanation letter as to why I was freaking out so much and asked her not to take this matter up with school principal who is a clinical psychologist as well.
    Julian is too good in reading people and she started reminding me of my childhood experiences with something called aliens and eventually I could no longer stand her presence and so I tried to avoid her which is a very difficult task to achieve in a class of 3 students.
    Just like Julian promised she have not bothered me about anything I have told her and instead of changing her attitudes towards me she looked rather bewildered and asked me or herself as to how could anything of this happen with me. She said that I am just too creative and normal for anything of this sort to happen with me.
    The last phrase I heard from her on the topic was to be careful with what I say to other people and that she believed me.
    What I mean is that not all of the psychologist are control freaks and are not always that bad.

    I got interested in psychology just because of my experiences. To find answers to my questions and to help all those who will come upon me in the long run.

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