Nothing against conservative types, saddest and anally retentive people on earth, wouldn’t share a lift with self righteous either. But thats just me! Chill out people, there’s more to my rose. I invite you to wake up and smell it. How is Georgie these days? I hope is not a victem of my long and involved fact based story. Say something Georgie!

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    Hi Sue!
    I am glad to see you and all the other members of this discussion group once again.

    Sue, I support your theory/hypothesis or whatever you may call it. It does seem that humans posses a kind of technology that is superior to whatever we are aware of presently. But from the point of view where I stand right now and from whatever experiences I had so far those aren’t just humans ( be it government or secret private organizations) who are involved in causing things that are happening in our lives. There is an alien factor to it as well. This degree of alien factor varies from one person to another if at all. It seems that some people who were taken by humans may believe that they were taken by aliens.
    All of our experiences are different. Some experience bad things, for some whatever happens may seem to have a neutral kind of nature and some shine a positive light on it. I cannot say exactly if nature of abductions is any of it. Maybe it is all at the same time. I cannot remember all that I have gone through to say for sure. But what I can say is that people may judge their experiences as harm, threat or challenge based on their coping capabilities which point on most variable aspects of their lives starting from physical health and ending up with family support. It all depends…
    I do not know as what all of you truly think of all this staff. You say lot’s but judging from my own self I open up myself to the world but yet not fully. Sometimes I am just too scared to say it all. Say all that I have remembered, all that I have gone through. All that I am brave enough to say right now is that no matter how odd or strange it may sound it seems that I would rather trust a Gray than a human from ultra secret organization. I was blamed by Grays for having trust issues towards them, or not being able to trust them completely. If that’s the case than they are not aware as to how much distrust I developed towards humans over long years if it matters to them in any way.

  2. Sue says:

    I missed this site which looked like it was hacked. I am glad all this got cleared up.

    My attachment keeps on happening. I cannot break it no matter how hard I try.

    In my latest glimpse I woke up and heard two males talking. They were talking in English with no accents and when they realized I heard them they quickly disappeared through a wall. I heard the ‘ clicks ‘ as they passed through.

    This glimpse has been very upsetting to me. What it revealed to me is men who are like my species have super technology that they are hiding from us and using against us. It makes me wonder if they hide and use this technology against us by trying to make us believe Aliens are abducting us and using us.

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