i have seen a alien in my bed room

i was going to my sisters house right down the street one night and i thought what i seen was a space ship hovering over a small creek , it was a huge bright light ,nothing could get that low , under the trees, i looked at it about 15 minutes and then it flew away , later that night i was awakened , by something standing over me , waveing his hand over me i looked at this creature i know about 20 minutes or more and i turned and looked at my husband and looked back up at this thing , he had huge head dark eyes , and long skinny arms grey in color ,my room was lit up,and i felt like i was in a trance i couldnt speak, i fell into a deep sleep ,the next day when i awakened i told my husband what happen ,he didnt beleave me ive told more than one person of this happening to me even a phychiatrist , i asked  her was i going crazy she said no, somethings cant be explained they just happen ,i now have proof that he was really in my bed room september 1998 in seminary ms, i was in a wreck in may of this year ,and i had been complaining of a lump in my arm to my Dr , and told my sister , my  Dr said it was fat tissue, i kept telling her it was hard , anyway when i was x rayed after the wreck my right fore arm was  x rayed , and the Dr came back in to the room to tell me if my hand was broken and he began telling me of a small bb i have in my right arm ,he asked if i have ever been shot i told him no, he examined my arm there is no entry wound i looked at my sister and told her i told you i seen an alien they laughed when a couple of weeks later she watched on the history channel of a man with the same thing implanted in side his arm and he had been abducted ,she now beleaves me , and i do plan on having this taken from my arm and examined,my arm gets real cold goes to sleep ,hurts very bad when i found out i had this thing in me i wanted to cut it out myself , i felt as though my body was not my own any longer , and they was useing me for there own purpose, i still feel that way , but i try not to think about it so much,it  still scares me to think about it , i still have this vision of this thing in my mind and it scares me , to think he could be watching my every move , and i just want to know what he wants with me ,,are we supose to learn to live with these things that can come to our bed rooms that are supose to be private and do what ever they want to us when they get ready ? and examine us and put these things inside us, i dont feel like the same person any more , beleifs are destroyed , the things i was raised up on arent here anymore , maybe one day i will get proven diffrently i hope , but until then i sit and wait , wait for it to come back , because i know it will,,

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i am just A simple person that works everyday trying to make it in this world ,with two kids,i am single i have trust issues when it comes to relationships,,
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  1. spicymike says:

    i am truely sorry that these alien entities are causing you such grief.makes you a little more compassionate for any living entity that s subjected by force for the name of science or even worse the [just because i cans].enevitalbility …it is what it is.you can t stop or change it but there are ways to ‘take the pleasure out of it’.i m a firm believer in the universals.just like people they not all anal retentives.don t give the little bastards the satisfaction of seeing the physical,emotional and psychalogical distress.you are not alone and believe it or not compassion is universal.sometimes it don t move as quickly as we d like.

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