Alien Injection?

So I met a guy I think may have been an alien in disguise. Here’s the story.
I met this guy. He was nice and very attractive but odd looking. We hung out one night early October and he slept over at my house. While sleeping somewhere around 3am, I felt something sting the side of my thumb. It woke me up and I literally said, “Ow!” and pulled my thumb away. When I opened my eyes he was there over me and said, “Sorry.”
Then that’s all I remember. I guess I fell back asleep?
When I woke up, and we hung out and he said goodbye. After he left I remembered the thumb insident. I examined my thumb and a big, liquid filled blister with red specks was on my thumb where I had felt the sting. I drained the bubble but it kept re-filling and took over a week to get rid of. Other then that I was fine and noticed no other physical inperfections, but I never ever saw him again even though we had plans to do so. It was quite mysterious because although we were physical, we didn’t have sex and I remember lights that night and him acting restless through out the night like he wasn’t really sleeping. He got up and down out of bed a couple times.
It’s weird because now I’ve started to have flashes of times in the past where I know I’ve seen vivid space crafts, lights,and unknown beings. But they are often shadowed or I can’t remember a face or even even though I know something happened. Am I being silly? Could he have injecting me with something I know nothing of? Any imput would be appricated. Thank you.

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  1. queengreylian says:

    I as a female highly suggest that you be very very particular in whom you allow in your personal space such as your home. You are young and I think you should consider me as a fellow concerned peer. I’m not judgmental in this as a post-just wanting to help

  2. DragonflySpirit says:

    Wow thats quite an experience. Perhaps you were “awakened” for a reason? Its not really so unusual to meet a humanoid being such as that. I’ve heard similar accounts many times in my years as a researcher. Even met a strange man online with unusual speech patterns others could not fully comprehend as if he spoke in images but I knew what he was saying. It was a different type of intellect very unusual. I have no idea about the blister, could have been the silver stick they use.

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