Sleep paralysis alien experience

A really strange thing happened to me a couple of nights ago. Before I went to sleep I saw a light as if a car was driving past but there are no roads outside the window where I was. Anyway, next I woke up and felt a presence in the room and felt somone/thing sit on the sofa I was sleeping on. I couldn’t move or open my eyes. Next it started touching me really gently pn the legs and arms and esp my feet infact it tickled my feet. I reached my hand out and I felt a tiny hand with 4 fingers kind of made of a grainy sand-like substance. I then managed to open my eyes and saw something that looked kind of like a human but with a large face then faded away. My eyes closed and I next felt like I was getting injections in my finger and I felt like I was in a hospital. I also felt several big injections into my feet. I managed to open my eyes and saw a machine with green numbers on it then they closed again. When I finally woke up I heard a strange noise like a cricket.

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Desperately in need of explanation or response please

Recently after moving in with my boyfriend on his small farm, I’ve began to feel somehow ‘connected’ to extraterrestrial life. The concept might be hard to grasp for others but I’m sure that what I’m experiencing has nothing to do with life on Earth. The first time I felt it, I was just relaxing in the room while my boyfriend played video games and such. I AM NOT EXXAGERATING IN ANY WAY: All of a sudden I heard a ‘zzyoop’, like some kind of technology losing power of something. One by one, everything I was hearing going on around me went silent. It wasn’t sudden silent, it was like the volume on EVERYTHING turned off, including the natural noises I was hearing (breathing, tapping, etc) I can not explain to you what I heard next. It was not human, it was not words or any language but I knew for a fact something beyond my world was trying to communicate with/or through me. I couldn’t say anything, my brain felt so full and overwhelmed that I went to bed immediately once I could hear normal life again. After that night, I hear things tapping into my brain at random times. Different frequencies and feelings that shouldn’t be there and never were before. The most unnsettling part of it all is that I literally feel more intelligent. Not that I know things, but thinking about the unknown world around us is no longer confusing. It’s easier to understand the things that most people wouldn’t consider. I feel more… ‘close’ with my atmosphere and the galaxy that we dwell in. I find myself looking up to the moon and the stars and somehow it all makes sense to me, like I’ve been there. I looked but I never SAW, I never understood until know. I’m not sure what exactly it is that I’m understanding but I feel it in my soul. All these conspiracies and possibilies flourish in my brain, things that there is no way to put in words. It’s hard enough explaining this right now. It seems bizzare, it doesn’t even scare me. Whatever happened to me that night is taking a big toll out of me though. I feel more alone where I am, I have dreams that are so vivid and unnatural that I wake up in a cold sweat scared out of my mind to fall asleep again. But I never remember a single thing about what I saw, when I try I come up with nothing. Just blank, like I never even dreamed at all. Other nights I just toss and turn, I’ve never been so restless in my life. I find more human habits repulsive, just some things we do it seems unnecessary or even disgusting to me. I’ve changed so much my boyfriend doesn’t recognize me anymore, I lost contact with my family. It’s just me and my thoughts. I just want more answers, I want to know what’s going on up there…

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Lifelong sightings

Lifetime artist and inventor, published writer and poet. My interest started in UFO’s when I started to see them at an early age. I am not a lifetime-abducted victim. My experiences started when I moved way out in the country but black ops helicopters started to follow me long before I found a fiber optic implant in my body. Anyone who feels the aliens are benevolent is being subjected to mind infiltration because they are malevolent.
Some victims are merely food and experiments subjects they study, others are people in positions of power and others are studied because they are inventors, scientist, and people of interest.
There is nothing that upsets me more than when people make this a religious issue because I am a highly spiritual person, and that is why they study me. I also get upset to the point of anger when a person says if you have the holy spirit, you are not subjected to alien torture this is a complete judgmental fabrication because I am a spirit filled Christian however my faith runs more towards Unitarian.
The worst thing is for an abduction victim to lose faith because it is the one thing the EBE’s cannot fight; idiots that judge people saying it is Satanic are fools who feed into the alien agenda. To deny the planet earth is anything more than a speck in creation is ludicrous, to deny that science has proven alternate dimensions of space and time is ignorant, to deny the many UFO sightings from military, astronauts and scientists and universities. To deny we are anything more than a speck in the sands of time in some beings life-span is ridiculous and to scoff and refuse to admit we are being probed and invaded is insane and stupid for humanity…
It is the 21st Century, we are currently going through a horrific alien invasion, and people laugh, scoff and are frankly brain dead on the subject. If anyone has ever seen the movie host, I believe that is a very good explanation of what is going on they are hosting humans, and they have created hybrids.
Like most, I want to remain anonymous because people whom are abducted suffer horrific slander, and people say things like smoke another joint, or imply you are insane it is a horrific plan of the aliens that feeds into the alien agenda.
The other thing that upsets me is when people say the military and government is involved as if technologically advanced species would have to make a deal with any government. The horrific truth is they have taken over everything with electronics and robotics… They say the truth sets you free, but the sad fact is the truth is scarier than fiction. Down to implants in the skeptics and debunkers. I have researched this field many decades and I have talked to many writers in the field and it would shock people how much SC I FI are stories of peoples experiences turned into fictional movies.

Why do I know so much about it unlike most victims the aliens sent probes to seduce me into their plan, to convince me to join them. I am not weak minded, I am very aware of my surroundings and I have extremely strong will and no matter what the aliens have done to me I never back down because I am a warrior. I am an inventor and they brain scanned me revealed their agenda to me and I know more than anyone I think yet I feel as if I just do not want to tell. The reason I do not want to tell is because any new information that is posted online gets twisted and writers, bloggers and YouTubers love to pick it up and misconstrue it. UFO enthusiast steal material, and construct it into their own agenda because they are attention whores and many of them are flat out too far gone by aliens mentally.
Nevertheless, in the last few months Nov- Dec 2013, the aliens made me lose my business, and subjected me to such horrific torture I ended up in the hospital. The aliens have done everything in their power to ruin my life, my work, my everything; there is nothing to lose anymore. I am currently working on a book and this is part of my research on the subject.
The Inventor

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Alien Abduction Hotlines in the U.S.

Hi All,

I’m currently doing some research on alien abductions/experiences with the extraterrestrial and am looking specifically for organizations or people (in the U.S.) who have hotlines for people to call and report, or merely talk about, their run-ins with aliens. If anyone knows of any please feel free to email me at Could use all the help I can get. Thank you!

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Two people, two day time laps.

My wife and I have had a two day time laps at the same time. with in 24 hours a psychic tells us that we were abducted and taken off planet! With out saying a word About What has happened. We both were still trying to figure it out at the time. I have a scoop with a laser mark next to the scoop. I also have woken up with imprint marks. I have pictures if the marks. I also remember some of the events. my whole family has had encounters since the 30s.

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where is everyone? Really sad and frightening so many shares their stories on here and suddenly stopped…have had mynown experiences, but feel I cannot remember as well as many others. Mostly remember hover(being lifted) from my bes…seeing a body/face…and that’s it.

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Had Reacurring dreams

Never spoke of this b4 , with the exception of my wife! When I was like maybe 5,6 or 7 yrs. of age, I had Dreams or thought was dreams of Creatures/Aliens when I was a sleep getting me and taking me up to there ship. I could feel the up and Down movements going to and from there craft! And it felt so real that it made me dizzy and when I woke up I felt dizzy still! And I remember seeing creatures that looked almost see through and was pink purple and blues in colors , remember I was a kid so my memories are foggy from that age ! But there organs were moving and those colors and outer body was sort of see though with a milky color! And the thoughts of them poking and touching me are still very real in my memories. I was really freaked out and scared to even go any where in that area till we moved yrs later. I told my dad and he said it was a dream! maybe so but this dream happened for like a week. And the dizzy feeling of them taking me to and from there craft seemed so real! And I was awakened after every dream. And Ive often thought I was being watched since then! Maybe it was a dream and not real but it dint feel that way at the time of it happening!

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Strange clicking noises

I’ve had the feeling that I’ve been abducted several times. I’ve read a lot of the stories posted by abductees and I share a lot of the same experiences.
Something new just started to happen to me tonight that made me feel really concerned.
I haven’t had any experience for a few weeks now and just tonight I start to hear a strange clicking noise in my right ear. It’s a strange noise like when the hard drive in the computer makes noise for a moment I thought it was the computer until I realized it is in my own ear. And then I noticed it is making clicking noise like mores code it would be something like 3 short clicks a pause then one click. It’s gone now but it was very strange and freaky? Has anyone else experienced any thing like this?
I remember going to sleep a few mo’s ago and being afraid of a high pitched clicking noise. And now I have this clicking inside my ear? Any feed back would be welcome? Maybe it’s just nothing? I hope it’s nothing.

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Continuing Sleep Paralysis marked by terrorizing fear


I am new to this site and the reason I am here is because I am searching for an answer as to why I am continually waking up in the middle of the night absolutely frozen in terror. Last night it was so bad that I had to force sound out of my mouth in order to allow myself to actually scream out in fear. Being able to force sound out of my mouth seemingly broke the paralyzing hold that the fear had on me. Before I go in further, I want to say that I unequivocally believe that we are not alone in this universe. That being said, I am wondering if I am not being visited during these times of paralyzing fear. I live out in the “sticks” in WVa. Every time I suffer from one of these episodes, earlier in the evening I have always felt some sort of strange feeling in the atmosphere around my house, almost like an electrical impulse of sorts. There is usually weird noises like either humming or the sounds like huge wind gusts moving through the trees. I must admit that I have yet to see anything but I can not explain these paralyzing terrors. I am hoping somebody on this website can help me explain this or offer some advice to help me stop these terrors.

Thank you


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Unexplained Feelings

Hi all Chris here. I have often seen many things that others around me have not. I have often woke up staring into the corners of my room feeling like someone is there. I have had alot of unexplained feelings like being upset or crying feeling for no reason I often have had marks appear out of nowhere. I have wrote a few stories about ufos and also one about the sun. If you wanna chat just comment away i will be more than happy to answer any comments when i am on. I am also trying when my storie is finished to see if i can turn into a movie somehow.

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