I do have a question..I had an experience not long ago that reminded me of the movie predator, how the creature was able to make himself invisible, the shimmering see through thing. I have seen that briefly and it lead me to believe that I was being watched. It was a very stressful time in my life and I do expend a tremendous amount of energy naturally, I believe I was able to physically see this manifest in front of me. It gave me the revelation that I am special and that I am being taught, or given information by the aliens because of the fact that I believe that we should not take revenge on others because that is not our right. That no matter what the life form….all life forms have the right to live. Is it what I think is was or am I just looney?

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I just wanted to add that I know for a fact that I don’t belong here, I have always had this feeling inside of me. I do believe that I am an old soul sort a speak. I have a feeling or a hypothesis as to where these feelings and revelations come from, but I have no definitive proof……yet.

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I honestly don’t think we should be afraid of life beyond our own unless we are on the side of wrong doing. I do believe that we are being tested as to where we will end up in the future. I have heard some say that they believe that God is an alien, which is not hard to believe since He is not of our world. I do also believe that there are good and bad “aliens” just as there are good and bad people. I believe that I have basic knowledge of what is to come in the future. God has created many beings, we were created in His image. Why is it so unimaginable to some people that we are not alone? Anything is possible, and just because most people may not be able to wrap their brains around the possibility does not mean that it is not so. They are more advanced obviously and I think that they want to communicate with us, but I think that they know that we are primitive, paranoid and the first thing that we do as humans when we fear something and don’t understand it is to destroy it. That is why I believe that we have not gone farther than we have. I am certain that our lives here are but a stepping stone to what is to come. Personally I am excited to think that there is more than what we have here. As far as the government covering up any proof of life beyond our own does not surprise me at all. Honestly have we ever known our government to tell the truth on anything? lol I do believe that when we as human beings stop being scared of what we don’t understand and therefore stop trying to destroy what we fear, that we will go further in our search and communication of others not of here.

We are not alone and I am not afraid

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Support Group Meeting – Western WA State

Is there anyone in the western WA state area interested in having a meet-up with the possibility of maybe forming a support group for abductees? If so, please email me at jooliebean@comcast.net.

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childhood expirience?

Well I stumbled across this forum on accident and while reading the stories I remembered some things from when I was little. When I was young I was deathly afraid of the dark because I would have terrible nightmares and always had the feeling something was waiting for me to fall asleep. I would have vivid nightmares about people getting murdered, like my mom whom I’m close too, and other things. I remember one dream in particular, I was laying on my back on one of those hospital gurney things being rolled down a long white brightly lit hallway. Doctor were talking about me and i looked up but couldn’t see their faces because they were wearing face masks, hair net hat things scrubs and gloves. I knew something was wrong because they were talking fast then before we reached an operating room I closed my eyes again. I woke up in my granmas house and was afraid. I was about 6 or 7 maybe but I had been having nightmares since I can remember. And upon waking from this “dream” I was scared and i don’t know why because nothing bad had really happened. Ever since I hated sleeping on my back but sometimes I find myself waking up on my back when I hadn’t fell asleep that way. I also remember waking up and feeling someone was in the room but I couldn’t move to see and i blamed sleep paralysis later. Then suddenly the nightmares stopped and i started sleeping normal and for years I was okay. Then in middle school, about 4 years ago or so, my weird sleeping patterns and occasional nightmares have resurfaced. I started waking up at 3 a.m. every night for months and i had problems sleeping and would have mightmares sometimes about someone being in my room. I have scars on my hands and legs I don’t remember getting and i wake up with random bruises a lot. I apologize for this being so long but its something I really want to share with others. I have a huge fear of needles too. Which could be because I was born 6 weeks early and was in the hospital for a bit. I also still have a fear of the dark and feel paranoid when trying to sleep. I also still wake up randomly during the night and hardly a night goes by without that. I’m just curious to see what others think. a few months ago I had a dream, it felt so real though, that someone was touching my neck. They had their hands around it like they were trying to choke me but they didn’t. Almost like they were just feeling it and all I could see were the hands, nothing else. Recently I had to go to a kidney specialist, since I was born early I have slightly small kidneys, and he ordered a blood test. Well they couldn’t get any blood from my left arm so they moved to the other. Well I started feeling funny and dizzy and sick and it gradually got worse. I suddenly and passed out and then convulsed like I was having a seizure, my mom freaked out, and for those few seconds it was like I was dreaming and i saw a figure. I feel like the figure was male but I couldn’t tell you if it was human or not. I have had 3 different occasions where I felt dizzy and nearly passed out and the only way to cure this was to sleep. That was the first and only time I have passed out ever. I am a paranoid person, not sure why, and odd things have happened. I also feel drawn to the oaranormal. I love researching these things and always have. If anyone could tell me what they think I would appreciate it. Could it be I’m just a weird paranoid person?

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My husband’s encounter.

Yesterday morning – Friday, January 27, 2012 – at around 8:30 am, my husband “awoke” from what he referred to as a very disturbing dream. Now, before I get started, let me tell you a little bit about my husband. Jim is 31 years old, and a man of few words. He never gets worked up about things. When I am afraid of a bee, he literally punches it out of the air and kills it. That is not an exaggeration. He knows no fear, is not partial to sentiment or whimsy, and is one of the most realistic, practical people I have ever met. That’s a lot of the reason I married the man.

Having said this, I hope I’ve made it clear to you that he is not the type of guy who wakes up one morning and decides to play a prank on his wife by pretending he’s been abducted by aliens. So when he woke up this morning, telling me he was extremely disturbed by this thing that he is sure happened to him, I did not take it lightly. I consider myself a casual believer in paranormal matters – I’ve never experienced ghosts or the like but I have heard stories from people that have, and while the practical, logical side of me says it is silly to believe in such things, I know deep down that things do happen that we can never fully explain.

But I digress. Let me tell the story.

Around 8:30 am, I rolled over and groggily asked Jim to scratch my back. A few moments later, his hand was there, but only half-heartedly, whereas he generally gives me a back-scratching that is worth dying for. He sat up in bed, staring into space, and said, “I had a really disturbing dream.” He told me the following.

Jim remembered being in a room where there was a large screen, with many people watching it. He didn’t recall what was being shown on the screen. However, he told me somehow he knew that he did not want to be there. He went into the next room. He was in what appeared to be a lab. On a nearby counter was what looked like a cell phone. He picked it up, but even while doing so in his “dream”, Jim says that he felt conscious – he knew that in “real life”, he would never steal a cell phone. People – or what appeared to be people – in white coats came along, and Jimmy knew he wasn’t supposed to be there, so he tried to sneak into the next room. They followed him and Jim saw them coming, so he threw the cell phone (or whatever the device was) into a container nearby. The “people” grabbed Jim and held him. A voice said, “What are you doing to him?” Jim says the voice might have said, “What are you doing to Jim?” but he couldn’t tell. The voice was familiar, Jim told me – it was as though he had heard it before, but he didn’t know where. The voice spoke in a tone similar to a tone one might use when speaking to a child. It was reassuring, but only gave Jim a moment of relief.

The moment of relief was shattered by something Jim referred to as a drill being inserted into his left eye. He said it was something like a cross between a needle and a drill, but “drill” was the word he kept using when telling me about the experience. He said he could feel everything, and there was horrible pain. He described the feeling as “all the blood was getting sucked out, then coming back in, over and over. It went right down to the bone.” Jim was still standing as this happened to him, held in place by the beings. He didn’t remember what they looked like, but that they were quite a bit taller than he was.

Jim says that moments before I asked him to scratch my back, the beings pulled the drill out of his eye, and there was a bright white light. Then he was back in bed, and I was asking him to scratch my back. He said he felt no sensation of waking up. He put it like this:  “I was there, and then I was here.”

Naturally, when I first heard the story, I was somewhat skeptical. I asked many questions. I thought it might have been a realistic dream – after all, who hasn’t had a dream that has them still panicking in the moments after they have already woken up? But Jim said he has had many realistic dreams in his lifetime, and this was nothing like any of them. It is something he remembers, not like a dream, but like a memory, something that happened. It isn’t getting foggy, as dreams do. Bits of the story are missing, but he isn’t forgetting them, he just never saw them in the first place. He still recalls the exact feeling of the drill and the sound of the voice.

Now, perhaps all of this could still be chalked up to a dream. But here is where it gets truly bizarre. The eye that received the drill in his “experience” was his left eye. Upon waking, Jim felt a dry sting in his left eye. He likened it to the feeling one has in their eye after undergoing eye surgery. He described it as the feeling of your eye being open for a very long time. Jim could still feel where the drill had gone in his eye. His vision was blurry, but only in his left eye, and around the edges of his left eye was bloodshot. This could all be explained, perhaps, if Jim had been sleeping on his left side, and that side of his face was buried in the pillow, or something. But Jim was sleeping on his right side. I can vouch for this.

How can this be explained? We talked about it for a long time. Jim could not go back to sleep, he was so disturbed. And after talking to him, I was too. It came to my attention that perhaps the voice he had recognized was not one he had heard while on this earth. As terrifying a concept as it is, could my husband be an alien guinea pig? Perhaps he has heard this voice before, in times where he didn’t wake up. He has never had an experience like this before, but that doesn’t mean he’s never been abducted, does it? I’ve been doing lots of research on the subject, and it is clear to me that aliens (I hate using this term, it sounds so science fiction…but for lack of a better term) are able to snatch a person out of their bed and place them back, all without the person being any the wiser. In the event the person does wake up, I am certain the aliens have the capability to make the whole thing appear like a dream.

I believe my husband was abducted. He certainly believes so, as well. Obviously. Upon further research, after fishing out the bullshit, I am finding there is much scientific data on the subject. The discovery of this forum is a godsend. After reading some of the posts, I realize my husband has many similarities to many of you. Since he was a child, Jim has woken up with nosebleeds or blood stains on his sheets and pillow on several occasions. He has always had trouble sleeping, for reasons unbeknownst to him.

As a child, Jim saw shapes and shadows in the dark. He attributed these things to just being a child, and I expect he is probably right. He says no shape or shadow stands out in his memory. I feel these things must be mentioned, however, to give you an accurate picture of my husband and his mental state, so that you may accurately analyze his experience.

There is one incident, however, that I must disclose, and the reason is because I read something eerily similar in another post, entitled “A Dream, Reality, or Something in Between?” Here is the link:  http://www.abduct.com/discussion/?p=879#comments. In the post, the writer says that as a child, he thought the devil had come to personally visit him. My husband had a similar experience, somewhere between the ages of six and eight. He was lying in bed, and he knew he hadn’t fallen asleep yet because he never woke up. He was lying in bed facing the wall, and behind him he heard a voice say, “What do we have here? Little Jimmy N****.” [I left out his last name.] Jim couldn’t move. He lay in bed, in the same position, until the sun came up, and he knew he hadn’t been asleep. It was a man’s voice, and very sinister sounding. Jim has never been able to forget this experience. Until recently, he still refused to sleep by the wall.

I hate hearing that story, but I asked him to tell it to me again for the purpose of giving you readers all the information that might possibly be useful in determining what exactly we have on our hands. As I said before, I have no doubt in my mind my husband was abducted by aliens. It may be that it wasn’t the first time, but this is the first time that we are consciously aware of. I have told him to keep me posted on any changes in the way he feels physically, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

I haven’t done much research on implants yet, but that has been a theory floating around in my mind. As for the type of aliens, I believe they are of the Nordic variety. I came to this conclusion by reading the article on alien abductions on Wikipedia, so please correct me if I’m wrong in coming to this conclusion.

Please, if anyone has any information on what these beings might have been doing, leave a comment below. If anyone has any similar experiences, regarding the abduction or the incident involving the devil, please share. I am open-minded and will not discount anything anyone has to say without due analysis. I do not believe my husband is insane, nor do I believe he had a mere nightmare. I do not believe he has some mental shortcoming. Quite frankly, I am scared for him. And this might be paranoia, but I am scared for myself, and our four month old son, as well. Do we know too much?

Thanks for reading. I apologize for any unnecessary digressions, and for the absurd length of this post.

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Abductee support webinar Sun Jan 29

Dear all,

I wrote a book on the subject and authored few videos on related subjects. Join me for a free alien abductee support webinar Jan 29, 6 pm New York time. (click for your time zone).  Both abductees and supporters from any continent are welcome. This will be an open discussion, I will share my understanding why aliens are abducting humans and we will discuss your stories. The idea is to have a discussion in a friendly environment. I will be broadcasting my webcam and computer screen and talking to you via a conference call. If needed, I will show relevant web pages via the webinar web page. You can participate under a nickname or real name by a phone or Skype. You have to be able to talk, just listening is not enough.

The webinar will be recorded and published, so others could learn. You don’t have to tell everything, just chatting in sufficient. Let me know if you need technical help for setting up Skype. If you like to appear with your webcam, that would be great too.

If you email me your story in advance, I will prepare and this way might serve you better.

Please register for the webinar here.

Find my info, videos and email at http://maxsteinberg.com.

I am not affiliated yet with any organization, but am a member of relevant public groups. I am running a small support group in my town and my main motivation is to be of service and to facilitate public education about the abductions and the aliens.

Kindest regadrds,


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my daughter

I have always believed in the paranormal-ghosts/spirits etc and i have always suspected that aliens do exist and even visit earth but for some reason i have always taken alien abduction “stories” with a pinch of salt so to speak. However there have been some odd incidences lately that i had until now attributed to a spirit of some kind. ( I have experienced paranormal things from a very young age such as items moving etc).  Lately there has been a lot of this but what is alarming me is that i do not think its spirits after all after a couple of incidents regarding my young daughter who has only just turned 7 years old. For the last few months she has become very scared of the dark. Even though she now sleeps in our bedroom it has not stopped her being scared. She  is very anxious about everything, household security, me being late to pick her up from school etc. I was worried she was depressed about something. The other night she showed me and her dad a drawing. It was a star and very inticrately drawn. Around it she had drawn two other planets. I asked her what it was and she told me that at the top of the star were the aliens, to the right was the bad planet and at the bottom was earth. “The bad aliens are going to the bad planet and then they are coming for us.” I asked her if they had been talking about aliens at school and she said ” no i was looking at the sky and the voice in my head told me”. We were a bit taken aback and i put the drawing in my top drawer. We didnt think too much more of it but Last night she again kept calling out to me saying she was scared. I kept telling her there was nothing to be frightened of but she insisted that there was someone standing in front of the bedroom door and that the “dust was lit up red”. this morning i asked her all about it and she told me there had been a loud noise like the sort of thing a road sweeper lorry makes. and a woman she described as a witch. she was old with a green face and black hair. I asked her how she had a green face as it was so dark at night and she said it was because she was lit up with the small red lights that were also over her. Normally i would of assumed this was a nightmare but after seeing that drawing  a  lot of my daughters fears now seem to make sense. Is 7 too young for this. Could it be an over active imagination. I just dont think it is. After reading some of these posts im astounded by some similarities to her experience. This is 100% geniune and i would really appreciate some advice. Sorry for rambling on a bit.

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A Dream, Reality, or Something in Between?

Dream log

Night of December 31 and morning of January 1, 2012-01-08

I dreamt I was on an alien spaceship with several (5-10) other earthlings. We were all being experimented on medically. The aliens I saw were similar to the “grey’s seen on TV with the big foreheads and eyes, however, they were much taller (taller than the typical human). I’d guess they were around between 6’ and 7’ tall with very long arms, legs, and torsos. They seemed to glide smoothly and effortless when they walked. Their feet touched the floor, and they had a stride, but it was exceedingly smooth, even more so than that of a giraffe or gazelle but similar. Curiously, they walked with the palms of their hands facing backwards and their fingers slightly bent (like an ape dragging his knuckles on the ground). Also, unlike the “greys” in popular culture, these beings were more of a blue, green, and white color – sort of like a white smoke grey with a blue green tint. They had a glow to them. They were all clothed with their hands, neck and heads exposed. Their clothing was all solid colors with shirts and pants being separate items. The colors of their clothing were white, teal, gold, and blue. Some of the shirts were iridescent in nature. Some of the clothing was moderately tight and others had clothing that would just barely flow when they moved. I don’t recall if they were wearing shoes. Their presence was mystical and curious in nature and they never spoke a word to the humans or to each other. They were very nice, polite, comforting, and unconcerned with me after my “procedure”.
Although I never saw the other earthlings conscious, I saw them unconscious while lying in beds and being “operated” on. The aliens knew exactly what they were doing. They were steady, methodical, and never got anxious or nervous. The humans were lying peacefully and never seemed to be in any danger despite the operations. While “awake” on board the ship my blood was drawn. I was a little woozy and don’t know what was done to me after my blood was drawn. The sequence of events I recall are being on board the ship(not sure how I got there), having my blood drawn, then waking up and being free to roam around. It felt like there was time lost between my blood being drawn and being free to roam.
I was the first earthling done with the proceedings and left free to roam around the “waiting room” which was filled with equipment which I presumed to be medical in nature. Oddly, the equipment was very simple looking with not many buttons, knobs and screens. There were several different pieces of equipment, but each piece seemed fairly simple and did not respond to my touch. Some of the equipment was mounted to the walls and others were on tables/benches. The screens were not glass or plastic, but similar to LCD in nature. The equipment was not metallic nor was it plastic. Some of the casings around the equipment were grey and others were black. They did not feel cold or hot to the touch, but they did feel like a very tight weave… smooth overall, but with a slight fine texture. The room seemed well organized and like it had a purpose other than storage or as a waiting room. There was plenty of space to move around but also plenty of interesting things for me to look at.
The ship was quiet and still. Although you couldn’t hear anything, there seemed to be a feel of a slight hum coming from the ship – almost like the feel of the motors running deep within a cruise ship, but it was silent. Somehow there was a slight vibration which could be felt. It was very high frequency and not annoying, but noticeable different than standing on the earth. The whole space ship was extremely luminous and lucid. The light seemed to be coming from the floors and ceilings. All the lighting was indirect with no visible light fixtures. The light was everywhere and seemed to come from nowhere. The feeling of the light was smooth and comforting – more like an incandescent light and very much unlike fluorescent lights. The light was brilliant white with absolutely no yellow or orange tint.
After the aliens were finished with their medical work on the other humans, I woke up in my bed at home. In real life I had a very slight headache. 12-31-2011 was the first day of a 3 day water only fast that I was doing. The headache was probably related to the fast. For the next day and a half I felt slight pressure inside my forehead (between the skin and skull) just above my right eyebrow. I’m not sure if it was due to the fast or my dream or something else. My sinus cavity over my right eye was very mildly tender – nothing painful or unbearable, but noticeable different than the day before. After a day or so, I’ve felt no pressure or tenderness associated with my sinus over my right eye. For one week and counting my throat has been raw, but only in the area at the top of my throat where the top back of my mouth meets my nasal cavity. My soar throat feels like it does after sleeping with your mouth open (which I do not do because I sleep on my side). My nose has been dry for the last week with a little bit of dried blood periodically coming out. I’ve been a little sleepy the past week. Otherwise, I feel great, alert, and healthy.

Night of 1-7-2012 morning of 1-8-2012 (exactly one week from the dream above)
Again I felt as if I was in a brightly illuminated space ship, but I had no idea how I got there. This time I was in a different “room” but it was so bright I couldn’t really see the walls and the room was almost without bound. Off in the distance I saw the same beings as described in the previous dream. That is, I mean that the beings looked the same as the previous beings, but I can not say whether they were the exact same “persons”. This time they were huddled together watching me from a distance. They seemed to be on the edge of the room in which I was located, but they might have been behind a clear wall or something. They did not request my attention, and I paid them none once I realized they were there. I was on a white round couch in the shape of a horse shoe with the open part facing the aliens. Also on the couch were other humans but they were separated from me by a reasonable distance. I felt like I had plenty of “personal space” from the other humans. The humans were not my focus and I didn’t look at them closely, but the beings on the couch were in male/female pairs with one member of each pair being clearly human and the other member of the pair was like the being I’m about to describe.
Sitting right next to me, and within my personal space, was a female being who I knew was not human, but she was so “appealing” I did not care. Again I felt drugged and couldn’t focus well…expect on one thing…sex. The being looked human in every way except there was something about her skin tone that was not human. Her skin was too much of a light rosy pink and pale peach to be human. She was tall for a “women” but not taller than me (although she was reclining on the couch and I never saw her stand up so I can be certain of her height). Her arms were exposed from just above the elbow (like when wearing a short sleeve T-shirt), and other than her skin tone, her arms looked human. They were the same bone and muscle structure as a human women’s and the hair on her arm seemed natural and to match her hair color. She had blond hair on her arms and the hair on her head was a sandy blond / light brown color and short – cut just below where her head met her neck. Her exposed neck looked human but maybe slightly longer. The hair on her head was very thick as were her blond/brown eye brows and both looked overly stiff (not matted, oily, or curly, just bushy, straight and stiff). Her eyes were the most beautiful sparkling sky blue I have ever seen. They were unlike the other aliens in that they were oblong like humans complete with eye lids and lashes. Her lashes were very long, thick and glossy jet black. Although each hair of her eye lashes was thick, she seemed to have fewer of these hairs on her eye lids than a human. Whereas it is hard to see each eyelash on a human because there are so many, this being seemed to have 10 or so on each eye lid. They were spaced like a child would draw the rays coming out of the sun. Although her eyes were blue and not green, she very much had “Irish eyes” of the most spectacular sparkling type. She had big firm looking natural breast neatly outlined by a tight pink short sleeve sweater type top. She was wearing tight light blue denim jeans.
I felt the “women” being touch my forearm with her left hand and it was warm, soft, and sensual. She didn’t speak at all, but yet we seemed to have had an entire causal conversation as you would with someone at a bar before going home with them. Some how we were courting each other, getting to know one another, and trying to impress and flirt with one another – all without saying a word. I was very sexually aroused. Then she moved her left hand from my right arm down between her legs. She started rubbing her crotch through her jeans with her left hand. When I leaned in to get closer to her head and start kissing her, she stopped me with her other hand. With out saying a word verbally she said to me, “You don’t want to do that. You have forgotten that I’m not human and that you have a wife and kid back on earth”. In the very same instant, I realized I was not aroused at all and my penis had gone completely limp. It felt like all the semen had been drained from it and I had this emotion that something had been stolen from me. However, I didn’t feel like I had ejaculated, my pants weren’t wet, and I didn’t have the post sex high or sensations. The feeling was as if at the very same time she pushed me back with her hand, someone had come along with a giant vacuum and snatched all the semen out of my body.
Next my body felt suspended in light with nothing around me. It was just me and the light. I felt frozen – unwilling and unable to move. Then I felt like I was back in my bed dreaming and another dream began.
In the next dream (which was significantly less lucid) I was in my childhood neighborhood. I was trapped in a friend’s house that was being guarded by these “zombies” who were thoughtless, slow moving, and put in charge of the house. My friend told me I could escape if I went outside with the other humans who were also being held captive. The only humans outside were out there smoking, and the patrolling zombie like beings were confining the humans to the patio. The only other humans I recognized at the house were my friend whose house it was, and one other childhood friend. I did not recognize any of the zombie beings, but they looked like tall humans. My childhood friend and I went outside with the “smokers”, waited for the watchmen to turn his back, then we took off running. My friend whose house it was stayed at the house. The zombie beings took off after us, but they were slow and clumsy. Our plan was to run, not to my house, but past my house and on to my fellow escapee’s house. We saw a zombie coming by in a red 2 door car. We baited him by letting him see us then we ran behind a house. The zombie got out of the car and chased us. We ran around the house, then we jumped in the car and drove off. Then I woke up to the real world in the morning.


After these dreams, my throat has still been sore for a couple days. I’m still having the dried blood come out of my nose 1-2 times per day. The blood is clotted and dry so it isn’t really a nose bleed. My nose is still slightly dry, but now no more than you’d expect in the winter with the heat on. I’m still a little tired and require a few more hours of sleep each day than normal. Again, otherwise I feel great.

Also, on the morning of 1-8-2012 my wife told me she too had a strange dream the night before. Her dream consisted of her and her co-workers going on a field trip. She doesn’t remember much about what happened except the whole dream was comprised of her and her co-workers being trapped in a bus the entire dream.

As long as I can remember, my mom claims to have been visited numerous times by friendly human looking aliens. I’ve never believed her, and considered her to be more than a little crazy. She always says they visit her in a religious sort of way usually (but not always) when she is in trouble. She claims to have seen them 2-3 times in her life during difficult times and once when not.

As a child I had one strange experience when I was about 4 years old, but I’ve always put it off as childhood imagination. Although strongly Christian (then and now), I thought the devil had come to personally visit me. Of course, this scared me, but it also intrigued me. I haven’t thought much about that until now — I’m 33. Also, I dream about 1-2 lucid dreams per year. It is very abnormal for me to have 2 dreams like those listed above so close to each other and even stranger that these dreams were exactly 1 week apart. Past dreams throughout my life have NEVER been about aliens. Were these dreams related to the short 3 day fast? My reason to fast was to remove toxins from my body. I’ve read that fasting also purifies the body in a religious way. Did the fast allow my body to see into past events or did it purify me so I could be taken and examined? I do not know.

If the dreams were more than just dreams, how did I get out of my house? Is it common for people to get taken at night while asleep in a suburban area? I have a lot of questions, and few answers. If the dreams weren’t so lucid and real, I’d just have considered them to be nothing more. With their vividness, the sinus pressure, the wooziness, and the raw upper throat I’m just not sure.

Your comments are appreciated.

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What do you all think regarding implants?  What’ve been your experiences and how many implants do you think you have and why?  Have you ever noticed any type of sensation or heard any tones which you’ve attributed to your implant?  Please be open and say what you really think here.  This is a safe environment.

I’ve done a lot of reading about this topic and I’ve read where people say they have one in their head which causes either a tone, ringing or buzzing sound just before an abduction.  Others have a small hard lump under a scoop-shaped scar and still others don’t notice their implants but have found that when they move from one residence to another, it doesn’t take long before the Beings find their new location.

I also wonder if the Beings come to take someone from their home for an abduction but that person isn’t home, so then what do they do to fill that time?  Do they troll around looking for other implanted people out and about or do they go and see someone else on their list?

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