New to the group : )

Im 48 yrs old now and have been having experiences my whole life. I was taught by parents and school teachers to never talk about it. Im at a point where I need understanding, my life is a wreck in a lot of ways because of these incidences. Ive only just started to have the courage to reach out for fear of being labeled, people seem to think Im weird enough already! Most of my experiences are frightful. Especially the first 2 when I was a boy. I could go on and on about different experiences so if anyone can help please comment.

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Reptilian Type Extraterrestrials

My first abduction, I woke up half asleep on a table. I looked to my right and saw a humanoid female with green snake-like skin. I remember thinking to myself “I wonder what it feels like.” I got up off the table and started toward her. She seemed frightened. As I approached her she backed off but fell and said “You can have whatever you want.” I got within a foot of her and I blacked out. Has anyone else had an encounter with this type of extraterrestrial?

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Unexplained Marks


I mainly wanted to post on here to show my unexplained marks I have on my shoulders, when I was around 15 (now 27) I woke up with what look like burn marks which are now shaped same size and on the same place on my shoulders. There is nothing that could possibly explain these appearing. I don’t know if there’s a way I can add a photo? So I can show the marks. The house we lived at at the time was very rural and we used to see a lot of stranger lights and planes chasing lights etc. We moved house around 8 years ago and I dream of aliens etc the greys but always at our old house never here and I have also had dreams were I being lifted and taken out my window I see myself from above being taken towards my window where there’s a very bright light, that’s all I see. My dad used to see himself being taken from his bed from as young as he can remember. My mum also had an experience in our old house where she saw a being stood in her bedroom window looking out

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Can anyone help me?!

Hello all,

i am fairly new to this “asking for help when it comes to aliens” however very scared and anxious. it all started when i was very young. my grandmother used to tell me how out going i was. how imaginative and creative i used to be when i was younger. she said however that when i was about 8 or 9 years old, i had completely changed, didnt want to go to school, always depressed and anxious, felt like i had a higher purpose just never told anyone.there where many odd paranormal times in my life for instance when i was 14, i shared a room with my brothers and i saw a strange figure in our room trying to make my brothers sick and then it came for me, another time when i thought i had been molested by my father but ive never told anyone that i woke up that night paralyzed and dont remember a thing besides waking up with stuff all over my blankets and body (sorry if this is graphic) i can remember everything that happened in my life from age 3 until present with the exceptions of the ages 8 & 9. here i am at 28 years of age. i have hypothyroidism, back problems, gen anxiety disorder, been seen by many people for help, i cant sleep at night unless my boyfriend is with me so i work at night, i always feel like im being watched,hearing noises, seeing figures in my dreams, always feeling anxious, always tired, always feeling like im doing something wrong or feeling like im crazy because most people already do. im anxious just by typing this… anyways there is more to tell but if anybody can help me PLEASE!!!!!! i cant deal with this anymore!!! i just want to know why and what they want from me. i have two indigo group pages on face book helping others find truth however when it comes to myself, i draw a blank. anyways, thanks for reading

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recent believer of E.T. curent encounters

I am 28 years old and always thought theres something wrong with folks who think et is real.until about a year ago.I blew it off at the time but recently I have seen some really weird stuff going on right above my house,in my backyard,behind tress,pasture. and stars or something lined up that moved and possibly followed me.some were red and blue some was really bright and some I would try to sqwent my eyes to see.I’ve had migran headaches that I’ve never had and when I have them and go to sleep I dream of 9 solid black round things getting in my head.recently my boyfriend said the other night I woke up crying askin him if he new why there putting them in our heads and I asked him if he could feel em.and was wining in my don’t recall any of that other than the pain band the objects.I’m scared cause every night here lately there are more band more right outside our house.we live out in the country in the middle of no where.I’m really just looking for some help or awnsers. I also have a lot of photos and videos..

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why so silent now?

I’ve gone from place to place tonight seeking genuine places to seek help, and everything has gone silent pretty much everywhere. I tried my local MUFON group a while back but they didn’t help, a couple of encounters with the group had them run very fast in the opposite direction. Proof it seems of any kind is the fastest way to get those who profess to be there to help bugger off.

There are many experiences I’ve had that involved missing time, coming to in a different place in states of terror that are not easily described. Those incidents not only left their mark in terror, but distinctive UV burns to the tear ducts somehow gained at night. First would come silence, then the bluish white light followed by gaps of time ranging from three to six hours. If someone tries to say the effing devil and demons did that, read this – you ritually consume a mans flesh and drink his blood, keep your crap to yourself, and your evil religion. 

This is the work of people, by people, I mean intelligent bipeds that think, not devils or demons or Mastema (Satan of the bible who IS named therein who DOES THE WORK OF IT’S GOD). 

Other experiences I’ve had were not so bad, I have a dreamlike recollection, though clear enough, my perceptions were interfered with to a degree but not my mind. A couple saved my life from serious medical conditions after being tossed out onto the street by a hospital because at that time we lacked health insurance and a means to pay to save my life from a large collection of gall stones upon one occasion. Nice hospitals in the USA, really nice, yes, note the sarcasm.

Help came from another source where I was carried out wrapped in something soft, dark and warm. Caring hands carried me before a voice told me to go back to sleep after complaining that I should not have woken at all. I woke a number of times though I felt sedated that night. Once I was woken as for some reason, permission was needed for the procedure that removed those gallstones. Out like a light soon after, woke again when I wasn’t supposed to in a white room. I saw two individuals, six digits upon each hand, five fingers and a thumb. I could not see their faces, just a blur where a face should be. Whoever they were, they weren’t bad. Most fail to listen to their feelings, distracted are they by transient hormone induced emotion which is little more than a biochemically induced reaction to outside stimuli, thought plays no part in such a reaction. I’m not an animal, I think, I trust feelings, assess situations and pay attention to details when able to.

There was some disturbance that showed when normal -tricks- failed to prevent me waking or staying awake, before being returned, I was drugged. Again. The upside of that encounter was that when other issues arose, they came back and again gave me the help I needed.

Greys, an image of one alone incites feelings of fury. I have no conscious memory of ever seeing one, but images have a powerful effect so I wonder at those episodes of missing time, UV burned eyes, endless vomiting of vile green goo afterwards, and I wonder if there is a connection of some kind between the fury that rises at a mere image, unreasoning feelings like that are NOT part of my normal reaction mode. 

I’ve seen craft of many kinds, some have left feelings of dread, others filled me with wonder. I remember a number of years ago when one such craft appeared at O’Hare Airport. Lots of coverage for a few days then silence, but I’d seen such craft before – back where I was born, Darwin, Australia. In Victoria, Australia, one form of entertainment was to sit on the balcony at night and watch the Jets from Sale attempt to catch the flitting craft that played with them in the night sky. They’d wait, sitting in the sky looking pretty till the aircraft came, then from all that I could see with my stepsisters and friends was whoever was flying those pretty craft appeared to find entertainment in driving human pilots bonkers. 

There is no option for me to recall what happened in hundreds of episodes of missing time. It’s been tried, but I’m immune to hypnosis unless drugged to a life threatening level to break my will. Even then, not much comes out, what does isn’t in english at all, but a language long dead. Sumerian. I did eventually get around to studying it, I have a brain and if I wish to learn something, I do just that. I don’t care about silly pieces of paper to prove I can regurgitate in a pleasing way and classrooms are not a place I like to be. The learning curve while locked in a room is too slow and its more productive to gain some sleep than listen to the same things over and over again. Too much value is placed upon idiotic pieces of paper. The internet was a blessing when I discovered it, I could learn whatever I wanted without being slowed up by so much wasted time. 

I’ve found other accounts that match those of my periods of absent time, up to and including the utter terror without explanation. Whatever happened in those periods of missing time wasn’t good, now, I’m no longer sure I even want to know what happened, I have enough difficulties sorting out the damage from my biological parents who hated me so much that by the time I was eight years old had attempted to kill me a handful of times. Each time was worse because -something- always intervened. Adding to that trauma and PTSD isn’t something I really think I need to get on with my life. 

Everywhere, things are so silent now, boards dead, sites gone, groups gone, the only active group near me won’t come near me now. I was changed by my encounters, I have issues with electronics at times save for computers, computers and I get along very well as long as the power supplies are VERY heavily shielded against electromagnetic fields. Learned that the hard way. Fried gadgets after some testing meant I was persona non grata with them. Yet, I am in a way proof of the very thing they state they try to investigate, understand and prove. I gave some proof of the changes made to me and they took off screaming like kiddies faced with a pack of scorpions. 

But silence rules now, I question why. Is it fear? Threats? Or is it that there is no more profit to be found in the suffering and experiences of others. Those of us with real experiences that have changed us in very real ways, measurable ways seem to have the hardest time getting any kind of help or understanding. Is proof that frightening? Or is it something more?

Even the crickets have fallen silent.

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i need help,its been 17yrs now since i been abducted,please help me,its been horrifying and tormented,i even got shot with a implant right in my chest,my name is larry salazar#557179498,i lived at 4599 n.sierra way #38 in san bernardino,ca 92407,i live about an hour away from area51,can some one please help me,i encounter with the greys aliens and another species,my body has also been invaded,and my head has to been mindly open,i was hearing voices and been trying to fight off this abduction attack,i came face to face with a small ufo ship ,right on the cieling of our home back in december of 99,i been abducted since,theres more about this abduction,but right now ,i need help,my cell #9092426585,i inform nasa about this issue about 3yrs ago,but nasa only sent an agent but nothing else wasnt tooken cared of,im still calling nasa and FBI,i requested help to other web sites also,i have a family that i care about and protect,especailly this kind of issue,i need help,i also have a implant right in the center of my chest,i can see it spining,is there an agency that can help me about this abduction issue cause i need help,i been fighting aganist this abduction for the past 17yrs now,this abduction has been tormented and horrifying,it had sent me to hospitals and called a 5150 case,so please get me some help

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is anybody out there

I had a very vivid and mind boggling dream today. If there is anyone who has recently had anything similar who are just as confused and curious as i feel, in regards to possible mental abduction or astral projection, please comment so we can discuss further.


I was lead to this website by googling alien/extraterrestrial symbols or forms of writing, brought on by a dream i had.

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Earnest seeker desires answers about abductions

Even though my life has been anything but normal since a child, I have always found a way to rationalize these events, come hell or high water. These highly strange events have recently forced my mind to expand and has put me on the road of being an earnest seeker.

I know that my world view has changed as of late.  I am interested in the alien abduction  because it comes close to explaining some of my experiences. If any of you would like to share with me answers to some of the questions that I have, it would help me along my path of discovery and I would truly appreciate it.

When a person is abducted, does their body physically change locations in this realm of reality? In other words, if I physically went to your bed and looked at it, what would I see?

What would happen if several people watched over you and you had a couple of cameras on you as you slept.  It seems to me that there would be one of several different outcomes. You may be abducted anyway, and if that is the case, what would happen to the people  and the cameras and what would they see, or you might just be left alone. Seems like a great experiment to further our knowledge of this. Thank you very much and take care.

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Alien Abductees

Hello Everyone,

I am a producer working on a new show for a cable network filming in New York City. We are looking for people who have had experiences with alien abduction, particularly of a violent or traumatic nature, as the show is focused on counseling abductees and helping them find ways to process and deal with that trauma. While you are free to remain anonymous, we invite everyone to be honest and forthcoming, and there will also be an opportunity to partake in a small group counseling session with an expert in the field.
Please e-mail me for more information at, and do include a brief description of your own experiences with abduction.

Stephen Dost

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