The answer to those having encounters

The answer to those being abducted or having encountersThe answers you seek may not be what you think Let me tell everyone something. I feel sorry for anyone who is going through ANY degree of encounter with these things. The UN 5 years ago commissioned the worlds top physicists to tell them what the ufo and close encounter issue on earth is. They were funded and given all access possible (shy of the deep covert stuff) after 2years a large report was produced. The bottom line is they said these beings are definitely NOT inter planetary but are certainly inter dimensional. The last line in the report was they were also unanimously in agreement that they are all “EVIL” and none of those who came to that conclusion have a religious background in c saw you wonder. I have studied this stuff for 30 years. I have been a Christian minister for 25. I am also a police officer and been happily married for 26 years and have two great kids. I know there are hundreds of opinions out there and believe me 99.99% of them are wrong and whacked if you ask me. I can’t take the time here to build a case to hopefully help anyone believe what I am going to say but I will say what i can with the time i have now. I want to tell you. If you are having any degree of encounters with these things on any level you need to know you are in danger, very real danger. I do not wish to scare you. Fear is not a good thing but you must be aware and let the fear motivate you to do what you should to stop it. If you are believing they care for you or are friendly then you are deceived and will likely have no reason to believe anything else and thus the truth will almost certainly elude you unless you can put that aside and listen. Let me say this. There have been multiple studies proving that these types of encounters are Not happening to those recognized as Spirit filled Christians. anyone with certain beliefs with knowledge of what the Holy Bible says about the spirit realm are Not getting attacked by these things. The fact is Jesus is the SON of GOD and he did die on a cross to win back and pay off the sin debt of everyone, that includes YOU. The bible which is Gods word says that when he did this he also conquered the grave and he put his foot on satans head and used it as a FOOT STOOL. The FACT is is that demons (and that’s what theses things really are ) as well as their human hybrids which have been created to attempt to infiltrate the human genetics, ALL must FLEE at the sound of the name of Jesus. If any of you are tired and really really want to end this evil from reaching into your lives then seek out what is called a full gospel or spirit filled Christian church or what may be called a word church. If you live in the Bible Belt it won’t be hard. If you don’t call the 700 club and ask them to refer you to a nearby church that knows how to take authority over the devil. They will understand even if you really don’t and direct you to a place that can help. Ultimately the truth is this and this can be hard to swallow but it’s true. Gods word does make it clearly understood that in this life with the warfare that is at work in the spirit realm for the souls of men, is real. That’s because we are all fell out of fellowship with God after Adam and Eve turned their backs on Him. That created a sin nature in all of us from birth. That’s why God and his son Jesus had to do something and why Jesus laid down his powers, became a normal man but never ever sinned one time SO That he could allow himself to be put to death and that death would then serve as PAYMENT in full making it possible for man and GOD to again, as was originally his purpose, to live together. If you are having encounters with grays with big heads and black controlling eyes that reveal the evil in their hearts. If you are seeing reptilian creatures and being taken against your will and being traumatically affected by this evil. If you believe these far out (yet true) encounters with these things then it should not be hard to believe in what I have just told you and to know there is one real God and his son Jesus that is really really the King of kings and Lord of all lords and they alone rule over ALL powers, rulers and principalities and wickedness in high places. Gods word to us all sats “For this reason was the Son of God manifested, to DESTROY the works of the devil.” Folks if you want real help you gotta go get it and find it and control what you believe in and if you don’t know you better seek it out and pray you do not get sucked into the great deception of these days. Look to the Christian churches I described. Call the 700 club and they will direct you and you have a 99% chance you will not be in a church that will tech false or deception. I know many of you may have strong feeling about religion and most I already know have written Jesus off as the son of God because there is a big lack of understanding how there can be a real loving God and yet the world be in such turmoil and so many bad things happening to people. All I can say is Jesus is the answer and I’m not saying that to try to sound or be religious. I can’t go deep into trying to cover all the major questions people have that stop them from even considering God as a possible answer to life’s problems ( let alone this type of problem) I will tell you that if you really really want to know the truth and you sincerely seek it and not just believe the first religion you come across but instead seek God and cry out to him that he will answer. You will find a life with him in it as Lord of your life is Not about a bunch of governing set of rules. Don’t do that, can’t do that, live a boring life etc. That my fellow humans is part of all this deception. The truth is that the definition of religion is ” to bind ones self to a governing set of rules”. Jesus himself had harsh words to only a few when he was on earth and it was the religious leaders that made it just that. Jesus and Gods word makes it simple, he only wants relationship, that’s it. You will find that to know him is to love him and when you love someone you naturally find yourself wanting to please him and that is how lives change. That’s the way the power of God works and its wonderful. My life and those that live the same way do have ups and downs but there is a deep joy that you have never tasted that makes that lifestyle 1000 times easier and more fulfilling. Look, I’m not trying to lead you to Jesus. I’m just trying to tell you the truth about the serious deception you are involved with. If you want to mess around with these thing and see how deprived they can influence your life then it’s your choice. Jesus is the son of God himself and he completely took away dominion of evil away from mankind if you believe in him and seek to know him so he can walk along side of you. Demons and all evil tremble when they hear that name. When you walk up rightly with God according to him you have non fallen angels that double the population of the fallen ones AND they have the power of a ALL MIGHTY GOD behind them. To put it simply the angels of God do not lose
It’s your choice what you do. I have given you the truth and true direction now what will you do with it. It feels very very good to be free in Jesus. I have lived 50 years with first 25 in fast lane and no care for any of this and the last 25 wishing some one would had told me how good life could of been sooner then they did. God is a good God Please get help. You are messing with evil.
If you live in the Bible Belt it won’t be hard. If you don’t call the 700 club and ask them to refer you to a nearby church that knows how to take authority over the devil. They will understand even if you really don’t and send you to a place that can help. Ultimately the truth is this and this can be hard to swallow but it’s true. Gods word does make it clearly understood that in this life with the warfare that is at work in the spirit realm for the oils of men is real. That because we are all born after Adam and Eve turned their backs on God that created a sin nature in all of us from birth. That’s why God and his son Jesus had to do something and why Jesus laid down his powers, became a normal man but never ever sinned one time SO That he could allow himself to be put to death and that death would then serve as PAYMENT in full making it possible for man and GOD to again as was originally his purpose to live together. If you are having encounters with grays with big heads and black controlling eyes that reveal the evil in their hearts. If you are seeing reptilian creatures and being taken against your will and being traumatically affected by this evil, it should not be hard to believe in what I have just told you and to know there is one real God and his son Jesus are good. Please get help. You are messing with evil

I realized I should have spent some time explaining how theses grays and reptilian beings are actually demons vs from another planet. I will be happy to if anyone wants to know

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Where are all the abductees?

I have been all over the internet and it seems a great silence is happening in the abduction/ufo groups O.o where has everyone gone? Very odd indeed. And sad.

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unrequested beginings for mystical avenues

when i was 6yrs old i was playing in my backyard,i lived in a housing addition in ft wayne ind,it was late summer or early fall,it was dark out when a low flying saucer was slowly drifting just above the tree tops,it had a dark band around it that was red led lights,advertising for a local grocery store’scott s foods’this was back in 72!i thought that i was daydreaming so i picked up a stick a threw it.when i heard that distintive metallic sound i turned to run,several yards,it took me 3and ahalf hours.later in life i lived in southern cali.we used to run around the countryside to get away from all the shit that was constantly poppin on the streets.a mysterious mist filled the canyon then i saw the was elongated,shooting different colored beams into the had what appeared to be a clear ‘windshield’i could see their tiny,dark heads.i kept looking at my watch,no more than 90seconds,then 45 vincente dam isaw what looked like a waxing yellow moon rising over the mountains until it started to move in our direction.i jumped out with a mag light and did my thing.i got it s physically shook the light in my hand,after that i could understand what they were saying to each s weird but the vessel felt to me as being organic!i could of went with them,i sometimes regret it but i left what i was doing and take care of my 92yr old mother.i ve been interacting with them for over 20yrs.i can ‘make ‘them move even when they don t want to.i ve even seen native american earth spirits.things that only a handful of the tribe as long as they have been.i honestly believe that what happened when i was 6 altered my path.i don t want to know what happened i m pretty sure it wasn t nice. thank you for your valuable time.sincerely michael r bushing

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Tonight I had the strangest experience in my life. I saw images that were stick like and gangly, laying in suspended air under a red tweed material cloth. I saw dim circular lights all above my head and a shelf over my head with a big circular light like used in dentist offices. I heard languages of different origins before I heard English. Suddenly I was layer on my left side, my left arm and leg stretched out to full length. All of a sudden my finger tips were numb and the numbness traveled down my left fingers, hand and so on to the bottom of my left foot. I began to feel my feet legs and armes being moved and felt on as if being examined. I began to fight and resist and was grabbed from the back by one of the beings. He wrapped his arms and legs around me like a rubber band and began to squeeze tighter and tighter draining all my strength speech and energy out of my body. At that same time my dad and niece were trying to awaken me. Once I finally gained my speech back I told my dad very weakly, “I can’t move, I have no strength to sit up or anything”. I was confused because I wasn’t sure where I was or what was real. He grabbed me by my right arm and hand and completely pulled me up and helped me come to full conciousness. He gave me a caffiened soda to fully come around and I had to sit on the side of my bed to take in where I was and wait for my strength and energy to return. I’m not afraid of my experience only more inquisitive about the Extraterestrial and Supernatural beings. Is their anyone who can help me out in this field?

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Alien Injection?

So I met a guy I think may have been an alien in disguise. Here’s the story.
I met this guy. He was nice and very attractive but odd looking. We hung out one night early October and he slept over at my house. While sleeping somewhere around 3am, I felt something sting the side of my thumb. It woke me up and I literally said, “Ow!” and pulled my thumb away. When I opened my eyes he was there over me and said, “Sorry.”
Then that’s all I remember. I guess I fell back asleep?
When I woke up, and we hung out and he said goodbye. After he left I remembered the thumb insident. I examined my thumb and a big, liquid filled blister with red specks was on my thumb where I had felt the sting. I drained the bubble but it kept re-filling and took over a week to get rid of. Other then that I was fine and noticed no other physical inperfections, but I never ever saw him again even though we had plans to do so. It was quite mysterious because although we were physical, we didn’t have sex and I remember lights that night and him acting restless through out the night like he wasn’t really sleeping. He got up and down out of bed a couple times.
It’s weird because now I’ve started to have flashes of times in the past where I know I’ve seen vivid space crafts, lights,and unknown beings. But they are often shadowed or I can’t remember a face or even even though I know something happened. Am I being silly? Could he have injecting me with something I know nothing of? Any imput would be appricated. Thank you.

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Hi all. 

I am new to this web site and my first time coming out of the  closet.  My experiences have been the same with lights, grays, reptilians, abductions, out of body experiences. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  I also believe that we who have had and continue to have such experiences are unique and special for who we are.  What we can accomplish such if you wish, and have a huge responsibility with the knowledge and information just by the nature of our experiences.

I view (them) as bullies of Universe.  It seems that they want to take away our personal power by the fear that they cause and sponsor.   If we let our fears win and take over, then they have won.  Love is what conquers ALL FEAR!

We are our own creators and so what we think, we create.  Yes, they force themselves upon us seemingly helpless creatures, as they would have us believe.  But I have learned to face my fear that they have forced upon me.  Though they are ever present in my life. they cannot control me anymore.  Christ has helped me through this for the last 40 years.  He is the exact opposite of them.  There is opposition in all things. 

I just wanted to let you know that there is hope.

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i have seen a alien in my bed room

i was going to my sisters house right down the street one night and i thought what i seen was a space ship hovering over a small creek , it was a huge bright light ,nothing could get that low , under the trees, i looked at it about 15 minutes and then it flew away , later that night i was awakened , by something standing over me , waveing his hand over me i looked at this creature i know about 20 minutes or more and i turned and looked at my husband and looked back up at this thing , he had huge head dark eyes , and long skinny arms grey in color ,my room was lit up,and i felt like i was in a trance i couldnt speak, i fell into a deep sleep ,the next day when i awakened i told my husband what happen ,he didnt beleave me ive told more than one person of this happening to me even a phychiatrist , i asked  her was i going crazy she said no, somethings cant be explained they just happen ,i now have proof that he was really in my bed room september 1998 in seminary ms, i was in a wreck in may of this year ,and i had been complaining of a lump in my arm to my Dr , and told my sister , my  Dr said it was fat tissue, i kept telling her it was hard , anyway when i was x rayed after the wreck my right fore arm was  x rayed , and the Dr came back in to the room to tell me if my hand was broken and he began telling me of a small bb i have in my right arm ,he asked if i have ever been shot i told him no, he examined my arm there is no entry wound i looked at my sister and told her i told you i seen an alien they laughed when a couple of weeks later she watched on the history channel of a man with the same thing implanted in side his arm and he had been abducted ,she now beleaves me , and i do plan on having this taken from my arm and examined,my arm gets real cold goes to sleep ,hurts very bad when i found out i had this thing in me i wanted to cut it out myself , i felt as though my body was not my own any longer , and they was useing me for there own purpose, i still feel that way , but i try not to think about it so much,it  still scares me to think about it , i still have this vision of this thing in my mind and it scares me , to think he could be watching my every move , and i just want to know what he wants with me ,,are we supose to learn to live with these things that can come to our bed rooms that are supose to be private and do what ever they want to us when they get ready ? and examine us and put these things inside us, i dont feel like the same person any more , beleifs are destroyed , the things i was raised up on arent here anymore , maybe one day i will get proven diffrently i hope , but until then i sit and wait , wait for it to come back , because i know it will,,

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Nothing against conservative types, saddest and anally retentive people on earth, wouldn’t share a lift with self righteous either. But thats just me! Chill out people, there’s more to my rose. I invite you to wake up and smell it. How is Georgie these days? I hope is not a victem of my long and involved fact based story. Say something Georgie!

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Isn’t it strange, that the older generation, will condem you if you are even alittle artistic and creative. The term schizophrenic is the most bastedized term in the government propaganda. God help you, if you if you don’t fit into the daily grind. The fact that I don’t walk around talking to myself, write eloquently with deep logical thought, goes unheeded by the conservative fetishmen. There is nothing worse in this society then cornflake box psychologists…save me from the control freaks, Oh Lord!

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Sharing my story

Hello my unknown friends,

Before i begin to tell you my story i would like to apoligize for the grammatical mistakes ill certainly will make. For I am a foreigner and english is not my native language.

I find it difficult to begin since there is a lot to tell.
I guess the best way to start is just simply to tell you that i was certainly abducted several times, by beings-deities that looked very human alike.
My first abduction that i remember was when i was about 6 years old. I come from a country that ist quite unknown. Im from Lithuania. Lithuania has a very popular city and every summer people at that days tendet to visit it. Its just like a big tradition in Lithuania to visit Palanga, swimm in the icy baltic sea and remember all the big stories and legends that surounds it. So as you probably guess this was the area in which i was abducted for the first time. Let me explain something. You probably will ask yourself, how the hell could aliens abduct a person at the sea shore?
I mean its kind of difficult for a alien to not get noticed when you are basically surounded by half naked people sunbathing. Well its becouse of the seashores nature. A lot of the places are basically surounded by bushes, so its kind of really common for us to bathe naked becouse no one does see you and neither do you see others. So the area was just like that. I remeber there were a few other people but really only a few.
So I remeber playing in the sea. My mother and her friend were sunbathing and they were laying on their bellys. (the back was sunbathing :))
I played with some kid and i accidently fell into the water. I remeber that my eyes started to ache becouse of the salty water and I rapidly stood up and was intending to go to my mom to ask for help. My eyes ached the hell and i was about to cry. When suddenly i fell again but differently. It was just like I stopped to feel my body and only my mind remained. So I was kind of sinking in the water my face and body were under the water when i realized something strange. My eyes were completely open and they should have be in pain but they werent and i was questioning myself why i was able to breathe under water. Only when i got older i kind of realized that i was probably having a out of the body experience since i didnt feel a need to breathe. So I was lying on the bottom on the see when i saw someone standing over me. I couldnt tell whether it was male or female since when you dive everything looks blury and you cant recognize the correct appearence. I only remeber that it had white or very light skin and blond hair. Then i lost conciousnes and woke up between my mother and her friend laying at the same position cowerred with a towel. I asked my mom if she did rescue me and what happened. But she only said that i was sleeping the whole time and that i probably had only a dream. This was my firts abduction. It was maybe actually the only one but several occurences made me to rethink this idea. Since I was a child i had dreams about places in which beings were testing my paranormal abilities. Sounds ridiculous but i often dream places in which i am asked to move things telepatically or guess things with the help of my powers.
The second occurence happened by my grandmothers house. So my mom was somewhere else and she probably asked my granny to take care of me. I dont remeber the details but i remeber my grandmother went to the kitchen where she was washing some dishes. We probably were eating the evening meal and watched TV. While she washed the dishes the TV turned blury and went then comletely normal. A man appeared on the screen and it seemed to be a lottery show when he asked me to show with my finger in which direction was lying a kitten. So to speak he simply asked me to show either left or right. I got confused since my logical six years old mind told me that normaly when you watch TV, you can see the people but they cant see you. But the man kept encouraging me so i choose a direction(do not remeber which one :). I remember that i chose the wrong direction and the man was shaking his head. He seemed to be disappointed. He told me that i was wrong and suddenly a women in a white dress appeared. She was walking towards the stage one hand was holding a hand of a chimpanzee which was walking with her. The man told me then that i chose the direction with the monkey and that at the opposite the direction there was a kitten. Surprised an fascinated at the same time i ran into the kitchen and was pulling my granny to the livingroom. I wanted to show her what happened. But when we entered the room a completely different programm was going. i was little i couldnt explain it in detail and my gran was probably thinking that my fantasy took control ower me. But it just seemed so real. Disappointed of the ridicule my granny made of it i never spoke of this again. Until today so to speak. Many years have passed then. My family moved to Germany,life changed i got older. But i never lost the feeling that something i my life, something important will happen. I bassically grew up with this feeling that i was being watched. Since my childhood i had severe nosebleeding, was very nervous and had strange habbits. Medical help was given. They couldnt explain my nose bleeding, neither did the psychologist sad that i have a weak state of mind. I was completely healthy except for the fact that i had epilepsy. A disease that is healed by now. When i turned 16 i had dream of a beutifull older looking woman. She was tall, had blond very light shimmery golden hair and it looked like the style Merilyn Monroe used to wear. I can reasure you i am no extraordinary fan of her. I knew her from TV but thats it. The woman weared a white dress, her lips were pink and she was smiling to me. It appeared as if she was standing on stage cowered in that typical stage light. I remember that something in my mind, a feeling or just a simple fact, told me that she was not from earth. She told me that i should become disciplined and work on my studies. Two years after when i turned 18 i get a second dream. a man and a women appear. Both again nordic looking. The woman speaks to me, babbles something about a mission that i have to do for the sake of the humankind and that i should train my spirituall abilities, since they will come in handy in my future. Then a few months later when i got 19 my second abduction or maybe just a visit occured. I turned my clock to wake me up in the morning on six o”clock for school. I remember hearing my cloak ringing and i turned my bed light on. It was dark outside an i was laying half awake half sleeping in my bed. I thought i got asleep again and when i gained my conciousnes i got scared becouse i believed to overslept and get too late to school. But when i looked what time it is i suddenly realized that it was 2 am. I got surprised, since i was certain, that i heard something ring. I would go on with all the stories but it would have no end. My life is filled with such things. I can reasure i have never thought or believed, that im a chosen real life female Harry Potter or other stuff. I started to ask myself for the reason why this was happening to me. I mean sure i am quite intelligent, but then again im not the smartest. Neither am i gifted with extraordinary talents. Ok im quite good in drawing and am really creative, but there are dozens of people that are better than me. No one could say Im stupid or ignorant towards the occurences that happen on this planet. Im well informed and in my short life i can say i do have gained knowledge but i know many people that are better. I have a sharp intuition. i tend to forsee future occurences and know sometimes what people think or feel. But then again my mom as well as my grandmom have this ability too. Is our families women heritage. I grew up in a very emanzipated environment. But then again they have tested me and were disappointed.
So what the does this mean?!!!
Certainly i came to the conclusion, that they probably see something in me that appears to them as vital-important whatsoever. Maybe a trait of my personality. Or maybe i thought of it sometimes. Maybe i will get in my life in a situation, which will get for them in handy. Some position in my life in which i may have influence. But then again those thoughts are only theories of a being with a limited capacity of intelligence.

I would be happy to hear of some comments.
What do you think about my story ?
Did someone experienced something similar?
What does all this mean?

Your anonymous friend.

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