Possible abductions?

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences…and what you make of mine.

When I was a child, sometime age 5 to 9, I used to regularly wake up to a lime green, glowing “orb” hovering above me. It was like it was shining on the underneath side of the canopy over my bed.

Also in the same time frame, which was when I lived in a certain house, my mother claims that one day she, myself, and my brother were in the car and getting ready to pull out onto a highway after having just left home when she looked at her watch and realized it was a few hours later than we had actually left.

Also while living there, several things that were thought of as “ghost” or “haunting” type things happened to others but not me. And, interestingly enough, I rented this same house and lived there again when I was age 35-37. Nothing else happened during that time.

When I was 27-29 years old, one night I was still up doing some laundry after my (now ex) husband and kids were in bed. The washer and dryer were in a little nook at the end of our kitchen, just on the other side of the back door. I was walking through the kitchen toward this area when I saw an alien face looking at me through the window in the back door. Of course I stopped and stared, and it appeared to be staring right back with it’s head sort of cocked to the side. It was a “classic” alien face, and this one was tan. I honestly don’t know how much time I may have stood there, but at some point I “came to realize” that the alien face wasn’t real…it was the reflection of a tan, plastic grocery bag that was hanging from a utility hook on the left side of the washer/dryer area. I went to bed without looking at a clock because I didn’t want to know.

Nothing else had happened until recently. I am remarried to a man who claims he has been abducted. We both have seen apparent UFOs several times in our lives but nothing that wasn’t still flying and nothing so odd it’s worth mentioning. We’ve been married 4 years and for the last 6 months I have not been sleeping in the same room. No marital problems at all, but I just feel strongly compelled to be sleeping alone. And I have to sleep with the TV or lights on. I wake up sometime between 2:00 & 3:00 several times a week, and every time I hear what may be pattering footsteps after…I first described this to my husband as the sound of typing on a keyboard. Our computer does happen to be in the room I sleep in, and it’s a hardwood floor. Not sure what to think. Also when I wake up, I always know exactly what time it’s going to be when I look at the clock, and I can’t go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Oh and just remembered…the only other thing is that at age 30-32, I was experiencing horrible panic attacks both during the day and at night. And there was a period in there where I was afraid to go to sleep because I had an overwhelming feeling that if I did I wouldn’t be able to move when I woke up.

I am very interested in seeing what anyone else makes of all of this, as I’ve never discussed it with anyone other than my husband.

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Please read

In the beginning of this year I had woke up to a silhouette of a Grey at the side of the bed. That night I took a sleeping pill because I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. This is what I remember of that night. I sleep on the side of the wall and my boyfriend sleeps on the outside. That night since I took a sleeping aid I was brave enough to turn off the TV. I’m very paranoid and always feel as if someone’s watching me. Anyways, I wake up and all that I remember is propping myself up on my elbow and see a big head and skinny body with a very long arm hovering close to my boyfriend’s head. In my mind I’m thinking to myself … “wait what”… although I was wake it did not click what was happening or what I was even seeing. I was pretty confused at this point and I looked at its hand and its long fingers and I could only see some detail of like its knuckles that almost looked to have had a white-ish tint to it but as my eyes traveled down its long forearm to its pointy elbow my gaze were fixated to its huge head that was definitely not proportionate to its body. Let’s just say I had time to exam it to know that what I was seeing…. But there was one thing that I don’t get it didn’t move. I mean maybe it did move a bit but nothing that I was able to notice. It was as if I caught it at an “Oh shit” moment or something. When I was examining it still had its arm out. When I started to realized what I was seeing was or an alien I felt a rush a fear go through my body, and all I remember was saying inside my head “it’s all in my head”, and I hit the pillow knowing that this being was standing there… That day when I woke up I didn’t tell my boyfriend because I didn’t want to freak him out. I waited till the next day to tell him… I felt like I had to tell him… The second day I wrote down what I had saw. That night I tried to debunk it because I didn’t believe what I saw and I could not debunk it. I think that it manipulated the light for it to behind it so that I wouldn’t be able to see its face…. but I don’t know why I woke up I was pretty out of it…….. I tried to put theories of what it was doing and or if it had taken me and my boyfriend…. I know that this was not a dream because I was awake drowsy and all… I remember looking down seeing my boyfriend sound asleep…. Lately I’ve been getting no sleep at night feeling the feeling I always get… as if someone is watching me… I’m really glad I found this blog… but after reading all the stories I’m trying not to let my fear get the better of me…….I’m going to be honest… I’m afraid to see it again… but I’m trying really hard to conquer my fear of it. I think on a positive note, that it came to my boyfriend and I, to heal us or something good of that nature… if I think negative I will never be able to sleep again…. I know that people have horror stories and some take it as it is and think on a positive note. If anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

If you want you could email me at: ashleyann322@yahoo.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Aliens Using Borderline Abduction Methods Against Me

My name is GWB. Aliens have been torturing and borderline abducting me for 12 year, especially Grays and Reptilians. THey come through to me in threatning, torturing, telepathic voices and ask me to do certain things against my will. They also come to me in dreams.
Here is a summary of what they do:

1) Sending graphically, threatening telepathic voices to me for 12 years.
2) Switching me abruptly into a deep sleep state.
3) Inflicting bolts of pain (to the astral body) when I digress off the course they want me to be on. Pains in my head, chest, and groin.
4) Dreams of aliens or their messengers.
5) Displaying astral images in front of my eyes or in my astral (spiritual) eye.
6) Conveniently making me forget dreams which maybe horrific in nature.

THey operate mostly by manipulating the astral body which seperates from the physical body after the physical body goes to sleep. A lot of times, when a person’s time is up, they will abduct a person, kill him, and cut the chord that connects the physical body from the astral body. THey are ruthless and will enforce the integrity of the universe at no cost. THey have no mandate; they act on their own and are vigilantes. THey can not be trusted because they will use their higher, advanced powers at will. I have meditated and challenged them one on one without use of extreme force on their part and throught projection suppression and they have not been able to come close to challenge me. When a soul at a lower evolution than aliens can do that, it tells you the Universe is like school Grades K-12. We all have equal value to the Universe but we are at different grades of knowledge. An example, an 11th grader may be able to solve a math problem better than a 7th grader because he has more knowledge. It doesn’t make him better or more value to the school than the 7th grader. He just has more knowledge and can use it more effectively.


ALIENS ARE THE GODS; Jesus provides no real protection. He is just an advanced soul like Krishna. HE IS NOT GOD. He was Moses and later reincarnated as Mohamed. THe Quoran is an updated version of the Bible to clear up some of misconceptions of Christianity. In my opinion, Christianity is the worst religion. People fight stupidly for who they think is God and he isn’t, kill in the name of Jesus, and try to convert people to their religion unmercifullessly. Jesus would be apalled if he saw what was going on in his name. He is not the Savior and he did not die on the cross to save mankind from its sins. You have to be held accountable for thoughts and actions in your life before your position in the afterlife is determined. Blind faith in Jesus leads you nowhere.

Hiunduism is true path to spirituality. It is the oldest and most accurate religion. It teaches reinarnation, karma (you reap what you sow), dharma (do your duty without attachment to the results), afterlife and astral planes, liberated souls from birth/death cycle like Christ and Krishna, Spirits of Seven like Sun God and Moon, Creation or the Spiritual Force that Runs this Universe (Impersonal God), Meditation, Oneness of the Universe (We are all images and reflections of Spirit or Creation) and Purpose in One’s Life. It is the true path to liberation and why the highest evolved souls like myself are affiliated loosely with this religion.

PART 2 (4/14/12)
Aliens are the most ruthless humans in this universe. Let me give you some examples. Because of their unrelentless pursuit of me, I can not work, sleep, function normally day to day, be a good husband, be a good father, be a good son, be a good brother, and take care of my house. I am in constant fear of abduction. I have to leave my light on at night in order to sleep. I haven’t had a good night sleep in two years. I tried to commit suicide twice because of aliens. And still these heinous creatures are after me. Here’s how they do it:

1) Sending graphically, threatening telepathic voices to me for 12 years.
2) Switching me abruptly into a deep sleep state.
3) Inflicting bolts of pain (to the astral body) when I digress off the course they want me to be on. Pains in my head, chest, and groin.
4) Dreams of aliens or their messengers.
5) Displaying astral images in front of my eyes or in my astral (spiritual) eye.
6) Conveniently making me forget dreams which maybe horrific in nature.

What gives them the right to do this. Nothing. They have no mandate. They are vigilantes working to preserve the integrity of the Universe or balance karma. The methods that they use are beyond torture, they are insane. They will do anything, I repeat anything to get they want want. They have no emotions or compassion and view Earth as a society of rejects. They basically come to Earth and rape us at will. They are rapists, murderers, and abusers of the highest magnitude. CRIMINALS. By writing this, my life is on the line. They have no mercy. THe Universe needs to expunge them but they won’t go away. I am writing this to expose their mission and protect innocent citizens on Earth.

You are never safe a moment on this planet with this insidious threat. Even Jesus or Mohamed can’t protect you from them. Never be lured into a false sense of security. There is and there will never be as long there are aliens. THE ALIENS ARE THE TRUE GODS, NOT JESUS OR MOHAMED. Jesus is not GOD, just a highly evolved spirit. The early Christian church doctored his true teachings, which included reincarnation among other things. Just because you believe Jesus is Savior does not automatically mean you’ll be saved and go to heaven. You have to earn it by your thoughts and actions in your life. Believe me, this is 100% true.

Religion is not necessary. It just instills false dogma in people. JUST LIVE YOUR LIVES BY THESE PRINCIPLES THAT CHRIST TAUGHT: Compassion, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Service to Humanity, Selflessness, Fairness, and Respect. Also, follow the 10 Commandments. You don’t have to be a Christian to follow Christ. Remember, Christ is a Jew. Faith is a liability unless it is applied practically and properly. Blind faith in Jesus will get you no where.

ONE LAST REVELATION: Moses reincarned as Christ who reincarnated as Mohamed. It makes sense. All 3 religion are based in Jerusalem and the Quoran is an updated version of the Bible. Trust me, it’s true. Mohamed is the second coming of Christ.

What can I do to contol this threat, if anything? Is there a UFOologist or Alien Abduction expert I can contact who can help me? Why are they targeting me? Isn’t it absurd that we can’t live on our own planet in peace without constant intrusion from malevolent aliens? Please help me find some peace. I have a wife, son, and dad to support and they are being greatly affected by this. Instead of bringing down 1 person, these aliens are bringing down 4 people. What did I say before, they have no shame or mercy. The aliens are ruthless, ignorant, apathetic, indifferent, cold, callous, unforgiving, demonic, brutal, shameless, lawless, unsympathetic, and calculating and those are their good points.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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Aliens are Using Borderline Abduction Methods on Me

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Does anyone share these feelings like me

I’m only 14,yet I feel I think differen,I’m not socially awkward but I feel that I can’t share the way I feel.
Since I was 12 I started to take a interest in aliens and space,so I always looked for info an stuff to learn more and each time I read something new,it kinda opened my eyes and stuff that happend to me happend to people before.
The other night I was In my bed watching a NBA game and I get alley so I go to sleep(I had some congestion that night)and suddenly I feel like I’m gagging on my on spit and I’m seeing kinda foggy and I’m sweaty,I hear a ball dribble and buzzers like it I was watching the game but the TV was off so I got nervous and started swallowing and fell asleep.
And a few days later I woke Up with tiny cuts like papercuts on my forehead with no memory of it.
And I always have this weird feeling when I’m at my grandparents house that I’m being followed,it feels like somebody is hiding and watching me,I’m afraid that suddenly a pair of eyes are going to pop out
I’m not very religious but I feel we mean something,I’m always getting frustrated at my friends cause I try to explain how tiny and beautiful our life is(but being teenagers you get the idea)
And when I dream of aliens I’m always in a group when it happens and they ALWAYS come falling from the sky and we try to escape
I feel like I’m being led up to something important
If anyone can share a tough it would really help

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I may have been abducted

This is my first time ever sharing this story on a forum before but i would like to share it now so I can get some input from some people that have more experience in this subject. I am 27 years old at the moment but this story starts when i was still in high school. I am not sure if it was real or a dream i really think it was real but i try and tell myself it could have been a dream but here is the story. I was laying in bed one night and looked to my left and seen a white cloud coming in my room with angels and in the center was who i thought was Jesus. As soon as i seen him its like my mind knew it was Jesus without a question because i jumped out of my bed and dropped to the floor by his feet. The person who i believed was Jesus talked to me and i remember him showing me glimpses of my future but the memory of what all i saw in the future is blurred, i cant really remember much. Since then i have served in the Marines and was in combat in Iraq back in 2004. I have seen ghosts and demons without a doubt, i have a few stories for that but i will talk about that another time. What has been going through my mind lately is that i think i may have been abducted by Aliens that night and they tricked my mind to think it was Jesus and his angels. I started thinking that way after recently learning how aliens can control your perception and make you see things that are not as they seem. I would like some feedback please cause i really cant talk to any of my friends about this type of stuff.

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I would like to meet anyone who is willing to share.

Hi Guys

I have recently resigned from my Job and I am planning a trip to the states. I currently live in Australia and I am wanting to meet people who have had these strange and confusing encounters. If anyone here is interested I would dearly love the opportunity to meet you as this subject has become a fascination to me since my experiences.

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Am I Crazy?

I feel like my world is crashing down around me,  I thought I was just plain insane but I know im not.

It all started when i was a child, i have these markings on my right shin they have been there for as long as I remember, 2 of my children also have these same scars but i never recall them having accidents to get them, my mother also has the same scars.I have also lost a baby, in Feb of 2000 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl I was awake for the C-section and when the doctors cut me open they were looking for a second baby, everything was there that should have been for the twin but the baby was gone, no trace left behind. I knew i was having twins, there was no medical explaination for it, they simply said the practioner who done the ultrasound must have been wrong.

Ive always, as far back as a little girl been a precog dreamer,seen future event years ahead,I can control my dreams im them i can make things appear to suit my needs, im an Empath and have been able to do things that scare myself and others who have witnessed it, when i say “do things” i mean throwing a 3 seater sofa across a room in a fit of anger with only the touch of my hand, and it wasnt only the sofa, ive slammed doors shut and moved other things with just a touch, it hasnt happened alot because I dont allow myself to get to the brink of pure rage, well atleast i try to remain pacified.

The reason I have popped up now out of nowhere was because of a calling, i felt urged and very drawn to start looking up people who have had similar experiences to my own. Last night I was talking to my partner, who may  I add has the same leg scars as me also, he bought up a time when we apparently lived in a van park for 2 weeks while we waited for our home to be ready, I have completely lost 2 whole weeks of memory, I remember everything before and after but not those 2 weeks, they are completely erased from memory. I have quite a lot of memory blocks or erasures, especially from when I was a child.

Every couple of years for a month or more my sleep pattern changes and I sleep to the point where not even a cyclone could wake me, yes I slept through a rather bad one, when I get like this i am never refreshed, I get up in the morning and my whole body aches and i am so tired and withdrawn, so groggy, and its started again.

I have seen future events, an earthquake on the eastern seaboard of Australia, a volcanic erruption on a scale the likes we have never seen, I had the information implanted in 2001 and i registered that dream, a serial killer, a bad tornado season for the US worse than ever before, mass flooding, EMPs and a large solar flare coming from the sun this year. I have talked to the dead in my sleep, I feel them around me everywhere and sometimes I hear them as clear as any conversation.

What drew me here today was the search i conducted on alien abductions, you see last night it happened again except this time I remember it vividly, i havent forgotten the most important parts of it, and I dont know who or what gave me my abilities but i assure you if i didnt have them i dont know what would have happened because this was different, i wasnt supposed to remember and these aliens, or shall I say one alien in particular knew me very well, what I remember most about him is that he was reptilian under a human skin, he was hunting me, others were too, but he was so close on my tail,  somehow i managed to get away and he came after me, i was in a field with nowhere to go so i just concentrated hard and made a full carnival fair appear with people so i could hide behind objects and rides, he did catch up with me at the end. When he got to me he was trying to force me to take these pills but i refused and i attacked him and injured him, he wasnt expecting it, then a dragged him into a small chicken coop with me, it was then I realised I knew him and I had a strong bond with him, like we were one entity and even though I knew what he was I wanted to help him and I held him in my arms until the others arrived. They wanted me to do something I cant remember what and they were going to leave my chaser there to die because he had been compromised and had feelings for me, I refused to move unless they took him and saved him, they agreed and we were both taken, my chaser cried I screamed and that was all I remember. I seen the true form I know this was real and not some made up dream, ive had too many like it before but never have been able to remember it like this.

When I was 11, we lived on a farm in the outback, my mother gave birth to twins and i was caring for them and my brothers as she had to stay in hospital due to complications but the babies came home. I had a reptilian chasing me though the same forest area as the above dream but he caught me when I awoke i was sitting up in bed with my eyes wide open like I had the fright of my life, damn right I did and I will never forget that night.

Sometimes i am with different beings but they are kind and gentle, i barely remember them but i do remember alot of the information they give me. I wonder all the time if this is happening to my children, im unsure.

Now I am freaked, who is this reptilian that I seen, I know there is a connection and I dont fear him and he isnt horrible to me, he genuinely cares for me as I do him and I was not afraid or turned off by his true form, but the others of his kind, they do not care, they are ruthless.

Well I will sign off here, i have had this headache for 2 weeks now and unexplained bleeding from just my right ear, i dont have a tumor the doctor check it, theres nothing there that any man made machine can see. I just wonder what tonight will bring. Wish me luck and I will try to remember everything that happens.

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Share your premonitions.

Some people who report ET or spiritual encounters are also shown possible future events and I am curious if there are similarities, I thought it may be a good idea if we share what we feel may happen.  It could be that you were shown or told something by a being, have visions, recurring or powerful dreams, how it manifests may be different for each or us.  I think we should avoid retelling something we heard in the media and religious beliefs, just what we personally experienced.

I have been thinking the best way to describe my experiences, in the end I decided not to go into detail, but instead just convey the meaning behind it.

Over 12 years ago a Grey was in front of me and to my left was a screen, it showed a asteroid travelling in space, entering the Earth’s atmosphere and impacting of the coast of Africa, near the Canary Islands. Then I was shown waves moving around the world and tsunamis, the city were I live was gone and only the occasional bits of buildings remained, everything was covered in grey silt and the sky was dark. It may sound strange, but I was then asked were I would like to be afterwards, meaning that people do survive. Even before that encounter I used to have the occasional dreams about tsunamis, occasionally I still do, more recently a few weeks ago.

Around 5 years ago while relaxing I could sense a spirit being by my side, then I started to get quick images of events, mainly earthquakes and volcanos, I was shown one location after another. In hindsight I should have wrote it down straight away, but I remember the last few because they were near the end, a nasty war in the Middle East, then a large earthquake on the west coast of USA. The images were like indications on a time line, like markers on the road and the last event was the asteroid impact. Although the asteroid impact seems to be a recurring aspect for me, I don’t see it as a entirely negative way, if it happens then it is a catalyst for change and I believe the future is bright.   Maybe the purpose of being shown a possible future is to encourage change.

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I do have a question..I had an experience not long ago that reminded me of the movie predator, how the creature was able to make himself invisible, the shimmering see through thing. I have seen that briefly and it lead me to believe that I was being watched. It was a very stressful time in my life and I do expend a tremendous amount of energy naturally, I believe I was able to physically see this manifest in front of me. It gave me the revelation that I am special and that I am being taught, or given information by the aliens because of the fact that I believe that we should not take revenge on others because that is not our right. That no matter what the life form….all life forms have the right to live. Is it what I think is was or am I just looney?

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