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Unexplained Feelings

Hi all Chris here. I have often seen many things that others around me have not. I have often woke up staring into the corners of my room feeling like someone is there. I have had alot of unexplained feelings … Continue reading

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is anybody out there

I had a very vivid and mind boggling dream today. If there is anyone who has recently had anything similar who are just as confused and curious as i feel, in regards to possible mental abduction or astral projection, please … Continue reading

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Alien Injection?

So I met a guy I think may have been an alien in disguise. Here’s the story. I met this guy. He was nice and very attractive but odd looking. We hung out one night early October and he slept … Continue reading

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Alien investigator wanted

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a UFO/alien investigator to accompany me on an excursion to the west coast, for the purpose of attempting to capture an EBE, and hopefully helping the abductions of a young lady. The duties of said … Continue reading

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