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Feature Articles: The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident Part 1

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The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident Part 1

Feature Articles: The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident

You may well be aware of a recent article that appeared in UFO Magazine titled, "The crash that never was." This was a well written article but it was based upon and encompassed most of the research that I had collected and shared with the author concerning the events that occurred over the Peak district on March 24th 1997. At that time I believed him to be a genuine researcher who like myself was in search of the truth. Gradually I came to believe that he was little more than a hard line skeptic, perhaps being used to, but certainly out to, discount and discredit results of investigations that draw anything other than mundane conclusions to ‘The Sheffield Incident’. The explanations that were given by both the author of the UFO Magazine article and the Ministry of Defence for what occurred are just not logical or consistent. As you read through my report you will see that the MOD have changed their version of events on numerous occasions.

These changes in tack by the MOD should not have been necessary if, as they now state, the events that transpired were the result of something as mundane as a low-level training mission. A training mission that, I must point out, should have landed at 21.20, the time it was booked to end. This strangely however is 25 minutes before the incident occurred, so were the jets seen at the time of the incident totally separate from those participating in the low level training mission ? If not why were they still in the air half an hour after they were booked to land?

The military are usually sharp and prompt when it comes to military timetables, they do not accept easily pilots who disregard orders. The question then begs, were the jets seen during the time of the ‘Sheffield Incident’ involved in the training mission, which the military at first claimed took place over the North Sea ? Were they instructed to intercept the UFO? Would that not explain why they were in the air thirty minutes after they were supposed to have landed.


Before we get to the bulk of the incident I thought that it would be of benefit to let you know something about myself.

About ten years ago I started having some time and decided to look into the UFO subject making several good contacts around the world including Stanton Friedman, Wendelle Stevens, John Lear, AJ Gevaerd Professor Cope Shellhorn, Bill Uhouse, Dr Roger Lear, Derrell Sims and my dear friend Christine Sanderson (SkyGypsy). I also made lots of contacts in UK such as Graham Birdsall, Matthew Williams, Miles Johnson and Phillip Mantle as well as countless others. Most of my research was done privately but about 3 years ago I decided to go public with some of the things I had learned. Nina Pendread gave me the opportunity to be a contributing writer for Alien Encounters UK and I have written several articles for them. (Issues 13 - 17).

I also work with some abductees in the UK. I am there to be a sympathetic ear to these people and although I cannot speak for all of the people who claim that they have been abducted, I am quite certain that the good honest people who I deal with are being sincere when they relate their abduction experiences to me. I believe the evidence shows we are being visited by Extra Terrestrials / Inter--dimensional / Time Travelers / Inner Earth Beings or other, one of the above or all of the above. Who knows but where they are from is not as important as the fact is that they are here is important.

On the 24th March 1997 in and around the Peak District just outside of Sheffield between the hours of 19.40 & 23.45 there occurred one of the biggest UFO incidents in recent years, involving a huge flying triangle, military jets, sonic booms or air explosions, A Bolide meteor, unmarked helicopters, glowing orange objects, and what I hope, when you have studied the evidence, you will agree is a conspiracy on behalf of the civilian & military authorities to hide the facts from the public about events that occured one cold cloudless night.

Maxwell Brierley Burns, United Kingdom

Reprinted with permission of the author.

Copyright 1998

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