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Feature Articles: The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident Part 3

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The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident Part 3

Feature Articles: The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident

In this section, I am going to cover the use of E.M. technology, the apparent silence of the M.O.D, with regard to the UFO subject in general, as well as triangle sighting within a, fifty mile radius of the Sheffield incident. There has been and still is large amounts of triangle activity right across the North of England, and the rest of the UK, as well as from all areas of the planet.

It would be interesting if any researchers would be able to take the time out to perhaps perform a case study of one month of FT sightings from across the Earth. To perhaps try and gauge how many FT’s are in the atmosphere across the time zones, as I feel quite sure that there are many of these craft, and after all one craft cannot be every where at the same time, just a thought.

I would like to remind the readers that if you have any questions about this incident or comments then I would be pleased to hear your thoughts either direct by email or snail mail, or through the medium of this magazine, via the editor.

It is of paramount importance that we open a dialog on this what I see as a potentially serious matter.

Which I feel is of great importance to all of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Snail mail address supplied at the end of the report.

Enjoy and happy hunting

Temporary danger area

The RAF had also been in touch with the Civil Aviation Authority on 24th March who set up a Dangerous Flying Zone within a ten mile radius of Howden Moors. Manchester air traffic control were made aware of the restrictions and had to adjust flight paths to compensate.

More puzzling still is that although there are several witnesses to Tornado jets flying around the alleged crash site, none of the local RAF bases would admit to launching the fighters. at first One witness reports seeing six Tornadoes take off from RAF Conisby in Lincolnshire at 20.45 but officials at the base deny that they had any aircraft in the air that night.

Since neither the Sea King helicopters nor land based search teams managed to find any plane wreckage, the authorities later retracted their story that a plane had come down and reported that a Bolide meteorite had been responsible for the explosion heard by the gamekeeper and his wife. They also stated that the meteorite was also responsible for the sonic boom detected by the Edinburgh Seismic Unit.


Update:. It has now been confirmed that, there was in fact no space debris in the atmosphere over the north of England on the 24th March 1997, the monitoring station at Fylingdales would have picked up any such debris on the night in question, it is obvious that the authorities have been party to this cover-up right from the very beginning. . By, allowing the Bolide story to mature assisted by certain skeptics/debunkers who are either party to this or they are being manipulated by the military through official government channels, or they are simply blind to the evidence while they have been debunking my research because the skeptics/debunkers cannot agree that we are being visited by extra terrestrials because they would have to admit they are wrong.


Would the authorities really have involved Sea King helicopters, Tornado jets, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Air Intelligence Service, over two hundred rescue workers, three police forces, a body recovery specialist and the local coroner just for a crashed meteorite? Of course not. The authorities must have thought something much more serious had occurred in order to drag all these people out of bed in the middle of the night!

Then of course there is the numerous witnesses to the UFO itself, they are all adamant that the object they saw was neither a plane or a meteorite. There are actually enough reports of sightings to track the flight path of the UFO to the explosion at Strines. So what really caused the explosion? A military jet shot down by a UFO? or the use of E.M.P weapons causing the jet to malfunction?


E.M.P Weapons

There is back up data to substantiate the affect of EM weapons from various Russian and American servicemen including 1971 aboard the USS John F Kennedy CVA-67.

For your information

1.Fact..Airborne ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) can knock out enemy radar, blanketing it in high powered radiation and causing complete loss of screen images, or confusing it with multiple plots.

2.Fact..EMP from a nuclear burst known as a 'click' it can destroy radio, radar and electrical circuits, or simply stop them working for a while, depending on the strength of the burst.


During the incident onboard the USS John F Kennedy CVA-67, on board the ship they tried to launch two F-4 Phantoms but they could not use any radar on board the ship or navigation equipment. In fact for twenty minutes the ship was effectively dead in the water while it was in close proximity of a large UFO which was glowing 'orange' after the disappearance of the UFO control of the ships systems were restored, if this happened to a computer controlled RAF jet while in contact with the orange UFO this would explain the cover up of the loss of the Tornado in respect of a situation that could well be perceived as a hostile act.…


The numerous reports of the disabling of nuclear warheads include "Bentwaters 1980 " also in Montana 1967 over a minuteman missile site which the military believed could have been down to an EMP weapon. The warheads went off-line when a glowing orange UFO was seen over the site... It is hardly suprising that the government wish to suppress this evidence.


The point I am making is that at each of the above mentioned incidents around the world the use of E.M.P weapons have been considered as a distinct possibility and at each of the incidents the reports all talk about a glowing orange UFO, and with at least 6 witnesses who although did not see the shape of the triangle due the sightings not being as close as others who saw the triangle they all said that the object was glowing orange.


We can be certain that a flying triangle was sighted, an explosion occurred and that the Military have lost a jet during this encounter the authorities are trying to cover up their involvement.


Police Mix Up

The local police report for the night of March 24th contains some interesting information which may even point to a local police officer actually sighting the UFO. Detective Inspector Wallace had put out a plea for information on the position of Hale Bopp in the local area. PC Alan Jarvis responded saying that the comet was visible as a bright star moving from Stannington towards Bradfield in a left to right motion at 22.30. However as all avid astronomers know, comets do not move visible in the night sky. So what did PC Jarvis see? I have called PC Jarvis on at least half a dozen occasions and he has not returned my calls. I feel that he has been told not to discuss the night of the 24th.


Hospital On Full Alert

If no plane crashed why was the nearest hospital was put on full alert and why were staff briefed to receive plane crash victims? They were understandably mystified when they were told to stand down several hours later. Then when some of the nurses at the Hallamshire hospital asked what was going on they were fobbed off and told not to discuss the evenings events with anyone. Why?


Search Teams To The Rescue

As well as air support being mobilized on March 24th, land rescue teams were also alerted to the situation. Seven mountain rescue teams were called to the area but oddly police ordered their search to be concentrated at an area four miles from the area the explosion was heard in. It wasn't until 08.00 on the 25th that a section of the mountain rescue team, consisting of only four men, began to search the Strines area. The gamekeeper who reported the explosion had offered the previous night to lead a search of the exact area but police refused his help. This seems strange considering the gamekeeper would have known the surrounding land better than anyone else present and would easily have been able to lead search teams. Surely, if as the police kept saying, a plane had crashed, wouldn't they want all the help they could get to search for possible survivors? Why then was the search by the mountain rescue teams called off after only 13 hours, when normal searches for victims of crashes in mountainous areas last at least 72 hours? It is not surprising that no crashed plane was found? Again the relevance of these points and those in the witness statements will be covered at the end in the conclusion.

Sightings Time Line

19.40----------Bryan Haslam Saw a triangle shaped object hovering

20.45----------Tornado Jets witnessed leaving RAF Coningsby

21.45----------Tony Megson & Paul Bradley witnessed jets heading towards Dronfield

21.45----------Mr Brassinton saw jets and light aircraft over Dronfield

21.45----------Both sides of a local football match saw jets over Dronfield

21.45----------Emma witnessed the UFO, jets, light aircraft, & helicopters

21.50----------Mr. Rhodes witnessed a glowing orange object

21.52----------The first sonic boom is recorded over the Peaks

21.55———–Husband and wife both saw the triangle being pursued by jets

21.55----------The UFO is tracked on radar for 10 minutes

21.55----------Mrs. Dronfield saw a cigar shaped object glowing orange

21.55----------The Gamekeeper & wife heard a loud explosion & saw an orange glow

21.55----------Mr. Morton & mother saw an orange glow & smoke plumes

22.00----------Sharon Aldridge & Joanne hear a very loud whirring sound

22.02----------Sharon Aldridge & Joanne are circled by a unmarked helicopter

22.06----------The second sonic boom is registered

22.30----------P.C. Alan Jarvis Though he saw Hale Bopp moving across the night sky

23.00----------Mr. Dagenhart, encountered a man at Ladybower stinking of aviation fuel

23.30----------Dan Grayson had the triangle insight for 15 minutes & helicopter


I hope you can see from the time line of events over the Peak district that this covert low flying training mission is not acceptable as an explanation as to what has transpired on the 24th March 1997.


I have only included a few of the extracts from the police log of the incident, for those of you who have not seen a police log so as you can be aware of what the document looks like. However the full report of the incident contains the full log and if you wish to obtain a copy of the full report then details are provided at the end of the article.


Police Log number 1

Serial No: 181 Date/Time : 03/25 08:07 Extended: N

Telephone: Meth Rep: Other Operator: 14NC879

Title: Sightings re. plane down Type: Miscellaneous Response: Recording

Location Location Info DCU Beats

South Yorkshire Police J 65/37/--

Divisional Headquarters

321 The Common



S30 3WL

Source Address: South Yorkshire Police

Divisional Headquarters

Name: PS 2879 Pearson 321 The Common

Tel: Ext Sheffield

S30 3WL

Incident Log 52 entries

No. Date & Time Operator Type Message

27 03/25 10:21 14NCLILL OPE Call from Mrs Bowers 4 Greenhead Park Bamford Tel***** ****** she saw a plane says it could have been a helicopter but didnt sound like one about 23.30 says from her house it was heading in the

direction of the Derwent Strines moor off the Bamford edge

26 03/25 10.09 14NC3005 OPE Call From Mrs Dronfield 1 Moorlands Place at Stannington TN ***** ****** about 22.00 last night looked out of her bedroom window towards Bradfield could see a cigar shaped object which was very low going towards High Bradfield states it was lit up more than a normal plane could be it went from view behind a house so it was very low

32 03/25 11.39 14NC3341 OPE Call from Bryan Haslam 5 Coronation Mount West Lane Keighly T/N ***** ****** Yesterday approx 19.40 traveling on a train back home .States around the Barnsley area saw a triangle shaped object with lights all around it hovering. Does not think it was a plane thinks we are wasting our time.

21 03/25 10.20 14NC2975 OPE Det Insp Wallace is arranging for advice on location of comet currently visible in this country Pc Alan Jarvis reports it is visible asa bright star from Stannington across towards the Bradfield area it was moving from right to left at 22.30pm last night

190 03/25 07.33 14NC2975 OPE From Ps 20 Grayson at 00.45 on 25/3/97 i was visited

Mr Morton and Mother at edge end farm Moorhall lane Bolderstone Tel ***** ****** Mr Morton describes seeing a low flying plane traveling in a west south west direction and apparently having come from the direction of Deepcar Both he and his mother commented on the low level of the aircraft and its low speed.he was able to see the fixed wing navigation lights and the silouette of a small fixed wing aircraft from his home grid ref 278965

he pointed out the hight ground due west of his home where he last had sight of the planes navigation lights a short while later he saw an orange glow followed by several plumes of smoke usin a map i had with me he indicated the ridge formed by outer edge Grid ref

177970 and Featherbed Moss Grid ref 193940 which he believes to be the highest ground visible to the west and to be the ridge the plane passed over he then pointed to Margerry Hill Grid ref 189957 and suggested that it was roughly at this location that he last had sight of the plane he felt that they are on the west side of Derwent valley and would be the most likely place to start .

207 03/25 09.24 14SYFENN OPE. Call from Mick Logan AIB at Maltby if required they have the equipment for measuring up at scenes of accident which span over a large area AIB are aware that it a Civil Aviation Matter but they are prepared to assist with measurements plans etc

Triangle Sightings Within a Fifty Mile Radius Of 'The Sheffield Incident'


Before we look at the conclusions, I feel that this Triangle data should be included. Nearly all the sightings you are about read have come from in around the Pennines area but I have included the Belgium incident due to the fact that the Belgium triangle was tracked on no less than three N.A.T.O radar stations and the chase lasted 75 minutes which, on its own will prove that these large triangles are not part of some secret Stealth type project.

Information by kind permission of :

Omar Fowler, Phenomena Research Association from The Flying Triangle Mystery

Please note FT denotes Flying Triangle.


1. Belgium

During the period 1989/90 it was the turn of Belgium to be inundated with nightly visits

from this huge black silent triangular craft.

The Belgium ufo group SOBEPS (Societe Belge d'Etudes des Phenomenes Spatiaux)

became a major player in the quest to locate the FT's flying over their country.

The SOBEPS reporting organisation was so widespread and well organised that the Belgium Air Force called for their assistance in tracking the FT's flying across the country.

The SOBEPS group were held in such high standing that during one period the Belgium Air Force made two F16 fighter interceptors available to be scrambled and directed by the SOBEPS group.


The FT events in Belgium later became the subject of the American TV 'Sightings' programme and shown on British Sky TV in 1993. In this program a number of Belgium police and air force officers were interviewed and they described what they had seen in this programme. It also included instrument panel and radar console film from the F16 showing an actual F16 interception over Belgium, or rather, an attempted interception. The rapid acceleration and change in altitude made it impossible for the F16's to follow the FT. Even if it had been possible for the aircraft to follow the FT, the pilot would have been unable to withstand the G forces involved in such manoeuvres especially when, on camera the FT dropped from 9000ft to 500ft in 1 second. The FT also accelerated away from 0 mph to 900 mph in just a few seconds. All of these events being captured on the cockpit instrument recorder.


The Belgium Military went on National TV and said "The craft was performing well outside the parameters of an aircraft."

With the widespread use of home video cameras, it was not long before a number of Belgium

ufo witnesses came forward with video footage of strange lights in the sky, several photographs were also obtained, one being enhanced and producing a convincing triangular shape with lights on each corner and a central red light underneath.


The possibility that these Flying Triangles could be explained away as a new experimental Stealth aircraft must surely be discounted. In one particular Belgium incident a cyclist riding along a country road saw a huge silent FT hovering low over the countryside. He dismounted from his bicycle and pushing it walked underneath the craft and gazed up at it.

The FT then slowly moved off and out of sight.

United Kingdom

One of the earliest reports of strange sightings that has come to light is that of Mr Robin Gibbard who witnessed an unusual event at 11.00 on April 19 1956.

Mr Gibbard and another joiner were working on a house roof in Allestree, Derby, when he heard the sound of an approaching aircraft. At that time Mr Gibbard was deeply involved in competition model flying and this, together with his hobby of aircraft recognition, made him familiar with all types of aircraft flying at the time.

Mr Gibbard recounted the event:- "The day was very clear, with very little cloud about. On hearing an aircraft approaching, I looked up to see a twin radial engine, propeller driven, Avro Anson (which even then was becoming a rarity). The aircraft was approaching at a height of about 2000ft. in altitude or less. These aircraft were very slow fliers and used mainly for reconnaissance."

"I was amazed to see a delta wing plane circling fairly close to the Avro Ansen, actually circling around the plane at least twice, at a speed not much more than the plane's speed but making no audible sound, the only sound came from the Anson."

"After making two circuits, it (the delta) broke away and then increasing its speed to a phenomenal amount, disappeared upwards on a long curve in about 5-10 seconds."

"My partner also saw this occurrence, but unfortunately he has since died and cannot corroborate this statement."

"It could not have been a glider because of its breakaway speed and any possible delta aircraft of that period always made plenty of noise." (Avro 707A, Avro 707B, Avro 707C, BP111, FD1, FD2, Gloster, Javelin, etc.) Model planes of any classification could not perform these manoeuvres."

Robin Gibbard. Source: PRA


Mansfield Nottinghamshire 23/8/94

On the night of the 23rd August 1994, Mr Daryl Spence and his friend (two young ex miners), decided to hold a sky-watch. They positioned themselves on top of an old coal tip at Shirebrook, Notts, with the intention of trying out their 8mm video camera. It was shortly before midnight when they observed a very bright light moving rapidly across the sky. Daryl Spence began to video what turned out to be a very fascinating scenario.

Using their binoculars, they were able to make out the shape of a 'Flying Triangle'. It had a bright white light on the nose and a series of coloured lights around it. The FT, which was travelling at low altitude, slowed down and appeared to hover over the Mansfield area. Daryl Spence continued to video as the stationary light shone brightly low over the town.

It was then they heard what they thought was a lone helicopter approaching (it turned out to be three) The helicopters' lights were clearly visible as they headed towards the hovering white light (as though being vectored onto a target by radar). As the helicopters drew closer, the hovering FT light 'blinked' off. The helicopters flew around for several minutes as though searching for something. After they departed, the FT blinked back and became a bright light source once again. Shortly afterwards it flew off and was lost from view.

The military authorities later denied that any aircraft had been in the vicinity.


During the period December 1994 to May 1995, 52 'Flying Triangle' incidents were reported in the Derby and surrounding area. There follows a selection of these encounters:-

3/12/94 17.00

Amateur astronomer Mr Andrew Emmerson was driving home from work when he noticed a bright light source in the sky. He drove to a nearby hill where he observed a FT with white lights, two pulsating red lights and a green light. The FT hovered and then shone a white beam of light to the ground. The witness watched the FT for approximately half an hour before it moved away.

Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire 4-2-97

As Mr Raymond Spybey walked down Oxford Street in his home town of Long Eaton

in Nottinghamshire he noticed what appeared to be "lights in the distance". The time was 18.55

on the night of February 4th. He took no notice of the lights at first until he realised they were stationary. "When I stopped walking they came towards me, then when I started walking again 'it' stopped.The next thing I knew was that the lights were above me and I could make out that the shape was triangular, with yellowish lights at each angle and one in the centre, there was a little red light on one of the sides.Then I lost sight of it over some factories and although I made for a nearby bridge, to get a better view, when I got there, it had vanished."


"I remember that I heard a faint humming sound as it was moving, but when it stopped it was silent. I could clearly see that it was a black triangle craft and it was about 400ft up. It appeared from the North and disappeared heading in a NW direction."


Littleover, Derby 2-3-97

On the night of March 2 1997, a Mr B.M. of Littleover, Derby decided to go outside to his car and switch on his car alarm system. The time was 19.55. He continues with his story: -

"It was a clear night and I noticed how bright the stars were, I noticed the flashing lights of two aircraft in the distance, over towards Castle Donnington." (East Midlands Airport).

"Then I looked around and as I looked straight above me, I saw a triangular shaped object come from above me and travel quickly towards the SE. I looked at this triangle several times, before my mind registered what I was seeing. The FT seemed to be heading towards the aircraft, as if to go under and between them. Then I lost sight of the object, as it disappeared in the night sky."

"There was no noise whatsoever from the FT and it carried no lights. It travelled in a straight line with the point of the triangle going first."

That same evening, a Mr Steve Gamble had been travelling towards Long Eaton, (just a few miles to the south east of Derby), when he saw a lightening flash in the sky. Then he saw something like "a golf ball of light flash across the sky!"

Also that evening Pauline Cooper of Derby, reported seeing a bright light moving across the sky at about 19.30.


7/3/95 20.25

Witness Mr Keith Thompson reported that he had been watching two FT's through his binoculars from his home in Repton (near Derby). He had been able to make out a number of red, green and white flashing lights. Shortly afterwards a FT flew over his house causing his TV picture to distort (seen by his wife) and he noticed that his map compass had fluctuated. He also commented that the FT had moved with a "jerky, stop-go motion."


16/3/95 05.30

Mr Peter Hickie and his brother were driving along the A52 near Willington south of Derby. The pair were returning from a holiday in Eire and had landed at Holyhead a few hours previously.

Peter, who is retired, continues the story:-

"We were on our way from Willington to Swarkstone and we had just negotiated a right hand bend in the road, when we saw a very large triangular object coming directly towards us. I said to my brother, what on earth is that?"



Feature Articles: The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident Part 3-Photo of Maxwell Brierley Burns

"I noticed that it had approximately nine, large, three dimensional light panels, like blocks of white light, underneath the aircraft. They were very bright and made it difficult to distinguish the exact outline, once it was overhead, but then it appeared to be a type of delta wing.

We stopped the car and got out for several minutes. We heard a sound like jet engines and we could only think that it was a type of aircraft used for night surveying of some sort. However, it was so cold, we got back into the car and watched it until it went out of sight behind some trees, heading for Swarkstone. We couldn't understand why, if it was a military aircraft, it had such a large block of lights underneath."


16/3/95 19.15

Mr Keith Thompson (an ex-military person and keen observer), reported that he had seen unusual lights over the Littleover area (near Sinfin), Derby. Mr Thompson had spent many hours searching the sky with binoculars since the FT 'flap' began in December 1994. He also managed to capture the lights with his video camera.


16/3/95 21.10

A witness Mr S.H. was driving home from work through Derby on the A5111 ring road. The traffic slowed down at the busy 'spider bridge' roundabout, Allerton. When the witness reached the junction, he stopped to let traffic pass and while he was stationary, he happened to glance upwards. There hovering high over the bridge was 'the triangle'. (The local media had made many people aware that FT's were visiting the Derby area.)


Mr S.H. continued: -

"I looked, I really looked! I know in my mind that I saw it. There were cars behind me and one vehicle to the right of me, I couldn't possibly be the only person to have seen it."


19/12/94 06.30

Three witnesses at Ilkeston, Derbyshire watched a FT stationary in the sky, covered in 'stars' with a red light adjacent to the white 'nose' light. It was observed for over half an hour. A witness described it as follows:-

"The object was roughly triangular, with many projections, as though three stars had been pressed together. It was less than a mile away and about 500ft high, my estimate is based on known comparisons. It was far brighter than any star and in the top left hand corner there was a small red light."


21/1/95 10.55

A female witness, together with her twin daughters (10) observed a large grey FT while driving home in Derby. The FT was seen hovering over the Derwent Housing Estate. It appeared to have 'rounded' corners (see Belgian FT) and had a series of bright red lights around the edges of the craft. (See sketch below)


22/2/95 20.00

A witness, Mr R.C. had just returned to his home in Mackworth, Derby, when he observed two FT's with numerous lights. They were stationary at first, but then began to move towards the witness. He heard a 'humming noise' as they passed slowly overhead. He noticed that his dogs were nervous. A second person at Mackworth also witnessed this incident (there were three independent witnesses). A Mr Mark Purvis saw two bright light approaching his house. He was able to make out the shape of two FT's as they passed overhead. He also heard a 'humming' noise and commented on that his dogs snapped at each other nervously.


26/2/95 21.40

Mark Cheetham / Tracey

While travelling from Matlock, on the Moorwood road near Southingfield, Derbyshire, Mark Cheetham and his girlfriend (Tracey), noticed a light in the sky that they at first took to be an aircraft. They were driving in the direction of the light that they estimated to be about a mile away. They were becoming increasingly curious and were soon close enough to establish that the light was not moving, but hovering quite low. It was at a height about 200/300ft from the ground and close to a nearby cottage. Mark told his girlfriend that he was determined to find out what it was and he turned the car down a road heading towards the cottage. Tracey was now becoming very frightened and Mark slowed the car down to about 10mph. Finally he pulled the car to a halt when they were about 75 yards away from the lights. The lights were hovering motionless, about 200ft to the left of the cottage.

Mark and Tracey peered out into the night and Mark asked his girlfriend what she could see. Both agreed that the object had three red lights in a triangular formation of about 40ft in diameter, with two round white lights the size of an old dustbin lid in the centre of the craft.

Then the craft started to move towards them, at a speed of no more than 20mph. It took only 30/45 seconds before it was directly over the car! "Tracey was screaming at me to drive off but all I could do was sit there and watch it, until it was overhead and out of my vision by then I was getting really worried, so I started to drive off. At this point at this point I asked Tracey where it was and she said it went straight up and disappeared in the direction of Tansley.


The following incidents reported by several witnesses relate how on the 1st March

1995 there was progressive FT activity throughout the day in the area of the A52 Derby to

Ashbourne main road. This appeared to be a day of intense FT activity in the Derby area,

although FT incidents were reported several days before and after the 1st March 1995.


1-3-95 03.30

Pete, a witness at Kirk Langley (a village on the A52 Derby to Ashbourne road)

reported that in the middle of the night he heard a noise "It sounded like a washing machine."

He saw bright orange lights reflected in his bedroom, he looked out of his window but saw nothing. He commented "Strange things happen around here, there are lights that are not lights."



1-3-95 05.50

A Mr D.W. was driving on the A6 (approx. 3 miles East of Kirk Langley), from Derby to Belper when he saw a vivid bright light in the sky. The witness was driving alone at the time and he was unable to give a clearer description, other than seeing a bright hovering light in the sky.


1/3/95 18.50

A Mr B and his partner were travelling in their car on the busy A52 Derby to Ashborne road. They were a few miles out from Derby and heading north west, when they noticed a bright light in the sky above them. As they drew closer they were aware that the traffic was slowing down.They were then able to see the reason for the traffic delay. The bright light was in fact a series of lights in the shape of a flying triangle and the FT was hovering low over the main A52 road. The traffic had slowed down to a crawl as drivers peered up, looking at the brightly lit FT. "It was so low that you could not fail to notice it." commented Mr B. "I cannot understand why other drivers did not report it." Though they had.


Another driver Mr Hutchinson, was also driving along the A52 Derby to Ashbourne road at that time and reported seeing a FT with red and green lights around it.

A Mrs A. H. reported that during the same early evening, she had also been driving along the A52 Derby to Ashbourne road. Suddenly a bright global object with a series of white, red and green lights and a"triangular" base had zoomed by close to her car and then "vanished out of sight."


Derby (Rolls-Royce Aero Works) 29/6/94

In the early hours (01.20) of the 29th June 1994, Mr Alan Beardmore was driving his van on his way home from a snooker tournament. His journey took him past the engine testing facility of the Rolls-Royce Engine Company. On one side of the road there is a series of large concrete buildings and on the other there is open countryside with a series of electrical pylons carrying to the test facility. As Mr Beardmore was driving along his van headlights went out and almost at the same time he noticed a series of lights hovering over a nearby field. He pulled to a stop and peered out of the window, everywhere was deserted apart from a formation of three bright white lights hovering over a nearby power line pylon.

The witness was able to make out what appeared to be a triangle of lights and close to the 'nose', he noticed a bright red light which was positioned next to the bright white light. Mr Beardmore looked through the side window of his van and peered into the darkness. He was just able to make out the classic FT shape then as he watched it started to move away. He turned his van around to follow the FT, but it was now out of sight then suddenly his headlights came on again! He surveyed the sky and had one last look for the FT, but it had gone.


Huge glowing green light seen near Bradford, West Yorkshire

It was about 23.00 on Sunday 6 August 1992 as Russell Kennett drove back from visiting a friend at the famous 'Jimmy's' hospital in Leeds. Russell had set off from the hospital in his car at 22.30 and as he approached the roundabout at the junction for Pudsey, his attention was attracted by a "glowing green light in the sky." "I thought that it was a firework at first," commented Russell. "There was a Michael Jackson concert on in Rounhay Park and there were to be fireworks at the end of the concert. Then as we were turning right onto the Leeds to Bradford road, I realised that it was a large glowing green object moving in a cloud." "As it moved closer, I realised that it was a big 'Flying Triangle'. To my amazement, it moved overhead, very slowly and silently, heading from a NW to a SE direction, it seemed to glide.

I opened the car window to get a better view, but there were other cars behind me and I moved on. I looked again to see where it had gone to, but I could not see it, the 'Flying Triangle' had gone."

The FT was described as being very big, glowing green, with no sound and very large. "It was so big, someone else must have seen it." commented Russell.

The 'Flying Triangle' obviously made a big impression on him as it passed silently overhead. "It seemed to glide." commented Russell.


Tom Cullerton

In the early hours of Wednesday 1st May 1996, postal driver Mr Tom Culleton was travelling on his nightly route which runs between Derby, Burton-on-Trent and Swadlincote. It was a journey that the driver had travelled frequently over the previous three years. It was a routine journey delivering parcels between the various postal depots, normally without incident and Tom had no reason to believe that this was going to be any different. Tom takes up the story:-

"I was driving a Post Office mail van along the A50 Swadlincote to Burton-on-Trent road. It was approximately 01.50 as I approached the Stanhope Arms Hotel. It was just after passing the Cheterfield Arms, that I noticed a bright light in the sky ahead of me and slightly to my right. It appeared to be descending and coming in my direction. It was a dark night but clear. As I passed the Burton golf course, the houses to my right obscured my view of it. For some unknown reason, I stopped at the Bretby Lane junction, where I could see up Bretby Lane."

The object passed across Bretby Lane, over the houses and it appeared to be low. To me, it appeared just above the houses. It was very large, very bright and had lots of bright lights. I noticed a green light at the rear. I thought, it looked like the USA Space Shuttle in shape and size, as I have seen that on TV after it has landed. I could see some windows, square, but rounded in the corners. It crossed over Bretby Lane and to me at least, it seemed to be going very slow, almost in slow motion! It then disappeared behind the houses. It made no noise, it was silent. I may be wrong, but to me it appeared to be approximatly 200 yards away from me when it crossed over Bretby Lane. The colour of the object was greyish, with lots of very bright lights and a green light at the rear (the same as a traffic lights green colour). It travelled very slowly. It was the size of a U.S. Space Shuttle! It could not have landed on Derby football ground, it was too big!"Tom travelled on this journey in the early hours of 1st of May. On the 2nd of May, this trip was undertaken by a relief driver (who later arrived at the sorting office in a state of shock, after also having a FT encounter). On 3rd May, Tom returned to his normal route, Derby, Swadlincote, Burton-on-Trent and had a further frightening experience.......our investigation continues.


A Discussion of Interest

Source: In absolute confidence please, I deal with aviation products, I do pilot supplies

satellite navigation supplies and equipment, I retail various products. We did an exhibition at Christmas in Telford.

This chappie came to see me and we were talking about aircraft. I gather that he is a civilian in his 60's ex-military and had flown a lot of aircraft, all sorts of aircraft. We were talking about aircraft and I sprung the question on him that I do with all sorts of people, "So do you believe in UFOs?"

Source: He said to me "What do you mean?" I replied that I had heard of quite a few people who have had quite a few sightings of the 'Flying Triangle'. "Yes," he said "Yes, I make them." I said, "How do you mean you make them?" "Well let me put it this way" he said "We are actually making triangular shaped craft in this country, but we are aware of what we would call extra-terrestrial craft flying over this country." He repeated when questioned, "We are aware that there are triangular craft flying over this country that are not of this world!"

Source: At this, I moved him away from the other customers, as this was a private conversation. I said to him "Do you mind me asking you one question, where are you?" "I can't tell you that." he said. I said "I'll ask you one other question, what is the chance of me visiting your factory?" "Absolutely not, We're not top secret, we're levels above top secret. We have materials now, in this country, that we could manufacture Stealth aircraft with, that would be virtually undetectable."

Source: Undetectable by what means, I don't know, visual night vision, radar, I don't know. He complained to me, "Quite frankly, there were too many, so and so's in London sitting on their backsides, who were not releasing funds to us. But, we have the technology to lead the world in Stealth aircraft." then he said, "Our aircraft are telemetrically controlled."

Source: That is 100% the truth, but please don't mention my name. I said to my wife afterwards, I was quite surprised, he told me what he had told me. I remember he said

"Yes, I expect our craft have been seen by people."

Source: He seemed a very sincere fellow. I can't disclose his name for obvious reasons, but yes that's what I was told.






The apparent lack of M.O.D interest in the UFO subject and flying triangles in particular could be taken as a rebuff to the many hundreds of sincere and concerned witnesses who have reported their sightings and encounters during recent years.

The M.O.D. apparently wishes to give the impression that it is generally unconcerned about UFO reports and that "They are of no defense significance." It is only recently that the prominent figure of Nick Pope has emerged on the ufology scene and has been prepared to 'tell all.'

With three years experience in an M.O.D. department attributed with being 'the only' department concerned with the analysis of UFO reports. Nick Pope has revealed instances where there have been cases of mysterious unidentified craft flying over military air bases and witnessed by experienced RAF officers. Hardly a case of "no defense significance."

Nick Pope has also stated that as far as he is aware, his department was the only one dealing with ufo reports, but is this statement correct? The security surrounding this subject has been quoted by several prominent researchers as being above that of the 'H bomb'.

Is it therefore likely that we really have an inkling of what is going on in top secret military establishments?

Although Nick Pope appears convinced that his department was the only one involved in analysis of UFO events, other sources indicate that his department was probably no higher than number three in the chain of command, concerned with examination of UFO activity over the UK It is believed to be superseded by the DSTI (Department of Scientific Intelligence) and also by the DI55 (Defense Intelligence Unit).

Over past years there have been many instances where UFO witnesses have been visited by smartly dressed strangers, inquiring about the 'UFO event'.

In several cases the gentlemen concerned have produced identification showing them to be members of military intelligence or one of the American intelligence organizations.



I have in my possession sixteen documents recovered from the public records office at Kew London which confirm at least seven secret departments, operating inside the armed forces who have been carrying out investigations into the subject of UFO's in a covert manner, including the sending out of field operatives to interview witnesses pertaining to UFO sightings, as well as interaction between similar American groups, and the playing down of the whole subject so as to not fuel an outcry for a public investigation into the subject of UFO's in the Houses of Parliament, in one communication between UK and US.

Groups it is mentioned with regard to UFO's here in the UK that as we play down the subject, UFO's have only been mentioned in the houses of Parliament one in the last five or six years, and then only in a perfunctory way.

All these secret groups who the MOD claim do not exist, all operate behind the scenes of the front window letter writing UFO office at Whitehall, now known as Air staff 2a.

These documents were kindly given to me by Matthew William's.



Flying Triangles & Stealth Technology


What are we to make of the mysterious flying triangles? Could they be a result of the advanced technology now being used by aircraft manufactures at the cutting edge of avionics development.

It is quite probable that there are now in existence, aircraft of an advanced triangular design.

We have heard that stealth materials now being used are not all 'man made'.

(Source: Aeronautical engineer, recently returned from an 'exchange' visit to the USA).

If such advanced aircraft as the FT exists, there are a number of questions that remain unanswered:-

A) Why would they be test flown, low, over heavily built up areas of the U.K? Such an aircraft would be designated 'Top Secret' and normally flown from establishments such as Boscombe Down.

B) If they are Stealth aircraft, why would they fly around at night, illuminated like "Christmas Trees" or alternatively, why would they fly close to airports, without any navigation or strobe lights?

C) If they were undertaking a normal night flying test program, why would they undertake such irresponsible behavior as to silently hover near an isolated witness or car full of witnesses, far from any airfield?

D) It has been said that a triangle is an excellent design for flight and this could explain their design, but what could explain the FT's 'broad side first' movement, seen by numerous witnesses?

E) If they are under Air Traffic Control in the U.K, why have they been observed frequently flying over Nuclear Power Stations, a restricted 'no flying' area?

F) Could the UK afford to develop such a Stealth aircraft as the 'Flying Triangle', when the British Aircraft industry currently has to co-operate with several other countries to develop the 'Eurofighter'. Without this co-operation the UK couldn't afford to proceed alone.

G) It is claimed that the 'Flying Triangle' is a product of the British Aerospace Establishment at Warton, Lancs. If this is the case, why was Simon Lewis of the North Lancashire UFO Investigation Group, invited to address a meeting of British Aerospace engineers at Warton to explain what the 'Flying Triangle' thing is all about. They had heard of the huge FT craft and exclaimed "Its not ours!" However this does not preclude the possibility that a smaller 'Stealth' triangular craft may be undertaking flying trials over the UK.

H) If the FT was due to exercise in Belgium air space during the period 1989/90, why did the Belgium Air Force have no knowledge of the FT flight plan? Why was it necessary for the Belgium Air Force to 'scramble' a group of F16's to intercept the 'Flying Triangles'?

I) We have had reports of FT's dating back to the mid-50's, why hasn't the technology been revealed by now? The American authorities wasted no time in disclosing the use of Stealth aircraft in the recent Gulf War.

J) If the FT is British (or American) what is it doing flying around Japan, Guatemala, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Brazil etc.?

K) Are we being confronted with both a huge extra-terrestrial craft and a smaller military Stealth development

At this point I feel would be a good place to make the break for part 2. Please check out part 3 in which we will go over a brief overview of the situation followed by my conclusions. I would also like to thank Roy Hale for giving myself the chance to have this incident placed in the public domain, as always your comments are welcome on this matter.

Direct to Max Burns


If you wish to purchase a copy of this research you can do so but due to the size of the Sheffield Incident report and costs involved I am asking a small charge of 6.50 inclusive of postage and packing. Those of you involved in direct research will be aware of just how costly it is to investigate incidents. My research into the incident has so far cost in the region of 4,000 pounds and although I am not into the subject for the money, this small fee will go a long way to help me to continue my investigation into the Sheffield Incident.


Cheques should be made out to Max Burns and sent to: 115 Loughborough Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7JT.

Please allow 7 days for delivery.

I hope you take up this opportunity to read the true facts about this incident, your comments will always be welcome.


Yours faithfully

Maxwell Brierley Burns - UFO researcher / journalist


Omar Fowler (author) The Flying Triangle Mystery, The Continuing Story, which is available from

The Phenomena Research Association, 94 The Spot, Sinfin, Derby De24

Matthew Williams, Sobeps Belgium, Martin Jeffrey,

Nina Pendread, (editor) Alien Encounters Magazine,

Victor Kean (Project F.T ), Miles Johnson, Glen Ford, The British Geological Survey, UFO Round-up, Stuart Guthrie, USA Geological Survey and Rebecca Jackson.

Maxwell Brierley Burns, United Kingdom

Reprinted with permission of the author.

Copyright 1998

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