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Feature Articles: The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident Part 4

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The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident Part 4

Feature Articles: The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident

Before we get into the conclusions, here is a brief summary of the Sheffield incident.

I am also including the extracts from a recent debate with Dr David Clark, who is adamant that I am making the whole thing up.. In reply to allegations that have been made by Mr Clark, I include the transcript of the debate

Which clearly shows that I am not the one who is fabricating anything, this part of the report will also show that

With regard to Mr Clark and his group that the actions and motivations of this group lead to the high risk probability that they are acting to an agenda not originally there own.

And so the debate began

David Clark wrote

So the mythology surrounding the "Sheffield Incident' rumbles on..... A year - and no doubt a lot of in-depth research later - what have we got? Information via another researcher, who is going on the record that he was in the company of, for a few days while on holiday, with a NATO Tornado jet pilot. The pilot has confirmed 'off the record' that the incident over the Peak District.culminated in the loss of a NATO Tornado jet, resulting in the death of a pilot...

So basically, a "friend of a friend of a friend of a friend", all of whom of course, are anonymous and off the record, like all of Max's evidence (such as the mysterious "radar operator").

I replied

Actually David, this researcher

knows you far better and for much longer than he has known myself, so we could say its your friend who is the at this time anonymous person who may be going on the record.

Mr Clark then said

Are we really stupid enough to believe the RAF are capable of hiding the deaths of two pilots over one of the most densely populated areas of western Europe for two years?

I responded with

Are we really stupid enough to believe the RAF/ N.A.T.O are not capable of hiding the deaths of two pilots over one of the most densely populated areas of western Europe for two years? Incidentally the Peak District is not one of the most densely populated area's in western Europe. Its green belt and very few people live in this area

Mr Clark then wrote

Max Burns is quite right when he claims the MOD have covered up what really happened over the Peak District on the night of March 24 two years ago. But the cover-up concerns a covert low-flying exercise which resulted in two sonic booms above land

I wrote

Yes David lets talk sonic boom...You stated that the the fire and rescue commander stated it was all down to reports of a bang and flash in the sky..I have checked and sonic means sound, sonic booms do not cause flashes in the sky.. so what we are really talking about here is explosion with heat flame and a flash..You have also written that there was a boom and a flash, " I think it was caused by two separate things that were tied together" What were these two separate things? 1. The triangle see ya later sonic boom 2. The N.A.T.O Tornado at the same time KA BOOM…

I had to ask at this point as Clark was becoming even more vague

What are you on about?

I then continued

You have also written. Statement of John Beaver Yorkshire Water. We checked the Strines and Broomhead reservoirs for oil slick or debris then we were told to stand down by the police.  

I responded by stating.

There are thirteen reservoirs in the area concerned and they searched twoThey did not even search adyBower which is just about the largest reservoir In the peaks and happens to run along and under the very bridge where Jonathan Dagenhart encountered the man who was covered in aviaition fuel..

Mr. Jonathan Dagenhart

After writing a letter to this man regarding his comments in the police log he telephoned me. Here follows the edited verbatim transcript of my telephone conversation.

Taped interview between Max Burns and Jonathan Dagenhart on 2/5/98 Time 11.10 am

I had to call the witness back on another phone so as to set up the recording Equipment the conversation went like this. He consented to being recorded.

Burns Hell there

Dagenhart Hello

Burns So what happened that night? You'd been the Wales...

Dagenhart Well, we'd been to Wales, Um on the way home,Um driving down Snake Pass and all of a sudden just coming up to the viaduct this man stepped out in front of us, flagged us down so we stopped, pulled over I was in the front of the minibus with the driver and another passenger so I wound my window down and he started speaking to us he said I've got to get to Sheffield, Sheffield and that's basically all he said.

Burns Did he look in shock?

Dagenhart Yer, he didn't seem to really know which way Sheffield was or what he was doing or anything and the thing is I said at the time when I rang the police he smelled of diesel fuel, well since then I've joined the airforce and I'm now working for the airforce and it wasn't diesel fuel it was aviation fuel that he'd got on him.

David Clarke then interviewed

Jonathan Dagenhart

1 week after I had recorded the first Interview, On the 11th and 12th of May. Five days previous Mr Clark had rang the News of the WorldWhile I was there to get the story stopped from going in the News of the World. This was only four days after Mr Clark had successfully intimidated Bufora president Steve Gamble and other council members into removing myself from the lecture that weekend May 2nd .After the campaign led by David Clark to have me censored and removed from the Bufora lecture

This is what Clark alleges was said, when he alleges he interviewed Dagenhart, in an unbiased and un-pressured manner!

"I was a passenger on a minibus which was traveling across the snake pass towards Sheffield, late on the night of the 24th March last year. When crossing the viaduct Over the reservoir the bus was flagged down by a man who was acting suspiciously.

I asked

How do you suspiciously flag down a mini bus?

Clark then wrote, regarding the alleged interview.

He did not seem to know where he was and just said he needed to get to Sheffield. This guy was covered in fuel of some sort, and from the smell I thought it was Paraffin or diesel, but since then Ive joined the RAF and I can say it was a smell like aviation fuel.

I commented

This is a stark turnaround of eventsFrom a man seven days earlier was using words like brilliant, also when I asked him id he wanted to remain Anonymous, he replied Im not bothered.Pay careful attention to how this mans persona and attitude changes

When I believe Mr Clark comes on the scene after Mr Dagenhart has been spoken to previous to Mr Clark been sent to collate and construct the cover story.

As I just wondered how Mr Clark Had managed to contact Mr Dagenhart so quickly as his family phone number at the address in the police log is ex directory.

Further to that

Mr. Jonathan Dagenhart

Telephoned me on the 12th of May at approximately 11.30 and sounding very flustered with a shaky voice informed me that I had twisted what he said and he no longer wanted to have his name put to his original statement. He has also spoken with Mr. Phil Taylor at the News of the World informing him that he was going to lose his job over the statement that he had made to me.

When I spoke to Phil Taylor at the N.o.T.W. he said the guy was almost in tears on the phone. Has David Clark reduced this man to tears this is the same day he Interviewed him, or was he made to retract his statement.May I add that Mr. Dagenhart is under the employ of the RAF where he works on jet engines and when I questioned him about who had spoken with him about this he just said a source. I further questioned him as to whether it was his employer the RAF who had silenced him and he replied that he could not say on that he ended the conversation and was very upset. Why would the RAF be hauling an engineer over the hot coals like this to the point of him telling a national news reporter that he was going to lose his job and trying to imply that I have twisted what he has said, bearing in mind that he made the comment about me twisting what he had said before it has been in print anywhere and he verified the content of the taped transcript of our conversation to Mr Mike Jarvis reporter for the News of The World and made his statements freely and without prompting. When asked, at the time did he want to remain anonymous he replied "I’m not bothered". All of which is on tape and can be cross verified by Mike Jarvis at the News of The World.

I hope you all agree that for someone to turn around from being ‘not bothered’ to ‘I’m going to lose my job‘, adds more weight to my case. Why would the military be pressurizing a member of their work force to retract a statement about something they claim has not occurred.I reiterate to you all I have the Dagenhart tape and he made all comments freely and without prompting The RAF are trying to make someone retract a statement about something that they claim never happened anyway WHY ?.

Back to the debate

So I said when Mr Dagenhart told me it was aviation fuel,

I said

Burns Ah absolutely superb

Dagenhart And I will put my money on that

Burns You work for the airforce

Dagenhart I work for the Royal air Force

Burns Where do you work? as a civilian for the airforce

Dagenhart No I actually work for the airforce I am paid by the air force

Burns Really can I ask you what job you do?

Dagenhart I'm a jet engine specialist

Burns A jet engine specialist

Dagenhart Yes

Further on In the David Clark interview with Dagenhart, Clark wrote.

"Questioned about the clothes this man was wearing, In light of Max Burns' claims, Dagenhart told me "they were just ordinary dark clothes he definitely not wearing the sort of uniform associated with RAF pilots, I would have recognised that uniform immediately"

 As you will see below,

I asked the direct question, was it A flying suit he was wearing. Please note that I informed Dagenhart of exactly how I was reporting this story and he was fully aware of this one week previous to David Clark's, alleged interview.And was extremely willing to go on the record be recorded and speak to national news reporters.

Back to the debate

Burns Ar Do you know, I must send you a full copy of this report of what's happened Do you remember they were looking for a crashed plane .

Dagenhart Yep

Burns Yer they've lost a military jet.

Dagenhart Oh right

Burns And I believe he was the co-pilot of the tornado jet that's crashed.

I then asked the direct question

Did it look like a flying suit he was wearing?

Dagenhart Um I don't know he'd got clothes on but I mean it was dark and he'd got dark clothes on that's all.

Burns And he didn't know where he was?

Dagenhart No

Burns Yer and there were no vehicles in the area

Dagenhart There was nothing. A police car past us about 2 minutes after we passed him Ur cos. wed got a full minibus there was no room at all to get him on so we drove off.

No mention of the man acting


Here is where I informed Dagenhart of exactly How I was reporting this story.

Burns That night I've got multiple witnesses to an enormous UFO flying about everywhere

Dagenhart right

Burns A military interception and they're trying to cover it up but you know I'll send you a copy of this if you like

Dagenhart yer brilliant

Mr Dagenhart seems very excited and relaxed at the moment using words like Brilliant! I then continued to question Mr Dagenhart.

Burns Do you remember anything else was his English good

Dagenhart No it wasn't it was very poor very poor.

Burns Yer I think he might have been a NATO pilot or co-pilot

Dagenhart Yes he was of sort of African sort of origin very very dark skinned

Burns And it was definitely aviation fuel

Dagenhart yes

Burns and you can Substantiate that because you now work for the Royal Air Force on jet engines

Dagenhart Yes

Burns I'll post you a copy of this report after the weekend

Dagenhart right brilliant

Burns And he really didn't know where he was going

Dagenhart He didn't know where he was going it looked like he just walked off a hill

Burns Really did he have any mud or anything on him Could you tell was his clothing dirty

Dagenhart I couldn't tell

Burns But as you work for the Royal Air Force on jet engines your absolutely 100% certain that it was aviation fuel not diesel

Dagenhart yes

Burns I might contact you again if that's OK

Dagenhart Yes well this is my parents number and I'm hardly ever here

Burns Well I'll leave a message for you

Dagenhart yes

Burns Now in my report do you ant me to change your name keep you anonymous

Dagenhart To be honest I don't care

Burns Thanks very much Jonathan

Dagenhart You're welcome

Burns You've been absolutely brilliant try to get someone else to ring with a statement

Dagenhart yer I shall

Burns About the bloke

Dagenhart Yer I will

Burns Thanks mate

Dagenhart OK

Burns Brilliant

Dagenhart No problem

Burns Bye

Dagenhart Bye

Mr Clark then wrote,

According to Dagenharts statement on May 12th," At no stage in any of this conversation did Max Tell me he was going to use what I had told him in a story claiming that I had seen the co- pilot of a Tornado which had been shot down by a UFO"

I replied

That’s right David at no stage did I assert this to Mr Dagenhart, so you must have said it not me, and readers of updates you can see that I was completely open with what I thought had occurred, Mr Dagenhart was fully aware of how I was reporting this incident Which was recorded on tape with permission of Dagenhart. 1 week prior to the load of bull, That is being peddled by others Regarding there so called investigation into this incident. I have the full interview on tape of what you have just read above. Further on in the alleged interview Which I believe was nothing more than the military official new statement by Dagenhart David also asked Dagenhart how he would react, if Max claimed he had been silenced as a result of withdrawing his testimony

I do not know about readers of this reports feelings, but I hope you will agree that this is rather a strange question to ask .

It is almost if Mr Clark knew that I would allege that Dagenhart had been forced to retract his statement.Due to the fact that I had my original interview on audio cassette Which completely contradicts the Interview Clark claims took place between him and Dagenhart so obviously as Mr Dagenhart made his Comments

To myself first and really had no need to lie Anything after is rubbish, and hence why on further reading of this reportYou will see that Dr David Clark is unable to answer my allegations.

Ok back to Jonathan Dagenhart

Clark alleges Dagenhart responded

"I havent been silenced by anyone, I just don’t want my name connected to a story like this and that is why I intend to tell Max not to involve me any further,"I just told him all what I saw that night and that is all I know".

I stated

That last line sounds like the comment of someone under pressure and under Questioning, He did tell me all he saw that night the truth not the bull that has been Peddled after 1st original interview on the record from a very excited man. After David had spoken with him and his bosses plus god knows who else He sounds like he has been beaten with hickory sticks

David also wrote

Shortly after this conversation, Jonathan phoned Max, withdrew Permission for the story to go ahead, and asked him not to use his name in connection with these claims as it could put his career in jeopardy. How could he lose his job over something the RAF has claimed has not occurred?

I said

Ok we have been around the reservoirs so David let's get back to John Beaver. You also claim John Beaver also told you. The police told me that the RAF had admitted there was a plane doing a night time exercise nd it had gone through the sound barrier. Now David are the Police lying to John Beaver is John beaver lying to you or are you lying to us now.. You see this credible statement is claiming something the RAF have still not admitted to. And infact at the time John Beavers men were told to stand down the RAF would not even admit Too having any planes in the air that night.!

I asked

Well David who's lying? David Clark then wrote. Not a UFO dogfight and a lost Tornado; an explanation which all serious ufologists in the UK accept to be the case.

I then wrote

I have never used the word Dogfight, get to Tehran for the dog fight. .Who are these serious ufologists, you really don’t expect us to believe That you have spoken to all the serious ufologists, in your opinion who are these people names please, I for one know of dozens of researchers who are in support of my research.

David Clark then stated Even Nick Pope when questioned about Max's claims concerning the lost Tornado told me his opinion: "A load of utter b*****s".

I replied

Really I have it on a public interview with Nick Pope, when I asked him Last year " Nick what is your opinion on the Sheffield Incident." He replied with "I don’t know anything about it" In the same interview 15 minutes later he said "As far as we are concerned it remains unsolved " This was at the back end of last year. And the full log of the interview is available on Crow & Raines Web site..http://www.crowman.crowman Looking for Meeting log Nick Pope, if you decide to visitThe same Nick Pope also stated in the log that his office was and still is the only one dealing with UFO reports..

I said what is the involvment of DI55 And other groups operating behind the scenes..He ignored the question, apart from the fact that when Nick was at AirStaff2a He was only a junior clerk… DI55 Have been placing dis-information and also interacting with similar American groups, as well as sending out field investigator's I offer up these documents readily available from the public record's office at Kew London.

M.O.D. Documents

The policy of these groups is to play down the subject of the UFO problem, so as to not fuel an outcry for a public investigation into the subject in the Houses of Parliament.In one of the documents you will see a particular reference to parliamentary questions into the subject matter.The quote from the military was, "due to the way the subject of UFO’s is handled we have only had the subject raised in the Houses of Parliament a couple of times and then only in a perfunctory way".

As far as we are concerned this situation is untenable, the military should be taking orders from the Government and not manipulating the situation so as to control any possible parliamentary questions into raising the issue of the subject matter.

List of document numbers

Air 2 / 16919…. Air 2 / 17318

Air 2 / 17982…. Air 2 / 17983

Air 20 / 9320…. Air 20 / 9321

Air 2 / 17526 … Air 2 / 17527

Air 16 / 1199 … Air 20 / 7390

Air 20 / 9322 … Air 20 / 9994

Prem 11 / 855

David Clark then wrote

During the last 12 months Martin and myself have interviewed all the witnesses (including Emma Maidenhead)

I stated

David you have not interviewed Emma Maidenhead, however. When you got Martin to ring myself, because once again you needed to discredit some witneses, I gave Emma martins Phone numberand she rang him.

Mr Clark then wrote

And traced a number of new ones including a gamekeeper on the moors who saw the "UFO" pass over his head at 500 foot and identified it as a military plane, and a police sergeant who saw a formation of jets flying across the vale of Edale in a "V" formation chasing a second jet.

This latter sighting occurred just seconds after Emma's sighting in Dronfield and quite clearly describes the same aircraft she saw

I replied

That is completely untrue and speculation on your behalf.

Mr Clark then wrote

As for Max's "eight clear witnesses" to a triangular UFO - the reliability of his claims here can be demonstrated by this extract from his report concerning the observation of one Dan Grayson (quote): "It was huge, triangular in shape and hovering silently, then it slowly moved off, it was being shadowed by an unmarked helicopter [at 11.30pm?] Strangely enough when Martin Jeffreys contacted Mr Grayson in September last year he maintained he had not seen any triangular object - and denied ever telling Max he had! Puzzled and perplexed by Martin's evidence I contacted Mr. Grayson myself and what did he tell me? [transcript of interview 23 September 1998]

Dan Grayson: I saw a red stationary light in the sky which moved off after about two minutes, and seemed to split into two. I thought it was Mars at first but then it moved off and split into two and the two lights flashed off and disappeared."

I was looking towards Glossop from Stannington, then I saw a helicopter which had no lights on it.Afterwards I realised it could have been the rescue helicopter.

I did not think it was anything strange at the time."

Dave Clarke: Did you see a triangular UFO? Dan Grayson: "No I did not. I've never said that I have.

I replied to the above statement with.

David this is really strange as I also supplied Dan Graysons Tel number for Martin, but you will leach your info from anywhere. But this really puzzles me, the original report that Dan Grayson reported was in a local paper obviously not the Star, because he would have been put through to yourself as all people who ring the paper you work for with UFO sightings are and you would have simply reported it as another arrival from Amsterdam airport into Sheffield, as you have been doing with all ufo triangle reports even though at the time the airport was not completed.

 And he reported a Flying triangle on the night in question, That’s why I contacted him in the first place, and please A bit of logic here, updates, I am the only person with his number I give his number out to others knowing that he would discredit my own statement further down the line, it would have been easier if I just said that I had lost his number. Still I will add it to the list of Scary David Clark spoke to them

And the memory altered…

I then also wrote

But just to redress the balance here, you spoke with the witness Mrs Dronfield the elderley lady from High Bradfield, And you wrote something to the effect of she saw some strange very bright aircraft lights very low going down behind the houses. I interviewed her shortly after the incident and she told myself this

Mrs. Dronfield

Another witness was Mrs. Dronfield, an elderly lady who reported her sighting to the police. According to the police reports Mrs. Dronfield saw a cigar shaped object flying at a very low altitude towards Strines from High Bradfield at around 22.00. Her statement says the object was lit up more than a normal plane would have been. When I spoke to Mrs. Dronfield in person, more details began to unfold. She had in fact gone to her bedroom window with a pair of binoculars intending to look at Hale Bopp. However before she had had a chance, she noticed the UFO. It was glowing orange as it came across towards the Strines area and Mrs. Dronfield kept it in view for about twenty seconds. After speaking to Mrs. Dronfield I concluded that what she thought was a cigar shaped object could well have been the triangular object sighted by Emma Maidenhead but seen from a side view.

Mrs Dronfield saw the object from side on at a low altitude, whereas Emma Maidenhead saw the object above her and so was able to see its overall shape. Both witnesses are entirely genuine and are certain of what they saw. Mrs Dronfield is an 80 year old lady who in her entire life has never had or felt the need to call the police about anything. She is intelligent and fully in control of her mental faculties…

I then stated

The thing is David after your article in UFO Mag. I called Mrs Dronfield In light of what you had wrote about her recolection of the nights events She assured me that she had told you exactly the same as she told me.

I then asked

Why have you altered and almost ignored what this lady told us both?

 I then stated

I have distorted nothing, and If anyone wishes the audio tape of the Jonathan Dagenhart interview then email me at:

David Clark then wrote

No doubt this saga will continue and I wish Max well in his attempts to prove the unprovable. But at the end of the day we come back to some simple questions:

I replied with

No doubt this saga will continue and I wish Dave well in his attempts to disprove the provable. Take a step back there is more I could tell you, I hope you will agree that the actions, of David Clark and his little hunting party are slightly over zealous for just a difference of opinion.

I believe that the actions of David Clark, Andy Roberts Must be Considered a high risk probability, that they are working to an agenda originaly not there own, and the IUN group which they are involved with is a further grip ufology. Does not need freedom of speech for all. I am the only person in the 35 year history of Bufora to be censored. John Spencer wrote of this that the Bufora council last year. Made a grave error of judgement and that day he stated that Bufora had taken its first step towards facisim.

I then stated

What are some people afraid of that I might be right? Hold that thought...

Further to this

I was contacted In November by a man who at the time of writing this will be known as "N" the man's full name is known to the editor, however due to all the personal attacks that have been going on with regard to anyone who Is in a position to at least offer up some testimony that might lead to the possibility that I may well be correct in my conclusions regarding my investigation into the Sheffield incident. He is identity is to be kept confidential untill the man concened of his own free will decides to go public and be on the record…


Feature Articles: The Sheffield Incident: A Flying Triangle Incident Part 4

This other researcher, informed myself that while on a walking trip in Scotland, he had got chatting to a man who during there conversations Told "N". That he was a N.A.T.O Tornado Jet pilot. During there walk and convesations they discussed a Number of things including the now Infamous flying triangles.."N" had told me that he asked the direct question to the pilot.

"So what happened with that Sheffield thing". "N" informed me that The pilot informed him that it was the Americans fault that night, and also stated that there was indeed a dead N.A.T.O pilot involved during this incident with the flyimg triangle.

I would also like to draw your attention to a rather strange occurrence that happened, when Mr Mark Bell of the W.U.F.O.G Group who has also produced a CD-Rom, which includes the Sheffield incident as part of its contents. He was at I believe LBC radio in London promoting the CD-Rom, Before he went on the air they asked him about what he wished to talk about and one of the things he told them was the Sheffield case. Just before he went on air. He was informed that he could not talk about the Sheffield incident. I feel that this was rather strange Behaviour from the radio station.

Is there a D notice non reporting of the Flying triangle in our media. Or is the Sheffield case under a D notice restriction? For more info about the happenings at the radio station you can contact Mark Bell at Ok now that I hope that I have brought you up to speed regarding this case, let’s move on with a brief summary before we get to the conclusions.

The nights’ events for me began on 24 March 1997 with a telephone call to my home at about 21.55, from the witness Emma Maidenhead. During my investigation it has become apparent that there are eight clear witnesses to the UFO, with a number of other possible reports contained in the police log. There were multiple sonic booms or air explosions occurring at 21.52 and 22.06 and the UFO was tracked on radar between the time frame of 21.55 to 22.05. (The radar track occurred in between the sonic occurrences.) The triangle appears to have been intercepted by the military jets, as is confirmed by three of the witnesses. A covert low flying mission taking place at the time was booked to be on the ground at approximately 21.07. The question must be asked why were the jets still in the air over thirty minutes after they were booked to land? This is in breach of orders, unless of course they were ordered to intercept the UFO, this would explain why they were in the air well after they were booked to land.

The military still have not admitted to causing the sonic booms or air explosions, which occurred at 21.52 and 22.06 but the M.O.D have changed their version of events on at least four occasions. Why would a training mission warrant such secrecy and denials, after all is said and done training missions are pretty mundane!

The triangle was seen in the area by five clear independent witnesses, another three witnesses all saw the glowing orange object moving across the night sky over the town of Dronfield, the city of Sheffield and the surrounding rural areas. Three of the witnesses to the triangle saw the triangle either being escorted or intercepted by six military jets, six of the triangle sightings occurred between the time frame of 21.45 to 22.15.The weather conditions on that night were, clear skies with very little cloud cover and only a light breeze, therefore the possibility of atmospheric conditions causing the sonic events must be discounted.

I believe a number of questions need answering.

Were there any other military aircraft over the skies of the UK on the 24th March 1997? The fact that there were three clear sightings by members of the public who saw the jets in very close proximity to the Triangle, almost 30 minutes after they were booked to return, should preclude the answer. Unless in fact the jets involved in the incident, were involved in a covert low flying mission, and were told to intercept the triangle.

The jets were there thirty minutes after they were booked to land why?

Were these jets not connected to the ones on the low flying training mission? Jets were in the area between the time frame of 21.45 to 22.00. This coincides with the numerous reports of UFO’s that I have collated over the last sixteen months.

The witnesses are quire clear that what they saw was neither, a plane or a meteorite, in particular to the report to the police by, Mr Bryan Haslam who reported his sighting of the flying triangle at 19.40. Although this was two hours before the main aspects of the incident it should not be discounted, the police felt it prudent enough to include it in the incident log. His sighting occurred while it was still just daylight, he was quite clear about what he saw.

I feel that questions remain unanswered about events over the Peak District on the 24th March 1997. The fact that the M.O.D. have changed their version of events on a number of occasions shows that something is not quite right. All these changing stories are just not warranted for something as mundane as a training exercise.

Perhaps most significant is the taped testimony of Mr Jonathan Dagenhart a member of the RAF, who in no uncertain terms stated that he encountered a man on Snake Pass (in the Peak District) about 1 hour after the sonic events or air explosions occurred who was stinking of aviation fuel, this was within a couple of miles of where the incident occurred. He has since tried to retract his statement informing me that he had been spoken to!

When I asked him to elaborate he stated that he was not allowed to comment with regard to who had spoken to him. Let us now look at the conclusions.

The Sheffield Incident... March 24th 1997 - Timed duration of incident 19.40 to 23.45


First of all we must look at the eye witness testimonies. At this point I would like to state that none of the witnesses to the Triangle have met or spoken to each other, nor have they read each others statements. Further to this I would like to state that I have either spoken to witnesses in person or taken their statements directly from the police log.

Bryan Haslam, saw the triangle at 19.40 he said to the police "I was on a train between Sheffield to Keighley, around the Barnsley area I saw a triangular shaped object hovering near the railway line, it was lit up all around. There's no point in you looking for a crashed plane it definitely wasn't a plane." "Thinks we are wasting are time". Bryan is adamant about what he saw…

The fact that, this sighting was included in the police log of the incident plus the fact that it is obviously a valid UFO sighting, reported to the police on the 25th March concerning events on the 24th March 1997 confirms that Helen Jackson MP has been lied to during the tabling of questions in the House of Parliament. The question then needs answering why is a Member of Parliament being lied to? This is a very serious offense.

Why have the MOD taken the stance that they have if nothing occurred that night? Emma Maidenhead, saw the triangle at 21.45 - 21.48. "The triangle UFO flew straight over the house in Dronfield heading towards the moors, it was at a height of approximately 200/300ft and had pink / cerise type lights." These were around what she described as the front. Emma also stated that it had "a huge circular almost blinding electric blue light underneath and it was humming like the sound an electrical substation makes or wet power lines but much louder." Emma felt quite ill for about thirty minutes after the incident.

Dan Grayson, saw the triangle at least one and a half hours after the sonic events or air explosions occurred 23.30 - 23.45. Dan had the triangle in sight for fifteen minutes. "It was huge, triangular in shape and hovering silently, then it slowly moved off, it was being shadowed by an unmarked black helicopter." This sighting was within a mile and a half of where the sonic events or air explosions occurred and within three miles of where Jonathan Dagenhart encountered the man who smelt of aviation fuel. Husband and wife - new witnesses.

I was also contacted by two more witnesses to the flying triangle, in the Parsons Cross, area of Sheffield. This is just about in a direct line between Dronfield and High Bradfield, in the time frame and in the flight path. Although I have not seen the full hand written statement from these witnesses it is apparent that these witnesses have also seen the triangle at very close proximity and described it as being the size of a 747 jet. Apparently three jets flew over at high speed and low altitude, then a few moments later the triangle appeared. It was, according to the husband and wife, just after the triangle had disappeared from view that three more jets came over. All the jets and the triangle were at the same height and traveling in the same direction. At present I am waiting for the full hand written statement. 

All five witnesses are clearly describing the same object. All of these sightings occurred on the west side of the city of Sheffield bordering the Peak District.

Mr. Rhodes saw a glowing orange object heading over the Ridgeway towards the Peaks. He believed it to be a UFO and had been looking for a UFO hotline to report the sighting to this occurred at 21.50.

Mrs Dronfield saw a cigar shaped object coming from the direction of High Bradfield it was very low and glowing orange, it disappeared behind the houses towards the Strines area .I believe that these two witnesses saw the triangle from the side so that it would appear cigar shaped. PC Jarvis saw a bright object moving across the night sky, from Stannington towards High Bradfield, but he thought it was Hale Bopp.

OK let's now look at all the witnesses to the military jets in the area on the night of the 24th March 1997. These witness statements are very important to proving the involvement of the authorities in a cover-up of the events. Bearing in mind that the RAF at first denied even having any planes in the air that night, the military have now at least admitted to having planes over the North Sea, the jets were witnessed taking off from RAF Conningsby at 20.45 on the night of March 24th but apparently they were nowhere near the Peak District.

Update: The MOD have now claimed that they were involved in a covert low flying exercise on the 24th March 1997. Tony Megson and Paul Bradley both saw and heard jets flying low and fast over Shire Green in Sheffield heading in the direction of the Dronfield area. This occurred at 21.45. Both teams in a football game and their supporters all saw and heard the jets flying over Dronfield at 21.45 on the night of the 24th March 1997. Emma Maidenhead witnessed six Tornados flying low and fast at the same height as the UFO and heading in the same direction, they were traveling in pairs about twenty seconds apart. There were also helicopters and light aircraft in the area. In her words, "It was like an air show I have never seen so much air traffic in the sky over a built up area at the same time." This all occurred between 21.45 - 21.48. Mr. Brassington (ex RAF officer) reported to the police that between the time frame of 21.30 - 22.00 "Two RAF jets came over low fast then a twin engine plane circled twice over Dronfield very low."

Now I feel we should look at the evidence regarding the radar operator from RAF Linton On Ouse.

The UFO was tracked on radar for a ten minute period from 21.55 at RAF Linton On Ouse.

When the radar operator was re-contacted on the 26th March by his friend of 16 years who he had been to school with he said "I cannot make any further comment or I will be in breach of my national security oath."(Official secrets act)

It has been alleged since that the radar was not operating on the 24th March 1997 however, the triangle sightings coincided with the military activity in the skies over the town of Dronfield, the city of Sheffield, and the surrounding rural areas. For the radar operator to have made the whole thing up I believe, is a statistical improbability. Why would a radar operator from the Royal Signals at Linton on Ouse have fabricated the radar tracking of the UFO? It is not an option, his evidence is too precise to be made up.

Two sonic booms were registered over the Sheffield area, the first one at 21.52 and the second sonic boom was 14 minutes, later at 22.06. The authorities made an announcement to the media that a Bolide meteor exploding in the atmosphere caused the sonic boom and was also responsible for all the reports of a crashed plane, that was before I discovered the second and earlier sonic boom at 21.52. Incidentally the two sonic booms are either side of the radar operators statement that he tracked a UFO on radar at 21.55 until 22.05.

The radar operator stated that he could not discuss the events of March 24th or he would be in breach of his national security oath (official secrets act). Well the question begs, how would a Bolide meteor under any circumstance be in respect of national security unless we are expecting some sort of Bolide meteor attack!

With the discovery of the earlier sonic boom at 21.52, perhaps the authorities will now state that it was in fact two Bolide meteors. Or will they claim that a Bolide meteor traveling at thousands of miles an hour exploded then hung around in the atmosphere over Sheffield for a full 14 minutes, exploded again and that the laws of physics cease to exist over Howden Moors.

Update: It has now been confirmed that there was no space debris in the atmosphere over Northern England on the 24th March 1997. It also proves the lengths that the authorities will go to in the placement of cover stories. It confirms what I have been saying all along, that there were in fact no Bolide meteors

This I feel completely exposes the Bolide meteor cover story and immediately implicates the authorities in a conspiracy to conceal the facts from the public. The Bolide meteor debunking exercise has been used countless times across the world to cover up well documented UFO sightings, other debunker favorites include, a weather balloon, a flock of birds, swamp gas, the planet Venus and yes the Bolide meteor.

So the question remains what is the connection between credible documented UFO sightings and the sudden appearance of the Bolide meteor phenomena. Well it seems obvious they are one and the same thing, the cover story that fitted the situation best from the World Governments manual - How to debunk a UFO flap.

The governments of the world do not deny that UFO's exist but they deny that they are extra terrestrial in origin coming from the MJ12 / Project sign / Blue Book / Grudge agenda, which all stem from a larger group known as the Jason control group.

I also have in my possession sixteen documents recovered from the public records office at Kew London.

These confirm at least seven secret departments, operating inside the armed forces who have been carrying out investigations into the subject of UFO's in a covert manner, including the sending out of field operatives to interview witnesses pertaining to UFO sightings, as well as interaction between similar

American groups, and the playing down of the whole subject so as to not fuel an outcry for a public investigations into the subject of UFO's in the Houses of Parliament.

In one communication, between UK and US groups, it is mentioned, with regard to UFO's here in the UK, that as we play down the subject, UFO's have only been mentioned in the houses of Parliament once in the last five or six years, (60's) and then only in a perfunctory way. All these secret groups who the MOD claim do not exist, all operate behind the scenes of the front window letter writing UFO office at Whitehall, now known as Air Staff 2a.

The following day men of unknown origin were active in the area and were involved in the nights events, looking like C.I.D. in twin aerial cars they were questioning witnesses without showing any ID.

Sharon Aldridge, and her friend were circled by an unmarked black helicopter.

Just after they heard the whirring noise near the Strines Reservoir. So clearly helicopters were on the scene at least an hour before the rescue services were called out. Then there is the sighting by Mr Dan Grayson of an unmarked black helicopter ghosting the triangle between 23.30 and 23.45.

On the news desk at Hallam FM Mr. James Harvey stated that the police were not being forthcoming when further inquiries were made regarding the night of March 24th. He felt they were being uncooperative and evasive when he approached the police press office at South Yorkshire Police Headquarters.

Triangle data is avaliable from at least 20 other countries around the world, immediately discounting claims made in some areas that these craft are part of some top secret British Stealth type project, well this simply does not hold water. For a start why fly a top secret craft over a built up area?

Identical sightings of these 200/300ft Triangles being sighted in at least 20 other countries further discounts the terrestrial top secrets crafts idea. It is hardly a top secret when at least 20 other countries around the world would it appear have the same 200/300ft triangular shaped craft which have the control of gravity. Not much of a secret if you ask me, so by rational alone these triangles are not terrestrial, although I believe the British Government may be test flying a smaller 30-50ft triangle around the north west of England at the moment. Probably built with recovered ET technology.

These larger triangular craft are I believe without doubt extra terrestrial in origin. also terrestrial I believe that due to the amount of triangle sightings around the planet.

We are dealing with both. As well as that I will go as far as to say that some of these triangles are being flown and controlled by the beings known as the 'Greys'. One of my abductees from the Leeds area clearly remembers without the use of hypnotic regression being floated up into a triangle craft on the 3rd July 1996 at 11.30 while sunbathing in a field near her home. She remembers a hexagon shaped room and being surrounded by 6 small 'Grays', the tests and contact with a five foot gray being who said he was 'the doctor'. The encounter included mind scan, telepathy and the loss of 3 hours of time. But that's another story.

The RAF set up a dangerous flying zone was also set up for a ten mile radius around Howden Moors. Then there is the testimony of the new age traveler who said that the military had lost a Tornado jet and the pilot. Mr. Morton and his mother saw an orange glow then plumes of smoke from their home at Bolderstone over towards Featherbed Top. A straight line from their home passes through Howden reservoir.

Leicester Arkwright (unsubstantiated at this time) Claims to have seen the RAF pulling bodies out of the Howden reservoir just before midday on the 25th March. The authorities called the search off 60 minutes later.

Then there is the original statement from Mr Dagenhart who is a member of the RAF. Who with no doubt in his mind what so ever stated that about 23.00 he encountered a man on the small viaduct at Ladybower reservoir, who was stinking of aviation fuel.

It is without doubt that the military are involved in a large cover up regarding the attempted interception of the triangle, including conspiracy, the placement of cover stories and debunking of witnesses.

The damming evidence from a member of Royal Air Force, a jet engine specialist, who encountered the pilot or the co-pilot on Snake Pass about an hour after the explosions occurred, stinking of aviation fuel within three miles of Howden Moors. This witness was 100% certain that he smelled aviation fuel on the man he encountered while on a mini bus on the 24th March 1997 until he was spoken to and had to retract his statement.

There were no parked vehicles anywhere in the area. The man smelled strongly of aviation fuel and was said to be of easterly extraction. Indian/Pakistani and dressed in dark brown clothing. The olive green flying suit worn by pilots in the dark would appear to be dark brown, coupled with the fact that he was smelling strongly of aviation fuel. He was about three miles from Howden Reservoir.


If the distance of three miles had been covered in 1 hour allowing for the time necessary to un-hitch his parachute then walking at 3-4 miles an hour, it would place him exactly where he was encountered by the mini bus.

I feel that this is without doubt the pilot or the co-pilot of a Tornado jet who was soaked in aviation fuel and was making his way to the nearest metropolis so as to alert the military. (As was reported by the new age traveler when he said the RAF have lost a jet and the pilot).

If the man had broken down or run out of fuel most people would say,

"I have run out of fuel or I have broken down can you give me a lift," this man just said "I need to get to Sheffield" without giving any explanation as why he was stinking of aviation fuel. The normal behavior would have been to explain your predicament so as to obtain assistance.


Through a source Mr. Dagenhart has been ordered to retract his statement. He however would not tell me who had contacted him and ordered him to retract his statement. I reiterate to you all, I have the Dagenhart tape and he first of all made all comments freely and without prompting.

The RAF are trying to make someone retract a statement about something that they claim never happened anyway WHY ?

Planes landing at Manchester airport adjust incoming flight paths accordingly. A copy of the notam had been impossible for me to obtain. I had been given the run-around over it by West Drayton A.I.S man Mr. Robert Farugia who sent me all over the UK between Mr. Banning's office, his assistant Mr. Jakes (the civil aviation authority) and then over to Manchester airport. Then I was moved all over the shop by Manchester air traffic control, then Mrs. Doreen Hampson gave me the fob off. I was finally told that the notam had been filed in the archive and that without the notam number it would be impossible to retrieve the notam. When I asked how to obtain the notam number I was politely told that the notam number would be printed on the top of the notam. (Notice to airman)


I have finally been able to obtain the notam (notice to airman) from the A.I.S at Heathrow airport, but have left the original notes so as you can be aware of how difficult it had been for me to obtain the above..

And the fact that I was given the run-around by the authorities concerning the temporary danger area.

With regard to the Bolide meteor hypothesis, the following statement also completely contradicts the Bolide story.

Statement from the USA Geological Survey ( bolide meteor characteristics)

USGS - US Geological Survey, Woods Hole Field Center

What is a Bolide? There is no consensus on its definition, but we use it to mean an extraterrestrial body in the 1-10-km size range, which impacts the earth at velocities of literally faster than a speeding bullet (20-70 km/sec = Mach 75), explodes upon impact, and creates a large crater. " is a generic term, used to imply that we do not know the precise nature of the impacting body . . . whether it is a rocky or metallic asteroid, or an icy comet, for example.

No mention of the Bolide exploding in the atmosphere or causing sonic booms, I feel this must now completely debunk the authorities Bolide meteor theory the facts of the night of the 24th March 1997 are not even consistent with a professional description of a Bolide meteor.


Although it has now been confirmed that there was no space debris over the north of England on the 24th March 1997.

I have kept all the data in the report so as you can be aware of how many different versions of events the authorities have been using as it became necessary to modify the cover story so as to keep apace with the veracity of my conclusions. 

These changes in tack by the MOD should not have been necessary if, as they now state, the events that transpired were the result of something as mundane as a low-level training mission. A training mission that, I must point out, should have landed at 21.20, the time it was booked to end. This strangely however is 25 minutes before the incident occurred, so were the jets seen at the time of the incident totally separate from those participating in the low level training mission ? If not why were they still in the air half an hour after they were booked to land?

The military are usually sharp and prompt when it comes to military timetables, they do not accept easily pilots who disregard orders. The question then begs, were the jets seen during the time of the ‘Sheffield Incident’ involved in the training mission, which the military at first claimed took place over the North Sea? Were they instructed to intercept the UFO? Would that not explain why they were in the air thirty minutes after they were supposed to have landed.

I feel the evidence leads strongly to the distinct possibility that a jet has crashed and I must conclude that something had in fact impacted or exploded on the 24th March 1997.

The MOD as with all military establishments tend to police their own and therefore I believe it is very unlikely that they would report themselves to the CAA with regard to RAF jets breaching the sound barrier over the Peaks.

I believe that they were in pursuit of the triangle over the Peak District. I also feel that the explosions were not sonic booms after all but were in fact air explosions caused either by one of the jets exploding or the discharge of weapons. It could even have been the use of an EM weapon which either discharged or affected the electronics on board of one of the tornado jets causing it to explode or crash while in close proximity of the triangle.

1.Fact..Airborne ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) can knock out enemy radar, blanketing it in high powered radiation and causing complete loss of screen images, or confusing it with multiple plots.

2.Fact..EMP from a nuclear burst known as a 'click' it can destroy radio, radar and electrical circuits, or simply stop them working for a while, depending on the strength of the burst, if this is true It is hardly surprising that the government want to suppress this evidence.

It is without doubt that, given the chain of events that occurred, the triangle data pointing to them often traveling in pairs and that the authorities seem to be lying about events over the Peaks between 19.40 and 23.45 on the 24th March.

If it was just a Tornado gone down on a training exercise, like many have over the years, there would have been no need to conceal the loss the jet from the media. Unless of course something far more serious had occurred with mitigating circumstances and they just could not afford the risk of any exposure so the cover story was put out. The Bolide meteor story that is, but that has been debunked with the double sonic booms recorded and, at first, the denials of aircraft in the area. Other stories about the night of the 24th March have done the rounds, including it was a drug drop, or it was a micro light club prank, (Hudson Valley sightings 1980 - New York), or it was a ghost plane. All designed to confuse the issue and get people into a situation where they do not know what to believe.

This is nothing more or less than a covert classic cover-up with all the usual dis-information.

Whether, the air explosions were sonic booms, or a tornado jet exploding and a sonic boom, or a tornado jet exploding and the discharge of weapons, or the triangle going supersonic, the damming testimony of a member of the RAF who can positively confirm with no doubt in his mind what so ever that he encountered a man on the viaduct approx, 1 hour after the explosions were heard, stinking of aviation fuel proves there is more to the evenings events than what the public have been led to believe. I feel that they could not announce that a Tornado had crashed, as they could not afford to have the media crawling all over the area and risk any chance of this incident being exposed.

I therefore must conclude that, The Tornado jet has crashed either due to pilot error or malfunctioned. Because of the use of EM technology in the propulsion system of this craft which has affected the electrical systems of the Jet while being in close proximity of the Triangle causing the pilot to lose control while being involved in this low level interception.

Or that the triangle has released an EM burst known as a click which has knocked out the systems of the jet causing the jet to crash.

It is possible that this triangle craft may have been some new military hardware. With the jets as an escort or perhaps they were on some sort of war games to test the capability of such a craft, maybe one of the jets has crashed due to pilot error or malfunction.

If such advanced aircraft as the FT exists, there are a number of questions that remain unanswered:-

Why would they be test flown, low, over heavily built up areas of the U.K? Such an aircraft would be designated 'Top Secret' and normally flown from establishments such as Boscombe Down. The military simply would not test fly something of such advanced technology over urban area’s if they wished to keep this advanced craft a secret from: 

A: The public

B: Other foreign powers who are always on the lookout for new technology. Through intelligence gathering and the chance of obtaining such technology through industrial espionage, so as to at least maintain the status quo or gain the advantage in avionics and weapon systems for the defense of their own nation states.

It is foolish to even consider that a country, which won two wars through its intelligence gathering and its ability to keep its military secrets safe from foreign powers, would fly these triangles without a care in the World. For all to see when these craft show technology far in advance of anything that is as advertised as being part of the UK defense support.

With all the triangle sightings from at least twenty other countries across the planet, are we to believe that all these countries have designed and built and test flying these craft at the same time, which would constitute a massive breach of security for the originator of the technology.

Digest the evidence and I hope you will agree that the above points are the only rational conclusions that can be drawn. Based on the first rate corroborated evidence and, may I also use the word substantiated, testimonies of credible public sector employees, former military witnesses and the observant professional people from the Sheffield area.

I hereby state, that the evidence contained in this dossier is what I believe to be a true and accurate statement regarding the sighting and military contact, culminating in the loss of at least one N.A.T.O Tornado jet and pilot or co-pilot during an encounter with what I believe to be either. 

1.An extra terrestrial spacecraft on the 24th March 1997.

2.A craft of terrestrial of origin and triangular design.

Obviously my research into this incident is ongoing and I will keep you informed of any further developments.

I would also like to thank you for taking the time to examine my research, if any of the readers have any information regarding this case, however insignificant you may feel it is I would be pleased to look at it. We need each other if we are going to get to the bottom of the UFO enigma, let’s start working together on this.

Your comments are welcome on this matter.

Yours faithfully

Maxwell Brierley Burns - UFO researcher / journalist


Omar Fowler (author) The Flying Triangle Mystery, The Continuing Story, which is available from

The Phenomena Research Association, 94 The Spot, Sinfin, Derby De24

Matthew Williams, Sobeps Belgium, Martin Jeffrey,

Nina Pendread, (editor) Alien Encounters Magazine,

Victor Kean (Project F.T ), Miles Johnson, Glen Ford, The British Geological Survey, UFO Round-up, Stuart Guthrie, USA Geological Survey and Rebecca Jackson.

Maxwell Brierley Burns, United Kingdom

Reprinted with permission of the author.

Copyright 1998

* * *

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