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Feature Articles: European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies

The European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies is the journal of TRUTH UK [The Totton Researchers of Ufology Theory and History]. The journal has been initially set up to bring the European UFO community closer and is primarily, but not exclusively aimed at these organisations. The journal is objective in nature, allowing an outlet for the broad spectrum of issues related to UFO and Abduction phenomena. This includes all academic based subjects (e.g. astronomy, biology, psychology etc.) as well as spiritual aspects, scepticism and new theoretical issues. Therefore, the European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies wants to publish ufological papers and ideas from a wide range of individuals, organisations and stand points.

Types of papers and articles we are looking for: In reality, there are no papers that we will not consider. However, to help potential contributors, below are broad areas you may wish to write about:

Theoretical issues. These articles may assess the validity of existing theories, expand on existing theories or present new theoretical ideas.

Historical issues. These articles may look at the historical progression of UFO and Abduction phenomena or describe ancient accounts and issues.

Empirical studies. These articles may be a report on primary research and data collection/analysis. Analysis of attitudes towards the UFO and Abduction phenomena may be an avenue of thought for instance.

Methodological and Investigation issues. These articles may assess the methods and investigative techniques that ufology employs. They may also suggest particular methods that could be useful in the field of ufology.

Cultural issues. These articles may look at whether particular aspects of ufology are culturally unique or non-culture bound.

Commentaries. These articles can assess the notions published by authors in the European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies.

Case Studies / Reports of enhanced sightings (e.g. 'flaps'). These articles can give details of interesting cases or 'flaps' which may not have got a wider audience before. These will still be reviewed to ensure that the reports are ethically sound (see the notes on ethics within these submission guidelines).

Authors of papers accepted in the above categories will receive a free copy of the journal that their paper appears in (if a paper has more than one author, the lead author will get the free copy). For articles accepted in the categories below, no free copy will be sent.

Research Noticeboard. This section will allow researchers to communicate with one another in order to collaborate and discuss work. This will be an essential section for ufology researchers. Calls for help with research will be included.

Reviews. Publishers and broadcasting companies may send books and videos for review. This section will give an objective view of the items sent.


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Ethical Considerations

For articles that describe research using human participants, ethical guidelines must have been adhered to or the article will be returned without review. Research, therefore, should adhere to the ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Society or the American Psychological Association (or other recognised National Guidelines in your home nation - please supply us with details). Work with individuals who you feel are 'abductees' must also meet the guidelines described in "Ethics Code for Abduction Experience Investigation and Treatment," Journal of UFO Studies, Vol 5 (1994).

Research that is seen as being ethically dubious will not be reviewed or published in this journal. If names are to be mentioned, consent for this in written form must be sent to the Editor along with the article submitted which involves the individuals in question. Pseudonyms can be used as long as it is clear that the name provided is one.

Submission of papers

Papers should be sent to the following address: Craig Roberts, Editor of EJUFOAS, UFO Studies, Totton College, Water Lane, Totton, Southampton, SO40 3ZX, England. Alternatively, authors can submit articles via electronic mail to:

Papers sent via postal mail. Submissions should arrive in triplicate on A4 sized paper. A front sheet should be provided with the title of the paper along with the author(s) address(es) [postal and e-mail if applicable]. Then, the paper will be peer reviewed (blind) by three members of the editorial board.

Papers sent via electronic mail. Two electronic mails have to be sent. One must have the title of the paper along with the author(s) address(es) [postal and e-mail if applicable]. The second must contain the paper along with any images and figures as attachments that are either in text form or Microsoft Word compatible. Then, the paper will be peer reviewed (blind) by three members of the editorial board.

All papers must include a full reference section where authors of papers and books, the title of the book/article, the volume (if applicable) and year of publication are clearly visible. The following style is preferred:

For citing articles

Hickman, J.C., McConkey III, E.D. and Barrett, M.A. (1995/6) 'Fewer Sightings in the National Press: A Content Analysis of UFO News Coverage in the New York Times, 1947-1995,' Journal of UFO Studies, Vol 6 (new series), p.213- 226.

For citing books

Nagaitis, C. and Mantle, P. (1994) Without Consent: A Comprehensive Survey of Missing-Time and Abduction Phenomena in the UK. Ringpull Press Limited, Cheshire, UK.

For citing chapters from books

Wagstaff, G.F. (1986) 'Hypnosis as Compliance and Belief: A Socio-Cognitive View,' in P.L.N. Naish (ed.) What is Hypnosis? Current Theories and Research Open University Press, Milton Keynes, UK, p.59-84.

Craig Roberts, Editor, EJUFOAS

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