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Feature Articles: Physicist Sarfatti Claims Funding to Build Flying Saucers

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Physicist Sarfatti Claims Funding to Build Flying Saucers

According to BBC-TV, physicist Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. of San Francisco, California, who was previously acknowledged working on gravity formulas for the U.S. Government, now reveals that he has special funding to build flying saucers.

Sarfatti's short-term objectives include:

1. Development of conscious nanotech AI chips for androids.

2. Development of consciousness controlled ZPE "flying saucers" capable of "warp drive."

A considerable amount of money in the millions of dollars with cooperation of the US Military-Intelligence Community is now becoming available to me and my associates in order to "Make Star Trek Real," according to Sarfatti.


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"This project was bitterly opposed by Robert Flower about a year ago. Now it is a reality. Defamations of my character by Hameroff and others have to be evaluated in this political context," added Sarfatti.

AAER Note: Although Sarfatti could be a genius or another Albert Einstein, Sarfatti is regarded by many of his peers as a megalomaniac (a pathological egotist) and is extrememly defensive and abrasive with anyone challenging or disagreeing with his views or his work.

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