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Feature Articles: Abduction Helmets Block Alien Intrusion

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Abduction Helmets Block Alien Intrusion

Can wearing an abduction helmet prevent or reduce abductions?

Michael Menkin, an abduction researcher, is asking for volunteers to test out a new abduction helmet. According to Menkin, "The device works by stopping alien mind control over humans. My device consists of a leather helmet with layers of special conductive plastic, the same material used to prevent static electricity damage to printed circuit boards. When worn over the head, the device acts as an insulator for telepathic control. Its function is not proven, I realize, but a shield for blocking mind control is worth trying."

Menkin continued, "I got the idea for blocking telepathic control from the novels of E.E. "Doc" Smith, where science fiction characters fight one another using telepathic control as a weapon. In Smith's novels, the protagonists use "thought screens" to prevent telepathic control from their enemy. After Smith, I call my telepathy blocking helmets "thought screen helmets."

Menkin said, "I realize that the "thought screen helmet" cannot be tested. The only way to find out if it works is for an abductee to wear it for a period of time and have an encounter where he/she will know that the alien's lost their ability to control the minds of abductees.

Menkin explained, "If AAER has an abductee who would like to try the "thought screen helmet" I will send it to them absolutely free. With all of the difficulties reported by abductees, somebody should be willing to try the "thought screen helmet."


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According to Menkin, "I am doing this because I feel I can make a contribution to the alien abduction phenomenon. If I can make a "thought screen helmet" that works it would be a breakthrough for mankind. The aliens would not be able to control humans and their project would fail. If the material in the second prototype helmet doesn't work, there are several more kinds of materials I can try.

Menkin explained the head of an adult male would work the best due to its size. He suggests a man rather than a woman because the plastic material must be fairly close to the scalp to work. The long hair of a woman may prevent it from working. Currently, Menkin has one abductee who has been wearing the helmet for several months.

Michael Menkin's thought screen helmets were imitated by the children in a humorous scene about a family under alien attack in a 2002 Mel Gibson movie called Signs.

Since this initial report, AAER has referred many volunteers to Michael Menkin. If you are interested in trying the helmet, please contact AAER.

"Aliens and Children" is a website about children who are abducted by aliens with 150 drawings of their experiences, will be featured on Seattle, Washington on KING-TV, Channel 5 on Wednesday, November 16th at 7 p.m. The show will feature interviews with children and the mother who were abducted, the children's drawings, and an interview with investigator Michael Menkin.

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