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Feature Articles: SETI Scientist Blocked from Revealing Source of Extraterrestrial Signals

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

SETI Scientist Blocked from Revealing Source of Extraterrestrial Signals

The following official statement was provided by Paul Dore, a SETI scientist.

"Monday, the second of November (1998) has got to be one of the worst 24 hours I've ever experienced. Here is a brief synopsis of the events that ensued.

6:00am I arrive at work, do some rather routine things and cull overnight data. I have a pretty uneventful day, then around noon I receive a call from the two astronomers stating they would not be at the press conference at that I was 'essentially, on my own.' - 'Fine then.' I replied, and they apologized and hung up. Next my supervisor rings me up to tell me that I was to cease my experiment immediately. This was quite strange because he had been supportive ever since the news broke. As per his request I began the job of taking down the feedhorn and disconnecting the receiver and packing the entire kit up. The rest of the day passed without incident and I began thinking once again if I made a mistake, if I was confused by something earthly or a natural phenomena. I began questioning myself over and over in hopes that I could find something I missed."

7:00pm I arrive home to find three gentlemen in my residence. My wife Helen has the look of sheer terror upon her face. It turns one of the men was from the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) at Cheltenham, the other was from RAF Feltwell and the third from the American National Security Agency (NSA). They asked if we could speak in private. I was reluctant but agreed and Helen and the kids left the room. Over the course of nearly two hours they explained to me that what I had discovered was not extra-terrestrial in nature but most definitely interesting. It turns out that what I discovered was in fact a classified intelligence satellite having to do with something known as Project 415.


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I am being very careful here so as not to violate the security oath they made me sign which states that should I disclose any further detail on this subject I will be subject to prosecution under the terms of the Official Secrets Act.

I was told basically that the signals I received were mistaken and that I should not talk about this matter in detail. They gave me a fair amount of information to convince me, again the details I cannot go into but I am satisfied that what I picked up was in fact a secret deep space satellite for purposes of national and international (it seems) security. After the three men were convinced that I believed them they had me sign this legal document that I cited above and left. I watched as two of the men walked down the road one way and the American walk in an opposite direction (presumably to their vehicles).

So there you have it and I wish this were not true. I had visions of going down in history as being the first human being to detect signs of other intelligence in the universe and while I found intelligence all right, it certainly wasn't the kind of intelligence I hoped to discover. I am a bit depressed now, though that could have as much to do with the weather. My family and I have decided that I should not purse this line of research any further. Should I ever discovery anything else strange in the course of my work I will be very careful about revealing it.

AAER Note: Dr. James "Bond" Johnson revealed the "three gentlemen" had threatened the lives of Dore's family if he went public with the press release scheduled for November 4, 1998 about SETI having discovered an extraterrestrial signal from space. The cover story would be the secret signals were American, but the truth was in fact, they were not. Dore was ordered to remain silent and deny everything in order to protect his family.

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