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Feature Articles: Roswell UFO Museum Fires Librarian

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Roswell UFO Museum Fires Librarian

Dennis Balthaser, former librarian of the Roswell UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, has released the following statement about his termination from the famous museum:

This correspondence will serve as a blanket notification that on October 28, 1998, Glenn Dennis (President of the International UFO Museum and Research Center) in Roswell, NM, told me to sever all relationships with the Museum and I was not to be affiliated with the Museum anymore.

As most of you know I have in the past been on the Board of Directors, was the Operations Manager and most recently the UFO Investigator. All three of those positions were very rewarding, always putting the interest of the Museum, the witnesses and visitors in the forefront. That meant doing and saying things that at times were not agreeable to everyone.

I have no regrets for anything I did at the Museum during the past two years, as I think the results speak for themselves. Because of the current leadership of the Museum (Glenn Dennis, Glenda Shafer, certain board members and certain volunteers) the Museum will probably continue to be a tourist attraction, but does not appear to have the leadership to develop it into the potential it should have.


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Having a collection of 45,000 items in the library, fills up bookcases and shelves, but is of no value as long as the people in charge have no knowledge of ufology and present the attitude that discourages serious researchers from becoming involved.

I will inform the webmaster to remove all of my information from the Museum website, since I was told to sever all relationships with the Museum. Those that remain dedicated to the Museum I wish well.

In addition to me being fired, Laura Stephey who was hired in January, 1998 to work in the library, was also fired yesterday. She had something special in a sincere desire to learn and be involved not only in the library but the subject of ufology in research and investigation.

I will continue to do research, investigations and lectures, so I ask that you keep in touch. The truth is out there if the right people look for it.

October 28, 1998

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