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Feature Articles: Hackers Erase UFO X-Files Website

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Hackers Erase UFO X-Files Website

Hackers deleted UFO XFiles web site one week beofre the much publicized internet broadcast of a real piece of UFO. This horrendous act occurred a week before this web site was intending to sponsor the first international online UFO convention.

Popular internet web personalities were speculating the UFO XFiles web site was deleted by its owner due to low ticket sales and a lack of credible UFO fragments. What nonsense! Anyone who has ever maintained a web site knows the hard work which goes into producing web pages and maintaining it.


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Who hacked into the UFO XFiles web site?

1. Was it hacked into by students?

2. Was it hacked into as part of a conspiracy by a U.S. military black project group?

3. Or, was it hacked into by right wing fundamentalists? Back in 1997, TV evangelist Pat Robertson advocated "Death by Stoning for UFO Enthusiasts." Right-wing evangelists do not want to lose their contributors to aliens, instead of angels.

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