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Feature Articles: How to Videotape UFO's the Eyes Can't See

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How to Videotape UFO's the Eyes Can't See

AAER's George Ritter demonstrated this method for videotaping UFOs unseen by the human eye. This method is based on the fact that most UFOs move faster than the human eye can see.

Videotaping UFOs is easy and exciting. Most people fortunate enough to spot a UFO zipping through the sky have no witnesses or camera handy to record the momentous event. But all that will soon change as people discover their hidden tool for seeing UFOs -- the video camera.

Many of us own a video camera for recording the family's special occasions, such as birthday parties, holiday activities, vacations, or family reunions. Then we put the camera away until the next special occasion.

But the best way to see these elusive UFOs is with the help of a video camera. A camera can see more than the human eye because it has a wider light spectrum. A camera can record movement invisible or unrecognizable by the human eye.


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So, to see UFOs, you must first get a video camera. Set up the video camera outside or through an open window, point it at the sky away from direct sunlight and start recording. Go back inside and do something else until the camera is done recording.

When the videotaping ends, bring the video camera back inside. Playback the videotape in slow motion and be ready to press the pause button to review single frames. Any streak or blur should be reviewed one frame at at time. A single frame represents 1/30th of a second.

A lot can get by "in the blink of an eye" except for the camera, which videotapes it all. If UFOs are there, your video camera will record them.

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