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Feature Articles: Daytime UFOs Over Ohio

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Daytime UFOs Over Ohio

These are close-ups of UFOs from George Ritter's videotape taken Thursday, December 10, 1998 in Findlay, Ohio.

This sequence shows how computer analysis reveals hidden details in a video frame. In three steps, we show how an unusual, but very light-colored object, is forced to reveal its secrets. Inserts below were enlarged and enhanced to intensify existing highlights, colors, shadows and shape.

Step 1. Original video frame below showing unusual light gray flying object.


Step 2. Under high magnification and color intensification, bright circular windows at forefront are clearly visible. Smooth outer edges become jagged in appearance due to computer pixelization under magnification.


Step 3. Under very high magnification, object's shape is readily apparent. Roundness of front end is very visible through sunlight reflecting off circular window panels. Note rear landing gear at back end on right. This object looks familiar. Is it a UFO or Air Force black budget project?


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