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Feature Articles: A UFO Film Show and Sceptics

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

A UFO Film Show and Sceptics

I received an email invitation some time back, to give a talk and show some photos of both U.F.O phenomena and life after death, from a group calling itself the Hampshire society, although I had been explaining and showing photos of all types of paranormal phenomena for some years, this group was a new one to me.
This was to be held at a large hall adjoining a public house in Guildford Surrey.
In England, and they kindly offered me a sum well above the average.
In the normal way you get travel expenses, sometimes a little extra.
This generosity excited me to this group I had not come across before.
and I duly arrived and began to set up my equipment, the hall caretaker did not know who the group were but said several of the faces outside were local football hooligans.
So getting in to the talk and showing slides, I became aware of the sarcastic remarks of some of the group, I kept asking for order but the heckling and snide remarks just got worse.
The talk was booked for two and a half hours with a break midway.
But barely thirty minutes in and I had had enough, when slow hand clapping began
I said if it did not stop now I would call it a day and go home.
Several of the group came down and stood beside me and mimicked what I was trying to say, and the little table with my stuff on it was knocked over.
Just then the caretaker came in and said they could hear the shouting in the pub opposite and the police had been summoned to clear the hall.
I was quite shaken and a little relieved to see the crowd sidling out the door, although of course the police never showed up, the caretaker said he should have said there was someone there with no car tax in the hall.
It was only then that I realised my large brief case with my pictures and photos going back 40 years, had been stolen.
Many of these photos were from the restricted files of a U S airbase in Britain, and are irreplaceable, along with a N.A.S.A leaflet on how to deal with a downed U.F.O.
Subsequently it turned out they were a local sceptics group.


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I have given talks to sceptics groups before, but this crowd were very aggressive and intimidating.
afterwards I just felt bullied and humiliated.
But what are sceptics?
We see around us those with arrested emotional development, even those with Sub standard intellects, but those who are psychically static, are often a real problem.
It is unnatural to hold the same views since childhood, some are Christian extremists.
Exhibiting the same opinions drummed in to them at Sunday school half a lifetime ago, and some have no opinions at all other than the negativity of the toxic mental state.
Carl Jung called the symptom constellation of fear of change and an unwillingness to discuss the unknown as "miso-oneism" which can hamper the natural development, and this stasis can lead to denialism, atheism and mental illness.
Mans spiritual compass demands that he look in all directions, examine all creeds for inner wealth, and to grow continually throughout his life in all arenas.
But particularly in what Carl Jung called the "Architecture of the soul".
To hold a view is permissible but to try and stamp out another's view because you do not agree with it is abominable, I have described this before as "spiritual democracy"
And to remain at a given point is unnatural and unhealthy.
After a talk I always encourage questions and inter-communion of viewpoints, but as soon as I began the heckling started, so by not listening they cheated themselves.
35 years ago many would laugh at these subjects, but as people become more knowledgeable, less and less are sceptical now.
I once worked with a sceptic and he said to me, "Prove to me there is such a place as Australia. I am not saying it does not exist but until I see it for myself, I cannot believe in it."
Carl Jung said this kind of attitude paralyses the mind and damages the soul and called it "Misodneism." It is well known that after death these atheist's and sceptics are the most difficult categories of people to help.

T. Stokes, Paranormal Studies Lecturer, England

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