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Feature Articles: What Exactly are UFO's?

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

What Exactly are UFO's?

Although I was interested from early on about the paranormal, I came late to the subject of U.F.O.'s because I just could not believe it.
This closed mindedness robbed me of some great sightings over the years seen by colleagues.
A senior member of the American embassy tipped off a friend and I, where and when to look in the sky, and from that moment what I saw had me entranced.
I have developed over many years my own technique for sky-watching.
Pick a clear night.
(1) Borrow a friend's garden with a clear view of the sky, not too many buildings trees or light pollution.
(2) Put out a groundsheet and lay on your back facing up and in a warm sleeping bag, face the sky centre.
(3) The best times are during the yearly meteorite showers the Persids and the Leonids, that is around August and November, because they will help keep your attention going.
A friend to talk to helps as well, you will soon learn the difference between a satellite, an aeroplane, shooting star or whatever.
You may have to wait every night for a week, then see 3 in one night.
It is just patience.
I and many other people have seen these strange craft, and are curious as to what they are, official explanations consist of nonsensical statements such as reflected light, to Japanese fishing boats etc, a senior U.S.A.F official told me this ridicule is to deter people, but this only means they are not reported.
Experts fall basically into 3 categories. Some claim they are extra-terrestrial visitors, some say they are from our future, and some say they are from the earth's centre.


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Winston Churchill during one of his madness phases in W.W.II. discussed whether the Germans could have a base at the earths centre.
I have seen 2 craft up close, one in broad daylight but never any alien beings.
and it is only by "self experiencing" we can really believe.
One of the most interesting accounts I heard was from an American Vietnam veteran, who said that one night in Vietnam, the U.S. soldiers camps alarm system went mad, lights and sirens going all over, men were running from all directions assuming an attack, when overhead a huge craft drifted across in silence, very low with lights ablaze.
When suddenly a lot of Vietcong fighters sneaking up on the base, on seeing the massive U.F.O ran in panic right through the camps protective minefield, to their deaths.
It appeared to my informant that the U.S servicemen were afraid it was some sort of a Vietcong attack, and the commies thought it was some sort of an American deterrent.
Next morning the large numbers of personnel on the base, and many were witnesses, were told the strange happening had to be kept secret.
Any film was confiscated except one roll that was held back by a camp worker.
Now this man was not bothered whether I believed the story or not.
But on balance I think I do, because the story is typical of others that have passed the various tests.
But get out there and sky-look for yourself.
T. Stokes, Paranormal Studies Lecturer, England

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