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Feature Articles: The UFO Truth

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

The UFO Truth

In the 18th century when Archibald Forster lectured to the British Royal Society, about a newly discovered bird, that appeared to wear a suit, and walked as if with its trousers down, and it flew, not in the air but in the water.
He was roughed up and thrown out of the society.
Later he was barred from the church as a liar and tool of the devil, his wife left him, he became known as the "April fool" and died in poverty soon after.
But today we take penguins for granted, they have after all, only been with us 50 million years.
The philosopher Schopenhaur once said truth passes through 3 stages.
First it is ridiculed, then it is opposed, then finally it is accepted as self evident.
But what is truth ?
The truth does not exist, for the truth for me is not your truth.
And the truth of yesterday is different to the truth of today, which is different again to the truth of tomorrow, for truth is truly, a flexible commodity, it can be bent this way and that for the truth is really a lie, and if the truth is really a lie, then a lie must be the truth, and if truth is a lie and the lie is the truth, how can there be any difference?
and of course in truth, there is none.
30 years ago I remember lecturing to the medical profession about, osteopathy, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, palmistry, spiritual and auric healing, and having them often laugh in my face.
But now almost every medical practise in Britain, has a doctor who is turning away from allopathic medication and its suppression of symptoms, to look for the truth of real cures, in the alternative agenda.
Doctors kill more people on Britain each year than alcohol, motor-cars and Gerry Adams put together.
Today's truth is about flying saucers, and like today's allopathic medicine, once the refuge of charlatans and scammers, but today this information in skilled hands, offers the province of much wisdom, and yes truth too.
Like the discoverer of penguins early U.F.O spotters were stigmatised, as the government would ridicule and hound those who reported the phenomena.
But things have changed, official sources would spout that;
"there is no life in outer space"
the past few years have seen officials who then said,"There is no proof of extra-terrestrial life."
Now surprisingly officials all spout the same phrase;
"Understanding the vastness of space, it is very likely that life does exist somewhere in the universe."
These three very different statements, show they are running scared, the public no longer report sightings, as the trust is not there, many times photos and film have been confiscated, and never released again to the owners.
I myself have seen secret data from a U S airbase, that proves conclusively that whatever U.F.Os are, they do exist, some years ago I was told by an employee at the American embassy when to look out for these craft - in advance!


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All this info is collated by the C.F.R. (Community of Foreign Relations) headed by the Rockefella foundation.
Recent statements by an ex C.F.R. secretary, have shocked intelligence personnel to the core.
Some years ago there was a British magazine called "Exchange and mart."
And a small box advert asked anyone who saw a U.F.O to report it to a phone number at the end of the ad, a friend out late on his motorbike had a shaky encounter, and phoned the number, he said he thought,
"I know this voice on the other end of the phone."
Then the penny dropped and he claimed this was Prince Phillip.
Not believing this we phoned up and taped the call, and yes we all said it had to be him, investigating what officially was ridiculed.
The British Government minister Dennis Healey, despite his hard left credentials was a valued informer to the security services on the far left of the labour party during the cold war.
And he told us he had seen a craft late at night, shine a beam down onto a field.
And in the morning he went out with his dogs and there was a large crop circle, where the beam had shone.
That was his statement.

Some years ago the Wilson government assessed "anonymous flying craft as a threat." They decided there are 3 separate theories on what U.F.Os are,
forget experimental aircraft.
As these are entirely recognisable as such and usually are just official propaganda. Most claim these craft are from another world, Some say they are from our future, And some say they are from the earth's centre. And some say all of the above.
People like Gary McKinnon risked a 70 year prison sentence, to bring us the truth, from 97 United States defence computers, why was U F O info kept on all these, if it is all just crap as they claim?
If the U.S. government does prosecute him, then much other findings and documentation will end up on the net for all to see. Remember if the powers that be continually lie over this, then what else? We can take nothing for granted now. Not the stated reasons for W.W.II and not 9/11. Not why we are in Iraq
Not the coming compulsory I D cards.
Why police are not interested in crime.
Not the origins of the B.S.E. Ebola or A.I.D.S crisis.
Nor the nonsense we are being told about Iran.
The government constantly feeds us lies as our diet for truth, Tony Blair and company and
George Bush etc. are seen as just figures of fun,
who are at war with the truth and their own electorate.
It really is time to clear out the smell from the political stables, and wash the filth and lies away.
Let's elect the penguins, with the wisdom of 50 million years. They could not do a worse job for us than the political liars we have now.
T. Stokes, Paranormal Studies Lecturer, England

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