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Feature Articles: Scientists Come Unstuck

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Scientists Come Unstuck

Today a N.A.S.A. spokesman speaking excitedly on new close up photographs taken in the Mars space shot March 2006 said, "The new images will change all our existing viewpoints on the red planet" meaning all previous statements are inaccurate and will become defunct?
In 1975, 186 scientists in a united criticism of Astrology, made the statement that it is bunk and should be banned.
Professor Richard Dawkins also said in the Sunday Times newspaper that "Astrologers should be prosecuted under the trade descriptions act." The same group claimed that no proof existed that Jesus ever lived.
In 1978, the Encyclopaedia of Occultism, claimed that over 10,000 astrologers practised in America, and had 20 million clients, yet these same scientists again called for the banning of all Astrologers.
In 1957 Dr. Wilhelm Reich had all his books and research papers confiscated by the U.S government and burnt in New York City, after protests by academics opposed to "bunk like astrology, etc." Both Christianity and Judaism, is by and large Astrology based.


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Carl Jung admitted using astrological signs as the basis of his personality types, and every U.S. administration since W.W.II has had astrologers.
The superstitious Winston Churchill, had during the war a whole team of astrologers.
So if Astrology is behind psychology, the governmental war effort and religion, why do scientists constantly attack it?
Professor Richard Dawkins admitted he knew nothing about astrology so to criticise something you have not studied does not sound very scientific to me.
However it was Carl Jung who said, "Any degree of learning involves a narrowing of horizons." Why do academics who are knowledgeable in one field, talk on another they are not?
I was invited to attend the Scientists sceptical association meeting, for a short speech at Faraday house on March 5th, 2006, only to find that the hall had listed a different date for the group to meet.
Any amateur astrologer could have warned them that with Mercury retrograde on that date, delays and frustrations always occur.
T. Stokes, Paranormal Studies Lecturer, England

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