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Feature Articles: New Movie - The Fourth Kind

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New Movie - The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind Movie with as a Resource (AAER)
Movie Resource

A new movie on alien abduction has generated much speculation regarding its authenticity and accuracy. Is it a true story? Will it accurately reflect an alien abduction experience? These are some of the questions.

This alien abduction thriller “The Fourth Kind” hits movie theaters Nov. 6, 2009 starring Milla Jovovich. The movie projects a sense of urgency as stern-faced Milla Jovovich strolls toward the camera and identifies herself as Dr. Abigail Tyler, the movie’s heroine, who then proceeds to debrief terrified patients in a sleep study of their alien abduction experiences.

The austere Dr. Tyler's demeanor is juxtaposed with what is intended to appear as home video clips from her patients, in the same venue as “The Blair Witch Project ” or “Paranormal Activity”both of which superimposed running narrative from a live participant in a documentary style.

The movie “The Fourth Kind” has an exciting trailer on the internet and lists our website Alien Abduction Experience and Research at the end of the trailer as a resource for information on alien abductions, as shown in the snapshot at the top of the page from the internet.

Although many people may prefer a movie about actual events, the movie appears to be a composite of various alien abduction experiences. Abductees and experiencers are encouraged to see and support this movie.


The Fourth Kind Movie Poster

The Fourth Kind
Movie Poster

We are promoting the movie because any good publicity we can gain on this subject can only help us in our goal to disseminate information worldwide about alien abductions.

Based on previews of the movie, we expect the various stories to be authentic as far as representing what abductees experience.

The movie launches November 6, 2009 and we intend to be first in line at the theatre door to see what promises to be a super movie thriller.

As TV news host Larry King said with his fascination for these unusual subjects, “The Fourth Kind” is a remarkable movie that boggles the mind and changes your opinion about UFOs. This is close encounters of the 4th kind."

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