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Feature Articles: Who Needs Dave Jacobs When You Have Joe Lewels?

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Who Needs Dave Jacobs When You Have Joe Lewels?

JAR, The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research

by Elaine Douglass, M.S. (JAR)


ABSTRACT: Author takes Joe Lewels to task for his claim aliens created life on earth and human religion. These claims are alien propaganda transmitted through abductees, says the author, and intended to destroy humanity's self-esteem. Author says alien psychological manipulation of individual abductees are a laboratory in which aliens are formulating a mass line to discredit human authority and establish the legitimacy of the alien presence on earth.

What do the flying saucer people want? That great issue hangs over our little UFO community and over the human race, and it was aired at the MUFON Symposium in June via the primetime speakers Dave Jacobs and Joe Lewels.

Jacobs and Lewels disagree, but they came together on one big conclusion - the alien does want something here on planet earth, and he wants a lot.

Where do they disagree? Jacobs, in his book The Threat cries 'Foul!' whereas Lewels, in his book The God Hypothesis says in effect, 'The aliens want something? Well fine, give 'em everything they want!'

And that is what Dr. Joe Lewels did in his talk. He essentially ceded the human race and its history to the aliens, and in so doing, inadvertently made Dr. Dave Jacobs' case - that the aliens are a "threat" - for him.

Lewels brought forward a message extracted from the abductions, which, whatever other purposes they have, are now the communications window from the aliens to us. Joe Lewels has read the message the abductions contain. It is a message the aliens want us to hear. What do the flying saucer people want? They want everything.

No, Lewels didn't put it just like that. What he actually said was the aliens made everything - on earth. Everything that's important. According to Lewels the aliens made Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. The aliens made all the animals on earth, the human species, and the genetic code, DNA. Aliens have been making all these things since the pre Cambrian age, 600 million years ago, Lewels said, and that means aliens have been coming here for a long time, for "forever," he said, and if this is so, how can the aliens be a threat?

Lewels said more. He said the aliens are God. His authority was one Barry Downing, a putative religious minister who has unaccountably been allowed to walk the halls of ufology unmolested for many years. Downing is right, Lewels said, when Downing wrote: "The UFO/alien reality, and what the Bible calls the angelic/divine reality, are the same reality."

As for DNA, it "couldn't have evolved naturally," therefore aliens had to have brought it here, Lewels said. Creationism all over again, except that now the aliens are the creators instead of God.

To my mind, DNA is God's blueprint for nature, but if aliens made DNA, then that sort of makes the aliens God, or at least interposes them between us and God. So Lewels didn't actually say the aliens are God. He just hugged that idea and left it open for anyone to walk into.

Thus, within the confines of a mere 60 minute speech, any MUFON member who accepted the premises offered lost their cultural history, their natural history, and their God.

To make the devastation complete, the assembled were castigated for the "arrogance" of thinking we have a right to rule this planet, and for the "arrogance" of valuing our human science - the aliens would "laugh at us" for that, Lewels said. The human race is becoming sterile! Lewels said. And it's all our fault. We ought to "judge ourselves first" and "accept responsibility for our own destructiveness" before we judge any aliens.

Lest anyone imagine this sweeping indictment was styled in hell fire and brimstone, it wasn't. Instead, Dr. Lewels coaxingly called his "hypothesis" a "middle road," "logic," "making sense." It gives, he said, "perspective."

For example, if we had "perspective," we would understand that what the aliens are doing here is "the natural order of things." It's "natural," he said an alien told an abductee he knows, "for one species (that's the aliens) to exploit the species below them" (that's us). Even though "what the aliens do seems nasty and scary, they don't think it's evil," and the only reason we might think that is because we humans have been "brainwashed by human propaganda" into thinking "God created us as special to rule over the earth. If we say, 'That ain't fair !' to the abductions," it's only because, Dr. Lewels says, we lack "perspective."

This preposterous argument leaves me shaking with anger and to it, I say, who needs Dave Jacobs? Who needs Dr. Jacobs to argue the aliens are a threat when we have the good Dr. Lewels? HE has informed us of the breathtaking scope of what the aliens would appropriate on this planet - our natural history, our cultural history, and our God.

Were the alien's message believed, it would drive a stake into the heart of our civilization. It would precipitate the collapse of our self confidence as a people. It would plunge this planet into chaos, and bring this planet to its knees.

This is the message Dr. Lewels claimed "needed to be said." This is the message he choose to inject into the MUFON community - the only community where the message could be believed - but which is nonetheless a community utterly incapable of evaluating the message. Why? Because no one could evaluate it! Lewels' message is fundamentally un evaluatable - by anyone I know of, at this time, and probably forever.

Who - please explain - will be able to determine whether aliens made Mary pregnant with Christ? Whether the Star of Bethlehem was a UFO? Whether the prehistoric cave art of the Australian aborigines really represents grey aliens? Who will be able to prove DNA evolved on this planet, or was brought here by extraterrestrials? Who will be able to say whether the evolutionary big bang in the pre Cambrian age was stimulated by aliens or occurred naturally? And who will be able to determine whether the serpent in the Garden of Eden was really a reptilian extraterrestrial? Who?

No one, that's who.

Yet, this is the "evidentiary" basis upon which Dr. Lewels constructs his "God Hypothesis." It is a hand grenade tossed into a school yard, from which the good doctor walks away with a clear conscience, calling it "perspective." I say it is nihilism. I say it is supreme irresponsibility. I say, who needs Dave Jacobs?

'But wait a minute!' pipes up Dr. Lewels, 'couldn't it be true we're all hybrids and earth is a cosmic game park?' Yes, it could. 'And if it's true,' he pipes up again, 'don't we need to know it?' The answer is, we would need to know it, if we could know it, but we can't. Why? Because we can't independently verify it.

Dr. Lewels, who calls himself a journalist, dropped this fatuous remark in his talk: "I'm not one who says you can't believe anything an alien tells you." Journalist or not, Lewels, former professor of communication, doesn't know the difference between an allegation and a fact.

A fact is something that you - with tools you control, based on many sources, and operating in a milieu with which you are deeply familiar - determine. A fact is not created when someone you have never seen before drops literally out of the sky and says, 'Oh, by the way, we made Christ.' That is an allegation. I suggest we not destabilize our civilization because of an allegation, especially when there are other equally likely reasons for these allegations than that they are true.

Joe Lewels is not first in the UFO community to parrot the aliens' allegations. For years I have watched the message accumulate - through the abduction reports and the statements and writings of abductees and channelers - watched as new elements were added to the message, other elements removed. All this time the message had limited credibility because the abduction phenomena itself had limited credibility.

But now, the message describing the alien's claims on planet earth is being carried by Dr. Lewels, a PhD, a non abductee, or at least he doesn't say he is an abductee, in primetime at the MUFON National Symposium. It is time to ask ourselves exactly what this message is, and how is it being developed and communicated through the abductions.

To do that, we need to take another look at the abduction reports. Immediately we notice a puzzling feature - the abduction activity has a huge psychological dimension, by which I mean bizarre psychological manipulations of the abductees carried out by the aliens in the course of the abductions and other communications.

Since this psychological, or what might better be called ideological, dimension can have no contribution to a breeding program, or any other program whose focus is off world, I became convinced years ago that the focus and target of the abductions is earth.

If the only purpose of the abductions were to collect eggs and sperm, it would not be necessary for the aliens to spend any time working on the abductees' mental attitude. In fact, they spend enormous time working on the abductees' mental attitude, and that convinced me that one of the main outputs of the abductions is in fact the "mental attitude" of the abductees.

At one time I felt the aliens' only objective in the abductions was to work on the abductees until they come to hold a certain view, but Dave Jacobs' work has convinced me the creation of new beings, possibly hybrids, is also a major objective. Therefore it now seems to me these two objectives are deeply interrelated.

What is the purpose of the alien effort to influence the mental attitude of the abductees? The aliens have put in place an elaborate program of psychological conditioning which begins in childhood and is applied relentlessly in pursuit of the desired result or, (possibly), the abductee is abandoned. The desired result of the conditioning is to get the abductees to accept, embrace, even celebrate, what is happening to them, no matter how revolting or exploitative it is. Not an easy job, and one I believe presents considerable challenge to the aliens.

In our parents' generation were many abductees who never knew it. Now we have a new generation of abductees who are being made consciously aware of their predicament. I have watched the careful unveiling of this knowledge by the aliens to individual abductees in many cases. (1)

A key feature is to convince the abductee of one of several propositions. He is told either that he was an alien in a past life, that an alien is his father or mother, that he is married to an alien, or that he has "permitted" the abductions by accepting his special role as a "chosen one."

To make the proposition irresistible, the abductee is provided with vivid experiences and "memories" which operate on a subjective level to achieve plausibility for the proposition. In this manner, a new identity is given which bonds the abductee to the aliens and legitimizes the intervention. The question, 'Do the aliens have a right to do this to me?' is stilled, and the abductee is persuaded that, 'Yes, they have a right because - I am one of them.'

Another bonding mechanism is the baby presentations. An early explanation of the baby presentations, from abduction researchers, was that the aliens were studying maternal behavior. From a 10 minute baby presentation? I don't think so. The net impact of the baby presentations is to shock the abductee into realization of his or her deep and seemingly inextricable link with the aliens. It now becomes impossible to reject the aliens because - 'They have my child.'

Another tactic is "good alien/bad alien" in which all the unpleasant features of the abductions are attributed to "bad aliens." I believe this tactic was created by the aliens to get rid of abductee anger, which interferes with bonding. It is now commonplace to hear abductees hold "bad aliens" responsible for all negatives, and none ever asks, for example, why the good aliens don't stop the bad ones. With anger disposed of, the abductee can now bond unreservedly with "good aliens."

It is evident good alien/bad alien is a successful tactic in the alien conditioning program, and its core mechanism - the redirection of anger - is currently being elaborated in new ways. For example, some abductees now hold the U.S. government responsible for the abductions. Others claim aliens are being victimized by government authorities, and they are alarmed about "violations of the rights of aliens." Through these manipulations the initial proposition - that humans are the victims in alien abductions - is stood on its head.

Abductees are not creating these notions. They are communicated directly from aliens to the abductees, who then propagate them. The communications are staged and planned. For example, one abductee was shown two clones of herself. Soon, "a Blond being" told her US "government scientists" were abusing clones. "Our [ET] technology was taken from us," the Blond being said. "Your government manipulated us, and. . .it is out of control." The abductee believed these allegations and published them in the MUFON Journal.(2)

"It is beyond our ability to stop your Government without your help," the Blond being went on, and in this last statement we find the real purpose of the communication - to plant the seditious message: 'Your government is bad. Get rid of it.' This foreshadows the ultimate use of redirection of anger. It will be directed against governments.

We must understand the central premise of the alien's position. That premise is: "We (aliens) are OK, and you (humans) are Not OK." No manifestation I have seen of alien communication has departed from this premise. Even the status of "chosen one" is conditional and revocable - it depends on whether you, abductee, learn your lessons and "measure up" to what we, the aliens, are teaching you.

Here is how the conditioning process goes forward. Seizure by force is basic. When taken, the abductee is put in apparent danger and must rely on the aliens for safety. This gives the alien his initial beachhead in the abductee's personality. Seizure by force is almost never dispensed with, even when the abductee would come willingly.

Castigations follow. "You're not OK" is vigorously asserted. This stimulates guilt and approval seeking in the abductee. Punishment and rewards are alternately employed to achieve disorientation. The abductee's narcissism is manipulated in complex ways.

Isolation is enforced. Speaking about what is happening is not permitted. The abductee is alone with the alien in a private little hell. "We are not going away," the alien declares.

Obsessions are created. Miracles presented. Accidents are staged and "lives saved." Fruitless searches, riddles, obscure science, consumes the abductee. "We are too powerful to resist," is drummed into the abductee's head.

Eventually the fait d'accompli is presented. Inextricably bonding circumstances, such as apparently hybrid children, are disclosed; conscious awareness is introduced; and the abductee is persuaded his real, hitherto unknown, identity is radically different than what was believed.

The fait d'accompli is a hallmark of the alien conditioning. By the time conscious awareness is introduced, the abductee is already enmeshed in crucial, inextricable relationships. It is too late to back out.

Now the onslaughts are intensified, and pressure on the abductee builds to a climax. Persuasive campaigns like this occur repeatedly in order to break the abductee's will. If successful, the result will be capitulation. The abductee's skepticism collapses and resistance ends. In Transformation, Whitley Strieber captures the moment. Brought to a peak of terror by one of the aliens' staged psychodramas, Whitley felt he:

. . . could not bear to go on like this. I could not live with this fear and I did not know how to live without it unless I lied to myself and arbitrarily decided on my own to believe the visitors were benevolent.

Afterwards, Whitley writes, he found "acceptance."

If the abductee capitulates, he or she is now tested for obedience and loyalty to the aliens. The correct response is an outpouring of rationalization: 'They did it all for my own good. I am astounded so much loving effort was spent to redeem a person as unworthy as I.' That is the voice of the capitulated abductee.

Obedience? Anyone who doubts the sinister nature of the alien conditioning might check into those cases in which the aliens have suggested the abductee commit suicide. Loyalty? The abductee is taken to the field, made to participate in the capture of other abductees, and taught how to subdue those who fight back.


The God Hypothesis

The God Hypothesis
by Dr. Joe Lewels (oop)

Test, test, test. Are the bonds cemented? Does the abductee willingly cooperate? With what? I believe it is cooperation in furthering the aliens' objectives on earth.

I have often wondered if the strategy used with the individual abductees would be tried with the planet as a whole. It's a challenge. How do you have intercourse with someone's behind and make them think it's a religious experience? How would the aliens accomplish that with the planet as a whole? What kind of message would they craft for that purpose?

One thing about the aliens is, they play for keeps. When they want to bond with you, they put out a powerful notion which strikes at the heart of your identity. They say, "You're actually us," or, "You agreed to join us" (even if you don't remember doing so).

The aliens are finding this strategy is working rather well with the individual abductees. Many are able to tolerate identity replacement without losing their sanity or day to day functionality.

As we have seen, the purpose of identity replacement is to give the aliens legitimacy. It is to establish their right to do what they do. But will it work with the planet as a whole? Can the entire human race be given a new identity that will establish everywhere the right of the alien to do what he does?

Enter Joe Lewels. He isn't even an abductee, and he's carrying the message. So far so good. Let's see how well the professor's version comports with what is being used on individual abductees.

First off, the professor's rendition fits exactly the alien's central, unchanging position: They're OK, we're Not OK. In Dr. Lewels' MUFON talk, the human race comes off as a miserable, pathetic bunch of miscreants who don't even have the right to a pot to urinate in, much less any pretensions to knowledge or authority, while the aliens, on the other hand, come off as a grand and glorious lot.

Now the tricky part, the bid for the identity of the human race. Will it fly? As ever, our little UFO community is the test bed for new ideas on the alien question. The aliens must have thought long and hard. The challenge is great. How to bring a whole planet to it's knees without destroying the planet. Or more specifically, without destroying the functionality of that planet's civilization.

Understand this about the aliens: They are not "visitors." Visitors leave. The aliens want to stay, and on their terms. What convinced me of that? Again, the abductions.

In every case I have studied, no matter for how many years the abductee has been consciously aware, no matter how many obedience tests the abductee has passed, and no matter how eagerly the abductee cooperates with the alien, no control over any part of what is happening is ever ceded to the abductee. Instead, every phase of the interaction is calculated to put the alien in psychological control and keep him there.

If the aliens' global strategy is anything like their individual strategy, they will try to bring this planet to its knees. What's the best way to get human beings, literally, on their knees? Be God! I ask you, if the aliens intended to leave this planet, would they be putting out an ideological message? As with the abductions, would there be psychological conditioning if the alien had limited aims, such as the mere collection of biological material on earth?

Furthermore, if the aliens intended to help this planet-as so many abductees have been made to believe-would they try to be God? Would they say "We made Christ" and, "We made DNA" if they intended to help this planet? inasmuch as allegations of this magnitude would, if believed, upset this planet very much. If these allegations were true, and if the aliens intended to "help" this planet, would they tell us? No, they would not. And that is why I say, Who needs Dave Jacobs to tell you about a threat when you have Joe Lewels?

I debriefed a young lady in LA at one time. She is an abductee and a rock singer; she had a working band. The aliens told her, "We are responsible for your success. You'd be nothing without us." They struck shamelessly at her self esteem. I take this as a small model of what is reproduced for mass consumption in Joe Lewels' speech.

However, it is difficult-from the aliens' point of view. Let's look at it from their point of view, like Dr. Lewels says we should. You're an alien. You have this attractive opportunity, and you're positioned to use it. The natives of this planet believe God lives in the sky, and you come from the sky. Be God! Why not?

Remember the marching orders you got from your home base when you set out on this expedition? 'Subdue the planet and incorporate it, without destroying its functionality.' And why would those be the marching orders? Because it is functioning assets which have value, not a burned out hulk.

Anybody could throw a bomb in this place and blow it up. Instead, be God! That's an idea with real conquering power, and you'll need an idea like that to bring these turbulent earth people to their knees. Problem is, though, maybe it's an idea with too much power. Like an atomic bomb, a weapon too powerful to use.

Ok, scale back. Drop the megatonage. How about a somewhat lesser idea, such as-Be Christ! In fairness, Dr. Lewels didn't pound the idea the aliens are God all that hard. He used most of his ammunition on "Be Christ."

He talked a lot about Mary and how she didn't know how she got pregnant, and the Star and all. He drew a parallel with today's abductions by pointing out that the angel didn't ask Mary, "Is it ok?" but instead told Mary, "You're pregnant-get used to it," and how she finally did. As though Dr. Lewels were saying, 'If it was good enough for Mary, it should be good enough for us.' That made me mad.

It also made me mad when Dr. Lewels told the MUFON conference if we didn't "accept" that the aliens made Christ, we would have to give up Christ entirely. Specifically, he said, "Either it [the virgin birth] is a fairy tale-and the whole story of Jesus is a fairy tale-or it's based on some kind of facts"-i.e., the aliens made Christ. That was a clever manipulation of the MUFON audience.

Overall, though, Lewels' presentation was rather crude, measured in terms of how persuasively he presented the alien message. It was crude because it left so many questions unanswered.

For example, he said the aliens were collecting our DNA and he also said they made DNA, and that doesn't fit. He said the aliens were our "caretakers," "guardians," but he said our planet is essentially doomed, and that didn't fit. Because if they are taking care of us, how could we be doomed? Furthermore, if the aliens made us, why are we so bad? They seem to have failed with us, so why look to them for guidance? There were a lot of gaps like that, things which didn't fit, in Joe Lewels' talk.

Also, there wasn't any carrot, not a shred of carrot in the whole talk, by which I mean hope. Lewels made it sound as though the aliens were simply picking up DNA from all the expiring species before earth collapses.

The lack of a carrot departs sharply from the line the aliens use with individual abductees. They do offer the abductees hope. Like Lewels, they preach catastrophe. But they also say the abductees have an important job to do in saving the planet "when the time comes."

Hype is added by not telling the abductee what the job is, or when the time will be, but the mystery makes it sound even more important. That is hope, for an abductee. Also the abductees are told that, in extremis, they will be "evacuated." Read the abductee newsletters. Numerous abductees out there believe the world is coming to an end, but they will not perish because they are going to be evacuated by the aliens.

But no hope in Lewels' talk, and to that extent he was "off message." I hope he's not fired by his alien masters! He should read the abductee newsletters. Some of the other spokesmen for the aliens are saying the aliens regard earth as a valuable planet-once it's reformed.

According to one spokesman, that will require "the radical abolishment and restructuring of both public and hidden power structures." Then humans will enjoy "peace, harmony, joy, creativity," and we will be invited to join the alien civilization. To me, that's a better PR message than the gloom and doom offered by Joe Lewels.

But what do they mean by "radical abolishment of earth's power structures"? It doesn't sound friendly toward our government, or the Constitution of the United States, and I never hear anything about voting in these messages.

In the past abductee were often told, 'We aliens cannot tell you what your job is because then your government might find out.' This is an early, mild example of positioning government as the enemy. Today the message is more brazen, such as that related by the Blond being ('Get rid of your government'). Lewels did not venture down this road, but other prominent abductee alien spokesmen are.

Human governments, these spokesmen say, are perversely, irredeemably hostile to the aliens. If they could, these perverse governments would do bad things, like shoot down alien craft. It is these perverse governments which stand between the people of earth and all the benefits the aliens could bring, so the spokesmen say.

"Humans are not OK, humans are not OK," is the drumbeat of the alien message. What is being stimulated by this incessant repetition? If we humans come to see ourselves as bad, perhaps we can purge ourselves of our badness by turning against our bad governments and allying with the good aliens. It is a high risk game in which in which the alien creates bad feelings and then shows people how to get rid of them.

In the meantime, the alien bids for legitimacy. That means the right to rule. If the aliens made us, made DNA, made Christ, and we're all hybrids, they must have a right to be here, maybe even a right to rule this planet. Lewels didn't go that far. All he said was we humans certainly don't have a right to rule earth.

Are we reading all this correctly? If so, there is a parallel between the techniques used to gain psychological control of individual abductees and the mass line being offered by Joe Lewels and others. It predicts what the alien has in mind for the whole planet.

With one important difference-the abductees are wired, and if an abductee gets restive the aliens can just pipe in an ecstatic experience (like they did with Betty Andreasson when they showed her "The One"), and all is forgiven. Evidently, the aliens hope to get the same result with the rest of us without wiring because, I presume, wiring the entire population of earth would be too prohibitively expensive and exceed their expeditionary budget.

I think they're hoping to get the results with just the message, no wiring. I guess the aliens figure innumerable trials and errors with individual abductees will finally tell them enough about the human being's pattern of psychological weaknesses to enable them to perfect a message that fits precisely our weaknesses. From there, they can go forward on message alone, without the technology, the wiring, the implants. And presumably they are testing that message now in the UFO community.

It might work. It worked with Dr. Lewels. He's not an abductee, but he bends over obediently. He loves aliens, scorns humans, thinks he's a hybrid.

But it didn't work with me. When I first studied UFOs in 1987, I thought, "Wow! This is the limit of exciting. The outer space people are here!" Since then it's gotten more complex.

I now see an alien people who are here, who would stay here, and who would take my culture and my identity. And they would do this as a prelude to taking my political independence. That is not what I had in mind, and I will fight to decide who I am, who made Christ, and who rules this planet.

What do the flying saucer people want? More than I am prepared to give them. David Jacobs believes the aliens are breeding hybrids. He believe the hybrids look human and "have the aliens' ability to manipulate humans." Many questions remain about the genetics being employed, but the hybrid hypothesis is accepted by many abduction researchers, and it is the best explanation we have for the alien medical procedures. How the hybrids would be deployed on earth, however, is unclear.

How the abductees will be deployed is more clear. Their function-those who cooperate-is to sell the aliens to the rest of us. In one recent book, The Contact Has Begun, by Phillip Krapf, we are told the aliens have many famous and prominent persons as their abductees in reserve. These high credibility abductees, it is said, will soon be unleashed. Incidentally, Krapf says his book was "sanctioned for public dissemination" by the aliens, and this is the second book I know of in which the author claims aliens read the book in advance and approved its contents for publication.

It is painful to write of the predicament of the abductees. They are not responsible for what is happening, and not all abductees trying to "sell the aliens." On the other hand, the aliens are seductive and the price of resisting them is high. The abductee community desperately want to believe the aliens are saviors. Furthermore, there are enforcers in the community whose function is to keep the abductees in line.

There is a choice to be made. Is the abductee community willing to commit to a sweeping interpretation about the nature of the alien phenomena (it is good), and to publicly invite others to rely on that interpretation with nothing more than the aliens' statements on which to base their claim? This would be a tragic mistake. If the abductees are, as I believe, merely expendable tools of the alien, then the abductees will have deserted their own to serve the most cynical of masters.

The sky opens large. Overall, what is suggested is the aliens would put this planet in some kind of harness, and they would like to do that without firing a shot.

However, it's not easy to get control of a politically decentralized, culturally diverse planet populated with billions of turbulent people, and there is plenty of room to argue the aliens' intentions may fail. Indeed, the extreme caution and exquisite care, the elaborate preparations the aliens exercise, the great length of time being devoted, the evident meticulous planning, the trial, error, experimentation, all bespeak a high risk operation for the aliens, one fraught with potential failure for them. This must give us hope.

The alien strategy is to exploit the anxieties and unfulfilled aspirations of mankind-our existential void. Thus, to deal with the aliens, we must confront and repair something in ourselves. The example to avoid is Joe Lewels. He lacks a sturdy identity and self esteem. Hence he turns on his own kind and flagellates us in a fit of self hatred. To the extent we too lack identity and self esteem, we are vulnerable to exploitation by aliens or anyone else who would tear us down and try to make us think we're nobody.

Soon we in ufology must begin to talk of all this. But not yet. Only now are we beginning to encounter the idea the aliens even have intentions. Others will argue their notion the aliens intend to "help" earth. My notion is they do not.


Elaine Douglass is MUFON State Director Utah since 1998, and she was MUFON State Director, Washington, DC from 1992 to 1998. She is also an editor of JAR, The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research . She has a masters degree from MIT in military policy and works as a marketing consultant.

FOOTNOTES (1) Trout, B., "The Alien Big Push," MUFON Journal, Aug. 1998. (2) MUFON Journal, Feb. 1998, pg. 11-12.

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