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Feature Articles: Top Ten Facts about Alien Abductions According to Jim Straits

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Top Ten Facts about Alien Abductions According to Jim Straits

Jim Strait is radio host of "Straight Talks" and interviewed AAER on on November 8, 2009 on alien abductions. Jim is not a believer in alien abduction but still finds the topic interesting. His shows are found at WIFI 1460-AM and WNJC 1360 AM radio .

Jim describes his philosophy as that of an open minded skeptic. Before his radio and writing career, Jim flew airplanes for a living for thirty years. He said he has never seen anything in the sky that he could not explain. Jim is not convinced intellectually or spiritually that the universe contains creative life forms beyond our own species.

Although Jim has written about UFO's, Big Foot, physical phenomena and paranormal activities, he remains a skeptic. But he said he has gotten favorable audience feedback on the topic of alien abductions and will continue having interviews into this very unusual subject.

After ths AAER interview with Jim, he prepared a Top Ten list in the David Letterman style of poking fun at a topical issue:

10. Oprah Winfrey became an alien abductee because flying saucers are powered by cellulite.

9. Abductee spelled backwards is eet-cud-ba which is alien for gotcha!

8. Paris Hilton was taken as an abductee because aliens think emaciated is hot.

7. Al Gore was not abducted, he was recovered.

6. Arkansas Abductee was taken because of having the best tooth in town.

5. Abductees are taken at night and in remote places because Aliens are embarassed to be seen with them.

4. Aliens will not abduct people taller in inches than smart in IQ points.

3. All soap opera actors are abductees.

2. Shooting stars are really how aliens execute their criminals.

1. Crop circles are produced by the alien version of the three stooges Curly when he drops to the ground and spins around going whoop whoop whoop.


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