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Feature Articles: Haunted House Exploration using Ghost Radar

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Haunted House Exploration using Ghost Radar


Ghosts or aliens? Sometimes people can't tell the difference. Haunted houses will sometimes have ghosts and aliens or both depending on the circumstances or the family living there, past or present. With the advent of our new portable electronic age, new software programs are emerging for detecting these unusual energy fields with handheld devices. Ghost radar uses cell phone technology for detecting energy fields.

If you have ever had a time when you sensed someone was standing behind you, but nobody was there, then you will appreciate the power of these portable software programs for their ability to detect random or sporadic energy fields bursting on the scene around you and then dissipating.

The energy fields show up on the Ghost Radar Classic screen as circular blips. The color red represents the strongest energy field. Next is yellow for slightly weaker energy, followed by blue and green. The blips can change as you watch them, growing stronger or weaker, and the software attempts to convert these unspoken energy field into words which it says aloud to you on the screen.

If you are intuitive or sensitive or a psychic, you will likely have success using Ghost Radar Classic which is free software currently available for the Androids, iPhones, and iPads. The desktop computer version on the internet was malware last time we checked, so don't make the mistake of downloading it.

One of our website researchers named Jenn used Ghost Radar Classic on her new iPad in July 2011 to test out its capabilities. Here is Jenn's report of the haunted house findings.

Haunted House in Central Valley, California

Chris and I went to his great uncles' "big house" on July 3, 2011 which they had built themselves many years earlier in the 1930's in the mountains of Central Valley, California. Central Valley is over 400 miles long and is one of the largest agricultural regions in the world. The great uncles told us how they often heard footsteps upstairs in one particular bedroom and a noise like someone was pounding a stick against the floor.

So I turned on the Ghost Radar and warmed it up for 5 minutes. We tested Ghost Radar on the first floor and in the kitchen where nothing had been reported, and we did not see any blips on the radar.

Then we headed upstairs where the ghostly activity had been reported. The house has a broken air conditioning system and the only fan in the house is on the first floor. As we went up the stairs, we could feel the blistering heat as it was 96 degrees outside and nearly as hot inside.

When we entered the bedroom upstairs, we noticed the room was empty with several boxes and a few pieces of furniture. Chris opened the door and went in first, and I went after him holding the iPad with the Ghost Radar application running. Immediately, we heard a sound coming from the side of the room, and noticed a radio sitting on a box. Chris hit the box to see if animals were hiding in the box, and then noticed the old time radio was turned off. I decided to look down at the Ghost Radar and noticed a red blip appearing.

We both stood in the middle of the room. Chris introduced himself to the spirit. He let them know we were friendly and wanted to communicate. He asked a question and a word appeared on the radar, "table," and we looked down and noticed we were standing next to a large table.

I looked at the radar and saw two red blips flashing. Then Chris asked another question and the following words appeared in order, "fear" and "lonely." All of a sudden, Chris and I felt a huge rush of cold air despite the fact it was the middle of July and almost a hundred degrees outside. We immediately were freaked out. I looked down at the radar and saw three red blips.

Then Chris asked a few more questions. We waited a few minutes for the answer and then the name "Louis" appeared on the radar while two red blips appeared. Immediately another word appeared on the radar, "cup." We both looked around the room and then glanced down and noticed a fast food cup lying near Chris's foot. At this point, we felt another rush of cold air. "Chris did you just feel that?" I asked. "Yea, holy shit," he said.

Then Ghost Radar said "brush" and we saw there was an artist's paint brush lying on the table.

Before we headed back downstairs, Chris asked a question regarding hobbies and a few random words appeared on the radar in this order, "camp, coast, poetry, boat." I kept an eye on the radar and saw two, then three red blips appear on the screen.

We did a 30 minute reading and then headed back downstairs to share our readings with the two uncles. We asked about the words, "camp, coast, boat." Immediately, Chris's Uncle Jimmy told us that a long time ago his brothers used to go camping by the coast at Monteray Bay and brought their boat. We asked about the "brush" and the uncles said that bedroom had been used as an art studio many years ago by their brother who was Chris's grandfather. But they didn't know anyone by the name of "Louis" . . . unless he was the ghostly visitor?

* * *

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